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  1. agrof

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    We are on the same page, for sure.
  2. agrof

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    Sorry, but I still admire, respect and enjoy the members and content of this forum, I am still emotionally bounded to the roots of MOCing and Technic, so I will just stay. I said all my opinion not against LEGO, but FOR it - I am a bit naive, but I still believe in feedback. That makes a bit of difference. Leaving and jumping on another - maybe for some more appealing - boat is the easy way. So, might some dark years are coming for me, as TLG's current strategy is not my cup of tea, but I cross my fingers for innovation and for progression. EDIT: @admins maybe it would be better to move this whole discussion to General Discussion, sorry for offing.
  3. agrof

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    Years ago this "blame the copycats" attitude was right when only L&pin existed, even I shared this point of view. Since that the market evolved a LOT, there are true competitors grown out of the void, collaborating with MOCers, delivering top quality parts for affordable prices. Meanwhile LEGO sells "premium" products with obvious quality issues (f.e. color mismatch), embarassing themselves f.e.: with Osprey fiasco, and pushed away free marketing partners like well known youtubers / influencers by threatening them with lawyers for the most banal reasons - and turned them to competitors of course. No real innovation (even smarthubs are chasing desperately the path of Sbrick and Buwizz), no news other than new licenses (???), products are unreasonably overpriced, but the quality declines... the world has changed, this strategy is a dead end street in my point of view. I want to see some evolution, I miss the boiling discussions about prelim and first official pictures, the whole excitement has vanished in the forum. These thoughts might valid for Technic line only (unfortunately), as meanwhile other lines are popping out, also I see some nice sets around in the system world...
  4. agrof

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Same as for other similar companies: profit optimization.
  5. agrof

    General Part Discussion

    I have in hand this combo, and in my opinion it is sufficiently strong - especially for display models (like most 1:10 cars). Clutch power might be an issue at sideways forces only, I would add an axle just like Zerobricks mentioned though.
  6. agrof

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    I don't understand why people keep sticking to the idea of prelim pictures being fake - especially to fool copycats. Lockdown => too much time => overcomplicating. The Zetros looks good in my opinion, but I expect no front suspension, and the price is totally out of place. In overall I see lot of disappointments coming after the release.
  7. agrof

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    I was an AFOL, I am not any more. LEGO went insane price range for what they offer. Way better toys to buy for this money, way valuable activities are available at this price range. I also can not forget some serious megablocks clarification from their marketing department (Porsche gearbox, Ospray fail), not to mention the quality issues we see recently. "Only the best is good enough" - oh my brick! Times changed, it is still good hobby, but for someone else.
  8. Would be nice collectible series, even under IP, did put on the wishlist.
  9. 1: 105: 68: 46: 310: 29: 1 Great MOCs, really enjoyed them, thanks for all participants for the entertaining contents!
  10. agrof

    Moved to New Server

    Thanks @Jim and others for keeping this exceptional business running! Curious about the new looks, the forum runs much smoother (faster, easier) than before.
  11. agrof

    Lego 21307 Cataraham

    Sorry, the text was not clear enough to identify your request properly - might be read, that you need a motor to propel (page?) the instructions. BTW - You better contact the author on Rebrickable, as builder of that certain MOD, he/she can for sure help more precisely than we do. You are welcome.
  12. agrof

    Lego 21307 Cataraham

    @sonpham510 You can download all LEGO instructions from the LEGO website.
  13. agrof

    [MOC] Small 8x8 Brickatra

    This is the best MOC I have seen recently. I just love this scale, would be a top seller as official set... just saying. Thanks for the instructions, it is definitely on my list.