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  1. Sure, check Luckily there is the 42128 Tow Truck.
  2. Creating these pictures was a BIG mistake by many perspectives. NEVER show something to the market, what they can not get, especially if it is much-much better than the product, what actually will be on sale. EDIT: even "better" is a subjective term, it is never a good idea to open door to conspiracy and rants (like mine). It is actually a stupid idea. Either TLG marketing department is shooting themselves on feet (again), or might be the designer trolled them on the photoshooting: "Let's put beside the early models too, to show the improvements for the folks!" Meanwhile the actual message from him is: "Guys, I really did design a proper Raptor (dark blue), but management decided to f#@Đ it up... SORRY " I see almost no details which is not better and nicer on the dark blue model, than on the final one, including the color choice.I do feel sorry for the designer, seeing where this project has came from, and how much it has degraded... walking in the same shoes time to time, feels super demotivating even from several thousands kms distance.
  3. Excellent review of an excellent set! What else left to say: Absolutely agree with this:
  4. The good: I really like the build itself, the technical solutions inside, right amount of innovation brought on the table. I really appreciate it! The bad: C+ still not my cup of tea, no physical controller is a no go. Price... for what it offers, it is just way too much. I know it is a bit different, but price- and target-wise this set is really in RC crawlers territory, where it bleeds out before the start, sorry. Only gripe in structrual point of view: manoeuvrability. For a Trial Truck this poor steering angle is unfortunately a big miss. Would I enjoy to build this more than my Axial SCX10? I am not sure, maybe a bit due to my romantic relation to Technic. Would I choose the Zetros over my SCX10 for a ride? Never.
  5. +1 We definitely needed a set like this!
  6. Hello, let's be a bit more constructive. Can You describe what exactly the problem is? I see no servo motor in the part list of Cyrix's mod, only L and M motor.
  7. All time fan here! I don't really mind the portal axles, this MOC is just perfect for me. Thanks for the instructions, jumping to the cash-register!
  8. You really want to see something, what is not there, sorry. The edge of image is never a good reference, as the picture of the target can be tilted (by purpose in editing, by mistake while somebody took a picture, whatever). Example: Actually the Zetros is rotated slightly clockwise on the referred screenshot.
  9. For those, who claim about color mismatches in the Sian, finally here is a corrective action from TLG:
  10. Might be only an obligatory career ad, meanwhile the positions are already filled internally. Wouldn't be the first nor the last such case, so don't be too disappointed.
  11. One of my favorite set ever! I suggest to add Bionicle shooters in this scale, also the crane can be technified a lot. Great!
  12. That minifig! Did not expect that, but definitely sparkled my heart. Looks like a simple set, but simplicity means elegance and loveliness to me.
  13. I actually find the approach and the wheel selection perfectly in line with the competition's essence. Will follow with great interest.
  14. We are on the same page, for sure.