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Erik Leppen

[MOC] Blue truck with crane (smaller version of 8258)

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This truck is a smaller (and blue) version of set 8258, but without all the electronics. It does have a steering rear axle though.

  • Steering on axles 1, 2 and 4. Every axle has a different steering angle. The steering wheel in the cabin works too (as in ye olde 8649)!
  • The four outriggers move simultaniously. Although the rear outriggers are smaller, they have nearly the same vertical reach.
  • The crane can rotate 360 degrees
  • The crane arm can fold out in two places, just like that of 8258. Only one of the two crane functions is routed through the turntable, not both as in 8258; this didn't fit.
  • The final section has an extending inner section, that has the winch.
  • Unfortunately, the small actuator is just strong enough for the boom itself, so lift capacity is negligible...
  • The bed can dump via a LA
  • Doors of the cabin can open

No PF, all manual, like a classic Technic set.

The model is about 1100 pieces. Not many rare pieces, only the wheel arches use the Beam 2L with 45-degree 1L bar to create the 135-degree angles. Some pins are extended to 4L pins using 4L bars inside normal pins. This technique only works with the newer, thinner version of the black pins. The new pin with pin hole is a magnificent piece and I use this everywhere, so expect to need a few of those. Also, four of the new light gray axles 1L with round hole are used.

See more on my site: Blue truck with crane on (in Dutch).

Free PDF building instructions are also available on my website. Use the green Download bar on that page. Instructions are made using LPub.

More pictures are inside the spoiler to keep topic size in check:






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This model is excellent. I would love a video. Those of us familiar with Technic will know that 1100 pieces (est.) at this scale = a highly dense, compact, sophisticated model. All the stated functions sound great. I agree about the value of the 4L bars in the pins. I often use this method. In fact, I would love to see someday, longer and longer pins or any combination of pin with axel ends at varying combinations would be very useful.

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Another very nice example of a relatively small build with many nice features :thumbup: :thumbup: !

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I have been waiting to see this finished for a while. Thanks for finishing it, it looks great. The arm turned out exceptionally.

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Sorry to duplicate my comment (from your small 42009), but I have no better words. :blush:

Wow, This is so much Technic in so moderate size! :thumbup: :thumbup: :classic:

Extra thanks for the BI, Rebrickable it!

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