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  1. Here: forward-backward-steering? I guess, like zero effort? (Sorry if I didn't get the sarcasm...)
  2. I really dig the shape, and the usual high level engineering from You is the top of the cake on this B model. I wonder, if AFOLs like Didumos can create such a capable and viable alternative model in their spare time within couple of weeks (let's say 1 week netto work), why is TLG not capable/interested to put same effort (khm... creativity, capacity) for a product like this? Whatever, awesome B-model, love it!
  3. agrof

    42056 - Porsche GT3 RS - Crash Test

    After seeing the simulations, I got the same feeling as @Cumulonimbus. First, these videos sound really harsh, but actually helps a lot for bringing crash tests into digital platform. Imagine, there will be no need to destroy real production cars / planes / anything, and countless tests can be done.
  4. agrof

    [MOC] The Ultimate Pickup

    On behalf of many: huge Thank You Attika! I am amazed by the bedcover, holy beans, did not expect such a dynamic one!
  5. It does indeed, but if You click on View WLTP Figures, there is only in-line engines listed. I6 does definitely fit in. Range Rover models do have V engine configurations, but the Defender does not (yet). Nonetheless, the LEGO V6 version from @twoofive looks really good!
  6. There must be serious trouble at JLR than. After making the market loud with new in line 6 cylinder engine, why on earth would they go for V6? You can also order only with i4 or i6... The 42110 is accurate in this term.
  7. agrof

    [MOC] Lego 42100 Mini-Replica

    The fake cylinders at the main boom are the best! What an ingenious idea!
  8. agrof

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I can picture myself something like this from @Lipko: If so, it will be an instant get. Also, a full manual model would be even better!
  9. So, no further pictures before the video release? Any chance?
  10. agrof

    42100 QA Issues

    Issue 4: I think it might be a bug in the model, which from the instructions was generated. As I see, there is no use of that pinhole in further assembly, so I guess it should have been rotated by 90°, like in step 250-251. If so, You can easily push the axle with another one out.
  11. agrof

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Looks like I just found one with remarkable discount... I might have the donor for my pimped Defender!
  12. What about this interpretation: The natural evolution of language is known, this is how brands like "hoover" spreads for object in general, there is countless examples. This can be a great thing, and considered as Free Marketing, Respect or even Praise towards a brand, which will be part of human linguistic history in this way. This might be read as Honor in most of the cases, and I dare to say the real infringements cases belongs to court, and need no preventive actions, like described in this topic. TLG acts like fighting desperately against this natural evolution. If they keep on with this, the word LEGO will be not the analogy for interlocking bricks, but for a greedy company, who stamp down everybody, but especially individuals. Also, watching the history of recent years, it feels like TLG is behaving like a hysteric child, they are not really successful against real copycat companies*, so they found an easier and way more powerless target to hit. The problem is, that this target is their so called: fan base. Normally, people don't hurt there, where love and food is coming from, but we try to cooperate, support each other. Fans do this by creating and sharing content, spend endless hours and money to keep the heart beating. *It is a known fact, if you move any kind of production to China, it will be copied. TLG did this to earn more profit (=greed?), they took, but didn't realize the obvious risk, now we suffer from the consequences. What TLG does in return? Did we see any kind solidarity as copycat brands started to steal MOC designs - many was even with the help of TLG, as in Cuusoo platform everybody could download LDD models. I do believe, all the fans would have been happy about some words from TLG back than. Nowadays we see actions like this against 3D community (again: fans). I wouldn't call it appreciation, and as written previously, we can not expect any official explanation either soon. Is that a legal move? Might be. We all know that law and ethic don't walk hand in hand. Many cases the one wins, who can twist the words better, or can afford more lawyer. There is many read of this infringements story, for me it just doesn't feel right to waste energy into punishment efforts (and even hitting the wrong target group), instead of putting the same energy into innovation. TLG acts as big tired tyrant, who doesn't want to keep the position by earning love and respect (the hard way), but by kicking and intimidating everybody from the near of the throne (the easy way).
  13. agrof

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I really like this modell, and would love to own it... but the dependency to smartphone/tablet without physical controller, + fiddling with battery charger is unfortunately no go for me. I am not saying it is bad, because in some perspective it gives more accurate representation of the real machine operation, and really admire the smoothness and power of this beast. It is just not for me unfortunately, or luckily - as I just saved a lot of money. Great hint with the BI @Enantiomeer, already got my copies, thank You!
  14. That looks really exciting project, any chance to take a look at the internals?
  15. This is clear, the parts in the 3D printing libraries are not LEGO products, so strictly read: they can hurt the brand reputation in case. Still, I stand my points, but the worst part in the story is the communication, again. Let me to re-quote: "When asked why the Lego Group has issued takedown notices, the company was less forthcoming. Ida Rosendahl, Associate Manager Corporate Communications at the Lego Group explained they have a high volume of queries. Rosendahl says it could be weeks before LEGO provides an explanation as to why it has issued trademark and copyright takedown notices against platforms and individuals sharing fan art." So, IF the above mentioned LEGO brand usage is the main issue, what takes for weeks for TLG to give a clear statement? Why they leave space for random conspiracy theories? I believe it is equally bad for brand reputation as the "THING" they are trying to fighting with. I wonder if they even realize this...