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  1. Hello EB fellows, It's been a while since I last come to visit here. But I have been busy with this brickbuild Rayman figure: Rayman I hope you will like it. Cheers !
  2. 74louloute

    [MOC] Arrival of Deadpool !

    Thanks you very much for your kind comments, I'm really glad you liked it. Moreover, thanks for your comments on the photography itself, because I had a really hard time to shoot it. Taking picture of black bricks is a real pain because of reflection.
  3. 74louloute

    [MOC] Arrival of Deadpool !

    Hi Eurobrikcs, Here is my latest MOC, wich depict the arrival of Deadpool, very quietly... through the wall !! BoOom !! by 74louloute, on Flickr More pics : And a close-up of the motorbike : Deadpool and his motorbike by 74louloute, on Flickr This is a quick MOC but I wanted to try this type of explosion, and make a bruickbuild motorbike ! Crticisms and comments are welcome !
  4. 74louloute

    Story of the Aeropostale

    1930, Friday 13rd June : 6am Henri Guillaumet say goodbye to his friend Antoine de Saint Exupéry before taking off for its 92rd flight over the Andes. Story of the Aeropostale by 74louloute, on Flickr Story of the Aeropostale by 74louloute, on Flickr He didn't know, but in a few hours, he crashed his Potez 25 at Laguna del Diamante in Mendoza, Argentina, because of bad weather. He walked for a week over three mountain passes. Though tempted to give up, he persisted while thinking of his wife, Noëlle, until June 19 at dawn when he was rescued by a 14-year-old boy named Juan García. He reached a village whose inhabitants could not believe his story. This exploit made him stand out among the 'stars' of Aéropostale. To his friend Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who had come to find him, he said, "Ce que j'ai fait, je te le jure, aucune bête ne l'aurait fait." (What I have done, I swear to you, no other animal would have done.) More pics of the plane : ----- This is my first try at a forced perspective, I hope you guys will like it ! Critics and comments are welcome.
  5. 74louloute

    Medieval Pop-up book

    Thanks you everybody again ! I don't think this will have success on Cuusoo because it's a little bit fragile
  6. 74louloute

    Medieval Pop-up book

    Thanks everybody for your kind comments, and many thanks for the frontpage ! To be honest it was a real challenge because the contest rules says that the MOC shouldn't exceed 32x32, so everything should be inside ! Each time I added a brick, I had to fold the book to see if it fits !! Thank you again, I'm really glad you liked it.
  7. 74louloute

    Medieval Pop-up book

    Hi Eurobrickers, Here is my latest MOC depicting the Château de Lunéville, in Lorraine, France. On the cover of the book, you can find the heraldry of Freistroff : the left part is the blazon of Lorraine, and in the right the blazon of family Valcourt-Freistroff. Inside the Château, you can find the Duc Stanislas Leszczyński, in its bed. He died in an accident at the age of 88 years old. His bed burned while he was sleeping. A little maid saved him from the fire but he died several days later. The MOC is made for the L13 contest on Brickpirate.net where you have to build something related to Lorraine, France. Medieval Pop-up book by 74louloute, on Flickr Medieval Pop-up book by 74louloute, on Flickr Medieval Pop-up book by 74louloute, on Flickr Here is a video to show you how this works : ----------------------------------- I hope you will like it, and I can't wait to read what you think of it.
  8. 74louloute

    6248 Volcano Island Redux

    [pid][/pid]227D Hi there Pirates Fan, Soon after my earlier MOC redux made for the CCC (see here), here is another one, made for the L13 Contest on French Forum Brickpirate.net : Set 6248 Volcano Island Redux The whole set include 1 pirate, 1 skeleton, a raft, an hidden treasure and a working volcano ! 6248 Volcano Island Redux by 74louloute, on Flickr More views : (pictures are links to HD versions) For those who didn't know, here is the original set, released in 1996 : I hope you will like it. Comments and constructives criticisms are welcome.
  9. 74louloute

    Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    1 by lego-maniac - 2 points 11 by whataboutlego - 1 point
  10. Hi Eurobrickers, I'm presenting to you, the redesigned version of the classic set 6077 Forestmen's River Fortress (This is my entry into the Classic Ster Revisited for the CCCX.) : 6077 Forestmen's River Fortress Redux by 74louloute, on Flickr The whole set includes 5 minifigs (4 forestmen and 1 soldier), 1 raft, 1 fortress with moving drawbridge, 3 animals, and a great playability by the back (click click)!! More pics here (small pics are links to bigger) : For those who didn't know the original, here it is : Hope you will like it.
  11. 74louloute

    No Sleep Tonight

    Thanks guys, glad you liked it. By the way, the Joker was a last minute addition, because the room was too empty for my taste..
  12. 74louloute

    No Sleep Tonight

    We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they're inside of us. But until then... No sleep tonight... by 74louloute, on Flickr For bigger pics, you can click on the first one or on these : ----------------------------------------- This is my entry for the L13 contest on french forum Brickpirate.net I hope you will like it too, and have nice holidays !
  13. 74louloute

    (MOC) Superheroes Street

    Thanks guys, really glad you liked it ! It was a very fun build and a great convention. For those who want to see a close-up of TMNT or Krang, the only thing I can provide to you is this high res picture. Hope this helps. By the way, you can now check the BS folder link, pics are now moderated.
  14. 74louloute

    Neo Classic Space Speeder

    I wanted to do some Neo Classic Space for a while, so the monthly L13 contest on BrickPirate was a good excuse. This is a quick little speeder, just to get my hands back in the bricks. Neo Classic Space Speeder More pics on BS, if you want : Don't hesitate to make criticism (constructive of course ! ), maybe I'll try again in the future. Thanks for watching.
  15. 74louloute

    History of the Labyrinth

    Thanks guys for your comments. Much appreciated