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  1. Thank You, actually the cabin was a bit long, I shortened it, sketched a hood too - this must be probably bit longer. Pictures are updated above. It seems, I will have no fake engine, but I have an idea for a nice Tigercat feature. EDIT: I reorganized the parts, lifted a hood a bit, made the cabin even shorter, now it looks even more accurate to the 632E model (more serious look) Comparison to previous version:
  2. No, agrof did not. My ideology for MOCing: I rather spend a bit more on parts I need, than having unused parts laying around (which I have enough in a small flat). Some proportional test progress in CAD:
  3. Jaw dropping build and video editing! I love the theme, the effects, and even more the insight spots in the end! Lot of NPU (Nice Parts Usage), can't stop to watch it over and over again.
  4. Thanks guys! I don't want to use third party tires here, the ones from CLAAS were clearly produced to my pleasure. I digged into my Bionicle treasure, and found another piece which could be nice for the grapple claws. They do form much nicer the required shape than the previous ones.
  5. can not offer nice snapping drag and drop usage (actually sometimes it is horrible, you can note this in the pictures with pneumatic cylinders), but it has the pneumatic parts, PP wheels and tires, + professional rendering modul (POV-Ray). Summary: I build in LDD (easier), and render in (nicer). The grapple design so far, this was the first design criteria: There was quite big side slack in open position, but accidentally this solution was a perfect fit (right side beam is partly hidden for better visibility inside the construction): + Axle sketch with CLAAS tires. Still, bigger tires would be more on pair with the large V2 cylinders in this scale, but I think these new parts deliver already good proportions for the final model.
  6. I think even without the cover it is fine, and more ready to play as you have instant access to the pump. Still like this little fella, the moving steering wheel is great extra touch.
  7. @jorgeopesi @I_Igor It will have the CLAAS tires, they just don't exist in LDD /, I decided to use PP wheels to get closer diameter proportions in virtual reality - so those are just placeholders. Pneumatic is a new challenge for me, also I don't want to use any motors and batteries, pure manual experience is foreseen. This is also the reason why I don't take LAs, 42053 convinced me about pneumatic playability. The grapple is actually reverse engineered, so this is luckily working, as mentioned the cylinder is floating. I will edit pictures in this post in the evening. Thanks for the notes!
  8. Hi All, I know, I have unfinished projects enough (published here too), but time for another long-term build. I was lucky enough to find great deal on pneumatic cylinders, and finally I own Claas tires too, these caused to raise the Skidder-particle ppm in my haemodinamics. This is a very old plan of me, basically since I got back from my dark-age with the 8265 in 2009. So this is the plan: I will not build a specific model, but a generous one (610/620/630/632 mixed style), because I am not that much interested in specific models - simply: I love them all (and beside that I am afraid of @M_longer's justifiable criticism ). Finally I found a working design for the grapple with nice range of movement. It has virtual pivot points, and floating cylinder (this is already differs from real-life counterparts), but I wanted to use 1 cylinder only due to tubing - which should be nicely hidden in the boom panels. Some might be not a fan of the Bionicle parts, but I find them right here, and they tend to close properly due the lucky combination of build slack and their pointy-thin design (I might figure out an offset for them, but wasn't successful yet). I made a pure Technic version too, in case. This is how it looks so far (partly built in bricks too - waiting for parts), with Power Puller tires in the model for the scale: Still a very long trip ahead, and I am not fast on building, but I feel passionate, which is a promising sign I guess. Special thanks to: @Lipko for inspiration and for the pneumatic parts in LDD from his majestic Backhoe, @nikolyakov for the beautifully purpose designed and inspiring TC10 entry, @BrickbyBrickTechnic for his 42054 C-model as final motivation, and for Bricklink to make it feasible to emptying my wallet... Every suggestion, criticism for improvement is welcome.
  9. [MOC] Blueprint Dune Buggy

    Like it, simple, clean. As I am overloaded by motorized and RC models currently, I really appreciate this one!
  10. Starts to getting shape, I really like the concept! I am curious if You will develop it further with eyes, mandible (bionicle / hero factory / large figure parts would be useful) - too bad, that You are flexless, feelers would be great to be made of...
  11. Happy 40th Technic !

    For the lazy ones. Till now nothing special happened (found footage style - so don't expect anything grandiose), just chit-chat about the history, a small talk with one original designer about the very beginning, than they went into the vault, and after 11 minutes the stream went dead. Maybe not the best idea (sarcasm ON: in the Idea house) to make live stream from a Faraday-cage... Edit: they are out and back, talking with the current chief designer about 8860. Current live stream is below:
  12. Nice review, I am patiently waiting for the big brother. What I miss from the review: more pictures about interesting parts, building techniques used, details (f.e.: how the levitation of the body is solved). Maybe pictorial comparison with the Ninjago Artbook version would be nice too - I am not sure here if those pics are public, but no prelim stamps at least. Keep on with the publishing!
  13. Ctrl-Z, alias Undo. Unfortunately looks like this is the only option, I also miss the click-on unhide command.
  14. They are far in scale. In reality they would compare like this:
  15. Well, not really, it is something what evolves with overall design parallel. What You see in the picture is broken down view - I deleted / hided all the unnecessary parts, what I don't wanted to show, but the complete design was already there. To place the axles and gears, You need beams / frames to attach them in the space. This can be very raw sketch, f.e.: beams attached by pins. Usually I have already a picture in my head, how it should look like, I build a "help-frame" - let's call it prototype, and put the gearing, axles in, afterwards I start to rethink how can be done axle holes, frame structure more effectively. A simple example though: if You want to have a simple gear connection which for the axles will be placed like this: XOX (3 studs), just take a beam, and use it's holes for placing the axles and gears. Once You are ready, You can delete the beam. To figure out which gear ratio what stud distances needs, Sariel made a super useful tool: I hope it makes sense above...