[COR - FB1] The Brickleton Family Sword

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After being recalled from northern Corrington south to the capital of Belson, Captain Brickleton visited his father at their stately home in the heart of the city.

His father, a retired general, happened to be hosting a soiree with some of his old army colleagues and their families.

After making introductions, the elder Brickleton took his son to the study and bestowed upon him the family sword. The sword had a fine brass scabbard and wickedly sharp blade. It had been in the family for seven generations and was carried in all of the major old world campaigns of the past two centuries. Receiving the sword, Captain Brickleton felt the gravity of the ages on him and the weight of family expectations.

Captain Brickleton would take it with him on his new adventures just beginning as he shipped out to Elizabethville.


Captain Brickleton and his father slip into the library. The elder Brickleton gives his son the family sword.


The sword had a fine brass scabbard and wickedly sharp blade.


The bookcases in the formal library were so tall that the elder Brickleton would have his servants fetch a ladder to reach the items on the higher shelves.


The library contained treasures from the elder Brickleton's adventures traveling the world as a general.



A soiree of in the finest fashion. It was a chilly night, so a fire was lit in the fireplace.


The spirits flowed freely and Captain Brickleton had his eye on Brigadier Stockton's daughter.




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That's just a drop-dead gorgeous MOC! The interiors, the furniture, the floors ... just WOW. The whole scene reminds me of scenes you see in costume dramas (don't know if that's a genre in English as well, in Dutch it's a synonym for 17th/18th century-ish inspired books, plays, series etc).

The officers and their wifes mingling looks so organic and is great contrast to the more quiet part where the son receives the sword. Well done!

Are those floors official LEGO parts? They look really cool.

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Let me ask also how you'd get those tiles? they are great! Never seen them before.

The MOC is top notch quality, the yellow background adds a lot to the evening atmosphere, great work!

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Excellent build, @evancelt. The build really well put together and quite formal. I love the printed tiles, and they're used quite well in the build. My only critique of the build is that the bookcases in the office are quite large. Not that it distracts from the scene, but they are proportionately massive compared to a minifig.

As for the photography/story: While the photography is excellent, the thread has more photos than it needs. (And I know I asked for more photos in the last build! :pir-wink:) Like, it takes me a good 30 seconds to scroll through the first post, to get to the first comment. Sometimes, less photos are more. :wink:. Additionally, if you want to have more photos of the build, a spoiler tag is helpful as well to show things off after the main story is over.

For the story, I would like to see more from you. While we do have quite a few 'quieter' builders who let their builds speak for themselves, I think your build could have a more concrete story. Like, how does Captain Brickleton feel about the sword? nervous/scared? excited? angry?

Additionally, I'd recommend prefacing each shot with a short summary of the contents of the image. It helps to add flavour to the build.

While you don't need dialog, it does help set the scene, and allow your character far more definition. I always enjoy writing the dialog for my characters, and I do think it helps bring them to life with 'noodle incidents'  or story call backs.

Either way, I enjoyed your build, and I'm glad we have another great member of Corrington. (Now tell us where you got the printed tiles or else! :cannon:) :pir-grin:

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@Khorne @Fraunces @Mesabi - Thanks! The printed tiles are custom made by a shop called BrikBlok. I think they have a few dozen styles available in their store, as well as stained glass window panels etc. Super cool.

@Mesabi - I'll add a little more story :) It was pretty late (~1am) when I finished this and posted last night and didn't have a chance to fully flesh it out.

@Mesabi - Regarding the bookcase height, I wanted the book and statue pieces to fit on the shelves, which meant they had to be pretty big. I bet they would need a ladder to reach the items on the upper shelves, like in a formal study/library. Edited the captions to reflect

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