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[MOC] Electric Tram

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Hello all,

I'm happy to share with you my first ''Train'' based MOC named Electric Tram.

Let's start with some images, and then I'll give more details.










In the mid-19th century, the world started to become urban for the first time. The industrial revolution turned towns and cities into sprawling metropolises. It was clear that the old horse-drawn hackney cabs could not keep up. Traffic planners needed new ideas. Among these new ideas was the electric tram.

As a climate-friendly, traffic-jam-free alternative to the car, today electric trams come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Each different in its own unique way, but all same in their magical, almost childlike, charm.

This design was based on one such tram which operated in Dubrovnik, Southeast Europe, from 1910. until 1970., and which is now permanently on display at the Zagreb Technical Museum, Croatia.



As kid I was lucky to get 'Freight Train Runner' somewhere in 1994. or 95., so I decided to put in good use an old electric train motor 9V, with a train speed regulator, both still work after all these years. I understand that these motors are now rare, so I made a version without a motor with a large black rail-base underneath to serve more as a display set - see the first render image on top for the black base.

Piece count (with motor and 9V rails): 960 pcz

Piece count (with rail-base - no motor): 1148 pcz



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Excellent! That orange and brown go so well together, you captured the essence of the real thing perfectly, it looks stylishly vintage. I also like that it can seat so many passengers. The history lesson is also much appreciated, learning more about the history of what inspired your moc was really enlightening, thanks for making this awesome post!

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Overall I like the tram very much. The only thing that bothers me are the windows on the ends of the closed unit - they do not correspond to the original at all. Can you place a window frame under a 45 degree angle where the macaroni bricks are now? Or even just the impression of a window by means of a vertical separation instead of the macaroni bricks?

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Building trolleys / streetcars / trams is not easy, but you make it seem so!

Keep up the good work!

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cute little thing, now you just gotta make the overhead line network ;)

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Posted (edited)

@Space Coyote Nay, thank you for your words of praise, I really appreciate it and I'm glad you like my overall result.

@Phil B I've spent quite a while battling that window you mention, and I agree with you, it's the one thing I don't like. Adding one 45° angle window leaves too much of a gap, and consequently reduces the structural integrity for the ''easily removable'' roof - the build feels too flimsy for my taste, and I like solid tough builds. In the end, macaroni solution was a bitter compromise. Thank you for giving me constructive feedback :pir-thumb:

@Murdoch17 Thank you very much!

@Ropefish Maybe I will :grin:


My big THANKS to Train Admin for frontpaging my MOC. I've just seen it there and it's a real honour. Thank you immensely :pir-wub:

Edited by Marooned Marin
Thank you for frontpage!

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Beautiful tram :wub:

The macaroni bricks create a big blind spot but stability and gaplessness are qualities in their own right :thumbup: The curved window pieces come to my mind but they lack the hight.

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