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  1. Really good looking one!
  2. The manifestation of my gut feeling when I first saw 42081... and how an excellent MOD! Just makes the set perfect. I really believe, that not making the original set pneumatic, is a missed opportunity (see: mistake) by TLG.
  3. agrof

    [MOC] Unimog 437

    @Thirdwigg Those Unimogs are AWESOME, love the whole concept and how well You captured the shapes. Fine details are the cherry on the cake.
  4. I was wondering about this as well, I settled by the next: - those are needed for the B-model, - they help for easier assembly with several pins, - or both. I tend to first option, as some simmetrycal sub-assemblies are built differently, and must say, it is pretty clever where and how they hid these axle pins.
  5. It is actually very stable connection, I can not make the rope plug move at all, the whole fork+mast assembly bends. Tested. EDIT: at the top position it does indeed disconnect, the reason is, that the 3x5 liftarms slide apart above a certain (unreasonable) force. What I only can think of as "not-so-ideal" situation: the rope is actually sliding on the top of the mast - instead of having a rolling support. This might cause earlier wear of the rope=reduced lifespan. If it really matters, I don't know, for me it still seems an acceptable trade-off.
  6. Beautifll review Jim! I couldn't miss to grab this set for 35 EUR during my holiday, and must say, I am in love - the perfect Technic set at this size range! Surprisingly the reversed steering doesn't bother me much - it works for me some reason, but the lifting height is just terrible. Here You can find instructions for my EASY! modification:
  7. Here is my 5 minutes MOD. This was so obvious, I am wondering why is it not applied on the set as default. Forks all the way up to the top of the mast, making 21 studs clearance beneath. I love this little set, and now it is PERFECT! HERE you can download in PDF format, 7 extra pcs needed: 4x 2x 1x
  8. Hi, 1. I built this once, but I changed couple of things for my liking during the build. 2. My main complaint were the wider rear axles, and that the XL motor (vertically placed) was not braced properly enough. 3. I have also only the jpgs, one can connect them into a pdf with minor effort if needed. 4-5. No idea, sorry. I go for holiday now!
  9. I edited the picture comparison, so the problem is visible: while the lifting height might be realistic for special purposes, at the maximum the fork unit reaches always the top of the mast. In case of 42079, we have a noticable pole above. Limited lifting height has it's reasons, like low ceiling, low gate entering, etc... so having unused mast above is just a barrier for this purpose. Nonetheless, still my favorite set from this batch, deserves the modification.
  10. I am absolutely pumped to get this now! I do believe it is a very-very playful set. Thanks @M_longer for the LDD model!
  11. Absolutely stunning in this scale , congratulations for the collaboration!
  12. Like it, especially the hands-on manipulation - so much, that I wouldn't even miss the motorization of the undercarriage. Nice MOC!
  13. Great reading for the morning coffee, thank You Jim! I was coming for nice pictures and to read a nice story with some objectivity, I am not disappointed.
  14. @AVCampos is right, the Mack is great in every aspect, the garbage truck is on pair with any A model, and 42079 seems to be my most anticipated set for 2H for me. Though, I would warmly welcome Creator like 5-in-1 sets (500-800 pcs), of course with printed instructions. That could be also show the versatility of Technic system, and also great learning material.
  15. @Jim It is your opinion, You like it. I don't. I guess, we could still sit to the same table and have a good beer with a nice chat, could we?