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  1. Space Coyote

    [MOC] Axellion - Sky Tracer 2000

    Very sleek and stylish, I like how you put thought into how it works in-universe, that helps the build feel alive. Very well done!
  2. This is great, almost kind of cozy feeling. I love those roof pieces, and the beige archway contrasts nicely with the gray of the main building. I see a red cup or something in the window nearest to Johnny, I like that, it suggests a comfy and inviting interior. Sometimes the placement of one single piece can suggest a lot, you're really good at that.
  3. Space Coyote

    2024 Space sets

    Yeah we will have to see when the full episode releases. The thing I'm most curious about are these potential crystal thieves. There isn't really an antagonist in these new space sets so maybe this is foreshadowing a wave of space pirate sets or something. I don't want to get my hopes up though. I kind of like that the new sets don't have an antagonist faction, that's very much in the spirit of classic space, so either way I'll be happy.
  4. Space Coyote

    Time to stop lurking

    Those walkers are so cool! You've inspired me to give one a try when we get more ball-joint pieces! I lurked for a long time before I decided to make an account, but I'm glad I started participating, this community is awesome to engage with and they will be glad to have you here. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in the future, welcome aboard!
  5. Space Coyote


    Anyone still playing this? I love the latest update. I dug a tunnel from one base to another and stumbled on one of those new trial dungeons. I'm not ready for it yet but it's cool they've added so much over the years for free. I bought my copy for the Switch back in 2018 and it's been something I really enjoy. Really, I feel I've gotten 10 games worth of enjoyment out of Minecraft over the years and I still enjoy it just as much as I did back when I first started. Every time I play it's like a little story happens and I love that. This game might be the king of emergent storytelling! Please share your Minecraft stories, thoughts, etc here! I was surprised that there wasn't already a thread about it here, I even searched but couldn't find one.
  6. Space Coyote

    [MOC] Benny's Repair Buggy

    That means so much to me. I built it for playability first and the rest came together pretty naturally. My boy still loves this car and it gets a lot of use, so I must've done something right! I'll probably do a small flyer next.
  7. Space Coyote

    2024 Space sets

    Thank you for the detailed synopsis, I'm interested in these as they can help flesh out my son and I's world building with our space stuff. I love that these videos combine multiple characters across various satellite City themes. I will be sure to watch this with my son later on. Thanks so much for the heads up about this!
  8. Space Coyote

    Aquazone builds

    These are all so beautiful and evoke the spirit of the theme so well. I was a big Aquazone fan as a kid and you've definitely done the theme justice with these builds. It'd be a treat to see all these modules and vehicles together in one big display. I'm excited to see the next update!
  9. Space Coyote

    LEGO City 2025 SETS - Leaks, rumours, discussion. (Animals too)

    Good points! I'm interested to see how else they use that smart brick in the future! I guess if it's recharchable the battery life doesn't matter, but I wonder how often it'll need to be recharged. Either way it needs to be easily accessible so I bet designing sets around that is a fun challenge for the design team.
  10. Space Coyote

    2024 Space sets

    Ah I missed that post, thank you very much, that's super helpful actually!
  11. Space Coyote

    2024 Space sets

    These look great! The orange tone mismatch is practically imperceptible on camera but at least the parts you need are coming soon. You make me wish they'd use these figs in a set in the future as I don't have a Lego store near me. These look basically official is what I'm trying to say. Much respect to you!
  12. Space Coyote

    LEGO City 2025 SETS - Leaks, rumours, discussion. (Animals too)

    That's true, we even got our own cmf line so it's only fair to give another subtheme a chance to shine. I wonder what the battery life will be like on the smart brick, comparable to Lego Mario or that sound brick in the Sorting Hat, maybe?
  13. Space Coyote

    LEGO City 2025 SETS - Leaks, rumours, discussion. (Animals too)

    These jungle sets seem like they will be fun and I like many others am a Thunder fan so I'm glad the subtheme is continuing but I'm a little disappointed there's no news of the space subtheme continuing into next year, I feel like that smart brick could be awesome in a Space set as well. I'm going to hold out hope they will at least keep it going for one more wave, that city subtheme has a lot of potential - this latest iteration of it was a hit for my son and I, anyway!
  14. Space Coyote

    Lego Minecraft 2023, leaks, rumors and discussion

    Thanks for the quick reply! It was lucky for us since we just got started with this theme. Yeah the armory from earlier in the year only came with 1 diamond sword but I can't complain since it also came with a netherite one. My favorite thing about the end ship is that awesome player skin with the elytra, they did a great job with that set overall though. I may not get that one since 80 is a bit steep for me now but maybe later!
  15. Space Coyote

    Disney Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    I was finally able to track down the Jack leak and see it for myself. It's definitely an improvement on the cmf. The long limbs do a better job conveying his spindly-ness.