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  1. Absolutely lovely! Thanks for the instructions! :) I really dig the excavator too. I hope You will "release" it too, even though You would decide not to apply it in the contest.
  2. This is what I also tested, actually I am about to disassemble those springs to remove the "spring spring"...
  3. It does indeed, but not a big deal (for me at least), actually less stress, than what the springs put on the rear axles on the ATV itself, which is an official model, sooo... The arched liftarm helps at steering as well, as it adds a smooth surface contact to the parts below. This eliminates that the handlebar jams during steering.
  4. That is a nice little mod, I used your idea and developed further to my taste, thank You for sharing! Picture heavy post is coming. First of all, this is a great set. No, an exceptional one! This set is serious MOC territory, which I really admire. The build, the ideas, the functions cramped in this size is just perfect, the designer did really a small magic here. On the other hand... the quality of the parts is no good. After missing new sets recently, I definitely feel the decline of the quality:color innaccuracy (orange small panels), axle hole tolerances differ a lot on the wheels, pins and axle quality is definitely cheap and don't hold as well compared to my older parts... Let's back to the set and my MODs. The original colors are OK, but I wanted something less vibrant, luckily changing some parts was enough. Mainly I replaced the white beams and panels to black and DBG, replaced the red accents at the visible engine area, and restructured the front fenders. Everything is very easy to do, even the set is assembled. The handlebar was too low, so I twisted it's structure, now the whole proportion is much nicer. Added a pin w pinhole to keep the hook of the winch fixed. Towing ball... because it is a must. And finally the chainsaw MOD, based on @R0Sch idea. The chain is driven by the outer 12t gear, runs smoothly. All pictures are available in high-res in my Bricklink folder.
  5. There is a solution with existing parts for all examples above, probably even more beneficial once placed in the surrounding structure. Also, if it would be essential, LEGO would have brought it on the table already. Speaking of experience, such specialized parts are always the lazy solution, with a bit (or lot) tinkering, rebuilding the actual structure, I always got an even better idea - with on hand parts only = fun.
  6. Overall I like it, still I am also in the opinion, that some more feature would be good... even if it would have been just a small gimmick, just like my fake "hydraulic gearbox" in my UTV. Could they use something similar for fake hybrid engine... yes, we can add such thing easily, but... Not to mention removable HOG steering.
  7. Also, in orange. @Jockos Yeppp, they look like new / modified parts, probably for smoother appearance. Maybe a new design era is coming?
  8. I am not much into Formula 1, also orange is not my favorite color... and still, I like this. Looks coherent, some nice features expected (I like sophisticated suspension setups). Also the "gloria" is a win for me, I expected some flex axles, but looks quite solid. Only gripe is the price, but there will be sale and second hand sets in the future.
  9. I am very happy that this topic has born, finally some healthy competition. Big thanks for the staff for it!
  10. @allanp Think inside of the box! Actually I like this approach very much, and I do think it is doable. Very good idea! The whole structure divided into 1 meter sections, which have their on "feet", than connect them for exhibition purpose only.
  11. I strongly believe, that this build is not possible in this size without a steel frame. Of course one can build it in CAD, but it is like building in space, without gravity. I know, I made such mistakes, when sample production showed that I missed something to consider during the CAD phase. In my work we did already some very long steel solutions (transport packaging), and speaking of experience, it was already tough task even by using steel welded frame construction (like bridges), with constant FEA checking. Sure, this must not stop anyone of trying, and I am really open minded to be proven wrong. Just need to see some real life tests.
  12. This is quite an ambitious idea, so much, that it would attract the world for sure. But what about to solve this just by changing the conditions? Problem Nr 1: You Sirs, stick way to much to gravity. Solution Nr 1: It is a spaceship, right? So build it in space. To Do: Now You only need convince sponsors like SpaceX and LEGO. What a marketing opportunity for them! My work as consultant, ends here.
  13. I really love how much passion and knowledge You put into alternatives. Ultra4's have a special place in my heart, the introduction is also a very enjoyable reading. The sensitivity of the suspension looks spot on!