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  1. That is a very elegant solution, I like it a lot!
  2. I made my turn on this too, found cheap 56x30-er tires. The difference is not significant, but a bit more proportional than the original ones. Here are pictures to comparison, on the machine the lower ones are the originals. I also changed some parts to make it work without decals, and covered the naked studs on the boom by this part. Still one of my favorite set, very playable and no worries about batteries!
  3. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Awesome model, I love the concept with the stand, and the see-through body to observe all the mechanism in function. The intakes are spot on, and the front view is just beautiful. It transmits the words "Speed" and "Power" perfectly.
  4. Looks good, nice progress! I tried this solution long time ago too, but I gave it up, because of another idea. Good luck for You!
  5. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    That's why I can't step forward with my actual task... Earned hit.
  6. Ok, seeing this all the arguments like: "Afols forget, that LEGO's target audience are children" are not viable any more. These pictures put a clear statement in the face: LEGO wants to open OUR wallet, and we represent significant share in the sales. Not like that the raising number of expensive (and I mean really expensive!) sets wouldn't have indicate this.
  7. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Brickset refers to a shop with the price: 142,99 Euro.: If this is the true, than it is a very good value, for 170... well, still worth to waiting for sale.
  8. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    The Arocs is significantly bigger, it rolls on 62,4-er tires, which also look a bit tiny for the truck. The Mack has 49,5-er tires. @Cumulonimbus Just pooped into my mind (posted in"wrong" topic) too, I believe, they would look just bad. The tires are spot on, based on the actual LEGO tire palette.
  9. Remember this couple of years later from now, as he shows potential girlfriends to You, and You say: "meh". ON: I assume that the interior of the MACK will be fully built-up, meaning the sleeper cab too. I am totally sold on this set, although I believe too, that the tires from London Bus would have been better choice. (Instead of 12 pcs, it would have 18 of them...) Edit: sorry, just checked, that tyre has much lower profile (43,2 vs 49,5), so definitely they did the right decision.
  10. I was wondering about this too, and actually this should be the "trick". The bulldog is meant as handle for hood opening on the real thing (as far I remember), so this is the best way to replicate this feature. I would like to also mention, that the container load looks also well designed.
  11. So, finally! My thoughts: 42075: neat model, I am curious what the B model is. A bit empty for the price though. Might be a good part pack. 42076: Part pack, definitely. I appretiate the fact, that LEGO does something different here, like the sailboat, but... khmm what the heck is this? Why not creating octopods, kinetic sculptures instead? 42077: It looks okay, on pair with 42039, A and B model both looks good, only pity, that it relies much on stickers... 42078: Now we are talking! It is a perfect set in my opinion. You can neat picking on missing double rear wheels, no PF, whatever, but all of these are reasonable compromises. I love the color combination, the green is right choice for the crane part on the trailer, both for A and B models. It is refreshing compared to red or yellow (usual attention maker colors). I just don't know which is better, the A or the B model... both are wonderful. Both feels like tribute to / inspired by @steph77, SuperB MOCs LEGO!
  12. Fantastic Toyota (as usual), hat off for your commitment, the result reflects every spent hour. It was a pleasure to watch the video too, great journey! Is it just me, or... is the driver Belville figure... Madoca?
  13. So, I am joining to the crowd, and I gratulate. This small excavator is really well done, I like the overall proportions and the shape. Keep on building, your skills are improving clearly.
  14. Woo-hoo, that little devil just bites the dust! Amazing performance, might be the softer shocks would fit better for the smaller scale. I kindly ask You @kbalage to refer to this buggy as your own MOC, clearly not much left from my version. @Didumos69 That is actually brilliant, love it! I confess: as I built it, it was just pure luck that I ended up with (more-less) same wheelbase on the front and the rear.
  15. [MOC] SHERP ATV 4x4 RC

    @Aventador2004 I will answer: 1. Why not. 2. It is similar, because both based on same vehicle, but technically and in overall build they are totally different. Try to look from that perspective, that how many amazing/clever/tricky way is there to achieve the same result. Great MOC, nice add-ons are the diff-locks! Interesting way of steering with the brakes, never tought about, only disadvantage is, if You forget the diff -ocks ON, than there will be quite strain in the driveline.