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    Technic Pub

    I love Cranes ETC - very good website and video reviews. Still, watching this (perfect commentary btw!), I can not get out from my head:
  2. @Jim It seems to me, that we start to get some similar opinions in each fields, which could be groupped. Would be an idea to make a poll to see where is the bottom line in which percentage of this discussion (topic)? Maybe there could be only statements to choose (multiple choice) to see, which are the most important ones. It would be interesting to see how the community is built-up preference wise, where are the weights of the general interest of AFOLs. Some kind of market mapping.
  3. Ah okay, I misinterpreted slightly - my bad. Meanwhile it is a bit confusing, while opinions were shared previously in other topics - those triggered the idea to create a dedicated topic (rightfully), - this brings by nature of course the appearance of the same opinions again in the dedicated topic. In this point of view i don't mind to have duplications, but of course if same people put the same comment in every topic, than it is a different.... eeeeerrrr.... topic. Sorry for being off topi...
  4. @Permo Good to see different opinions, and even more important: to accept them. One of us finds the pleasure in MOCing, another one is on building official sets, one can be fan of both. I see no issue in this. New parts are essential for improvement, they are always welcome, meanwhile the sets as stand alone products can be / must be evaluated too. What you are saying is like people should get banned who buy TVs for sake of having TVs (and demanding to work them flawless), instead of buying IC-s, resistances, wires etc... and build their own TV. There is simply many interest, many aspects, there is no universal truth in the universe. You have the right to get annoyed by complaints - but than You just keep away from the forum for a while. People, who complain also have the same choice, or even further to quit from this hobby if LEGO is not evolving in their's taste. We are here to discuss, it is a friendly place to give out the steam, or just share the fun. Cheers!
  5. In my job I am also bounded to "design to cost", so I have some clue about what You are writing about. Though, please note, that I put it into a context: Speaking of flagships... Yes, there are sets, which do need to match these limitations, but for flagships it seems the only goal is to make it bigger and bigger for no good reason - only for money and profit. Which is not Technic to me.
  6. I am with @Erik Leppen. I am one who tends to complain more, than praise recently, but this goes for certain models - and especially about the quality. I believe the "problem" is, that TLG seemingly deleted the price tag limit, and shoots for market ceiling. This is understandable from company pont of view, but bad for design. Speaking of flagship models: designers are less bounded to budget, which brings lazyness, as You can rather easily pick 30 pcs more (also could be a target to raise the PCS tag year to year), than think twice about solving the same functions with more smart solutions with less piece count. This is the spirit what I miss in models like 42082 and Porsche + Chiron (even if I consider those a bit borderline sets). So I think releasing the leash is no good for Technic, and either for creativity in general. 8043 and 42043 (note the Nr 43 in both) are perfect flagships for me in every aspect: functions, solutions, realism AND reasonable prices.
  7. The CLAAS was licensed set, so it is understandable for me not to have a proper B-model (which for I consider Mlonger's wheel loader, as since than CLAAS brought out one).
  8. @Ngoc Nguyen It is never the designer's decision, they work in teams too, and all teams have leaders. They can pass over the B model for another designer as You wrote, it can be the same designer as well. Time has no matter in this either, what I mean: nobody in this team within TLG said, that this is not good enough, not worthy for a flagship model - please do alternatives, guys (all designers) please sit down together and give some ideas. They probably just lean back, and rely on the fact, that most of the customers will build the main model only, ran out of time and ideas, or is the whole B-model concept just a pain in the asss, so made a rushed just-to-show-something solution. I can not see the LEGO Technic legacy in 42082, neither in A, nor in B model.
  9. Watch out for the wording, I was just a few types away from writing something nasty...
  10. Nice, new infos - although new disappointments for me too. 42079 - my only complaint is the limited lifting range, other than that, this B model makes this a perfect set. 42080 - I don't get the original machine either, the B model is almost good, but how ugly proportions... parts pack. 42081 - Like the idea of futuristic machines, but as Technic set, I find those pretty boring: all functions seems to be operated directly, very basic for a 2nd biggest 2H set. I don't get the actuator to raise the back by rear axle, I hope there will be some reference for the real thing. Still, I don't think it will be very playable. The B model looks nice though. 42082 - Big. Unnecessarily big. The B model is just a huge let down, unimaginatie, and feels lazy - same undercarriage as the A model??!! 4000 pcs and this is what they could hammer together as a B model? This is not a year for me, maybe 42079 saves it.
  11. Just for my understanding: did @Didumos69 and @jb70 a more compact, but similar effective (or even improved) gearbox for the Chiron in 2 weeks, using their free time? Fantastic job Guys, I am amazed, thanks for sharing! If I set it in comparison with full time engineers working on this for couple of months... You feel for sure, why I am scratching my head right now...
  12. @kbalage Professional work, beautiful compositions! 🐙 👍 Building the 2 cars side by side brings a next level experience. I also like that there is no judgement (in terms of which one is the better) in the end, so everyone concludes according to own impressions. I must say, I like your comparison review the most from the available online selection.
  13. Just checked, those parts (Part Nr: 35186 and 35188) are indeed can be purchased at Bricks&Pieces: No Cents parts, but still cheaper (and more available), than via Bricklink for the moment.
  14. Okay, I had hard time to believing this filmsyness to be authorized by TLG. Thanks! EDIT: surprising, that he doesn't show the suspension as function... maybe we AFOLs here overrate it's significance. BTW, I found an interesting discussion vie Promobricks (in german):
  15. I just watched the build video from Brick Builder, and the assembly of the front looks strange for me: @Somebody Who already built it: did he made a mistake, or are the sub assemblies of the front really, so poorly connected (1 pin for headlight, and panels below)? Can those parts move when You touch them? It seem very strange for me, as he attach the "eyebrows" everything seemingly wants to fall apart...