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  1. Is this confirmed? Can we see the statement from LEGO? If it is true, I can not consider the whole story as a RELEASE CANCELLATION / RECALL. Values. Decisions. Conclusions.
  2. agrof

    Dumper Tractor 2in1 Racing Kart

    Oh, this is so good! I just fell in love with it for the first sight... Thank You for sharing, I will definitely build it!
  3. agrof

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Jang's video is indeed a good summary - as usual.
  4. agrof

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Sure it is, and I agree with your previous comments. Hence my conclusion is: not to support this attitude, and such a company.
  5. agrof

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    They already made a decision, they will not change it again. Now they MUST stand for it finally. Any further twist in the story just harms their reputation and respect even more... and they are already really-really low to date...
  6. agrof

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    I made this conclusion after several dumb and cheap excuses they made in the recent years (as example the gearbox issue of the 42056, or the growing phenomenon of color inconsistency - Only the best is good enough, right?). But this tops everything, so my decision is stone written now. I will not sell my inventory, because MOCing is still fun, and I will not disappear from here either, as this forum is full with creative and inspiring minds, but for sure I will not spend any cents more for such a hypocrite company with identity deficit. They should decide: profit, or values. Gone biking.
  7. agrof

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    This story is perfect symptom, how ill our society is, there is so much wrong with this story, but everything is about exaggeration and hypocrisy, way beyond common sense. As said before: it is a toy. Yes it is, and this works both ways. DFG-VK I am a pacifist, first of all, BUT I don't see the point of bullying a toy company by DFG-VK (NGO), what and how will this help their objectives? How will this influence the biggest power governments who spend hundreds of billions on army? Why do they think, that this specific modell (without any weapon, and marketed as rescue vehicle) will develop agression? Why anybody thinks, that fantasy based agression can not have the same impact on receptive personality, as real one which also can be accessed on the same mediums (internet, games, especially: news)? I do believe, for ANY child watching 5 minutes of news is more traumatizing, than building 20 times this 42113 (it is maximum boring). I do believe they took the wrong tartget, and honestly (bitterly), I can not consider them any serious from this point. Don't get me wrong, I do believe war is useless and redundant, but I am also sure, that this move just makes the real war business people laugh and make the whole organisation just less meaningfull/serious in their eyes. One step forward, three steps backward... LEGO Suddenly they took off the money filter from the glasses and grew conscience? Very hard to believe... but they try to appear so. Marketing megablocks. They are known about their extensive market mapping and cautious product implementation. Sure, they just realized, what they did... but in case, this is actually what happened, how comes, that the whole management who approved this set to go this far, is not resigning from their positions? They are clearly not worthy to the core values of the company, it is proven and admitted by this case. Is the LEGO brand and company brave enough to stand their own values, or are they ok with a simple apology, but let everything go further, as these people make nice profit. Dear TLG: where is the line, how much is the price of your faith in toys? Leg godt! - my brick... I don't say any of these has right, it is not black and white either. Also have no personal judgment conclusion, I just feel, that this whole story is a moral swamp, and the deeper you dig, the more rotten. And I don't want to have this nearby my naive and idealist soul. and for ruining my "playing experience". EDIT: I know how I feel now. And I am very deeply disappointed in TLG, unfortunately not the first time in a short period. Speaking of values, where is the ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH? Anyone who worked ever for a multinational company, knows, that all the "values" are empty phrases, only thing what matters in the end of the day for the management, is the profit. And they will come up with every kind of lie if they feel it being endangered. I love/loved the characteristic of LEGO System, the challenges of Technic, but this whole attitude, which interwovens the whole spirit, is disgusting, disillusive and ruins the hobby to me.
  8. agrof

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Great news! Finally a wise decision, which was taken right in time to prevent any confusions: the core values of the company are still more important than fast profit. But the most painfull is, that a multi-national, profit oriented company tries to act like they were still a small / mid-size family business. They don't even know what their identity is. BTW, just another hint for TLG managers and marketing department: Star Wars is also known for violence, full packed with weapons. Ah, Ninjago too. Also, Duplo and Friends has wild, predator animals in the portfolio whose fur gets covered with blood time to time in reality. Oh well, don't stop here LEGO, there is so many way left yet to loose face! I did not spend much on LEGO recently, but now I am more convinced in my decision: I will not sponsor such a bunch of idiots, who can't even stand for their decisions and those consequences (proven many times in the last years). I feel sad inside, but luckily there are other great hobbies out there.
  9. That was an excellent review, I enjoyed it very much beside my morning coffee. Thank You!
  10. This overhaul is too cool, for not to build a second one! Love it! The truck looks also badass in this color combo.
  11. Is this the place, where people can praise a Trophy Truck? If so, I'll jump in!
  12. agrof

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    @Sariel@Anio@kbalage Thank You for the clarification - I do sorry for You guys, years (Anio, Sariel - more than a decade) of hard work, which indirectly/directly generated a lot of marketing value for TLG should be respected, at least with same conditions for all. I hope this will be fixed, because You deserve it.
  13. agrof

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Ok, I am seriously confused. Are these guys just plain stupid not to follow the terms of LEGO and risk their own business they do for living, or has LEGO changed their policy about model reveals? @Jim@Sariel@kbalage@Anio Do You have any information?
  14. agrof

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @Dylan M It is german. He says, he received those sets from LEGO... expecting some YT video deletion, loss of reseller contract, even maybe lawsuit soon... a bit stupid move.
  15. agrof

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    👌, now it does have the vibe! Love it, so many clever details.