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  1. agrof

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @Dylan M It is german. He says, he received those sets from LEGO... expecting some YT video deletion, loss of reseller contract, even maybe lawsuit soon... a bit stupid move.
  2. agrof

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    👌, now it does have the vibe! Love it, so many clever details.
  3. agrof

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Rebrickable has no comparable value to official B-models, simply because it is not widely known, and even than only among AFOLs (minority of the total market). Official B-models practically had the same marketing via printings on the box, Lego website pictures, etc... as the A-models. Hence the message of inspiration was provided to everyone. And this is one main influence how we became MOCers. Oh well... this is history today:
  4. agrof

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    No B-models is no go for me. LEGO downgraded their products... LEGO should be the product, which generates creativity, inspires to build your own stuff and B-models are the best mediums to do that. Obviously this intention is gone, education, inspiration is not longer an added value what they are proud of, in return we have licensed sets, which can be sold for broader audience. In short: sold the soul for money.
  5. I don't think it is a big deal. Decades ago some guys had some fun, a fistful extra parts were produced (no extra full secret shifts in the plant). No business interest was harmed. We have a cool story with some very interesting insights, let's appreciate this. I know, I do.
  6. @QQriQ Thank You for the insights and for the links, these were also new to me. Very interesting! I might be interested to buy one as hobby/technological memory.
  7. agrof

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    @therealjustin Yes, you are correct in both. The chain line can be adjusted though, but so to say: it is not in the 1/2 stud - 1stud system. The swingarm is made of LEGO... I don't expect more than how it can handle the forces honestly. As display model, it is OK for me.
  8. No worries, we all have weak moments. I just noted, that I tend to Bugatty-ing recently...
  9. @Robo-Knight The Defender (42110) wheels also fit with the Bugatty wheel hubs + pins - as another option. I don't have the Porsche rims, but I guess the same method works there too. BTW - please don't start/bump 3 topic with the same question. As you can see, you have a lot of useful inputs in a very short time, patience is virtue. Also more practical to have all related answers/discussion in one place for easier follow-up, and for the future use for somebody else.
  10. agrof

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    Looks very good, I like the oldschool design. The only thing I would improve is the rear lights - I believe putting them on the corner edges would be more authentic and would add to the vintage spirit.
  11. agrof

    Show us your Working Place

    @nerdsforprez As rider, I really like those lamp sculptures! I am not sure if I would dare to touch them while those are connected to the electric network - but they definitely help to protect your own Lego desk. 2 functions in 1.
  12. Some readings for the theme, if someone is interested:
  13. agrof

    Giant tractor

    @howitzer I would make the axle design as simple as possible. Considering the necessary and given tolerances in Technic system, the more parts you throw into a structure, the more slack, unsecured connections will be added. Honestly, I would start with proven designs by LEGO (f.e.: 8110) and/or check this very useful topic to gather some ideas:
  14. agrof

    [MOC] Motorcycle with Sidecar

    @Gray Gear it is actually a thing for off-road usage: Nice MOC, but I have to disagree with your first statement in the video @camellia... sidecars were born by necessity, and combine all bad parts of motorcycling (exposed to weather, smell, dust) and cars (you will always find the worse lines on the road on 2 tracks, can not bypass easily due to the width - and can not lean into curves or play). Sidecars actually take away all the fun part of a motorcycle - from my perspective.