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  1. Would be nice collectible series, even under IP, did put on the wishlist.
  2. 1: 105: 68: 46: 310: 29: 1 Great MOCs, really enjoyed them, thanks for all participants for the entertaining contents!
  3. agrof

    Moved to New Server

    Thanks @Jim and others for keeping this exceptional business running! Curious about the new looks, the forum runs much smoother (faster, easier) than before.
  4. agrof

    Lego 21307 Cataraham

    Sorry, the text was not clear enough to identify your request properly - might be read, that you need a motor to propel (page?) the instructions. BTW - You better contact the author on Rebrickable, as builder of that certain MOD, he/she can for sure help more precisely than we do. You are welcome.
  5. agrof

    Lego 21307 Cataraham

    @sonpham510 You can download all LEGO instructions from the LEGO website.
  6. agrof

    [MOC] Small 8x8 Brickatra

    This is the best MOC I have seen recently. I just love this scale, would be a top seller as official set... just saying. Thanks for the instructions, it is definitely on my list.
  7. agrof

    [MOC] Unimog U400

    I was totally fooled by the scale, than the picture with the real Unimog tire made the sparks. From that moment I am just sitting here speakless... The scale, the functions, the appearance. Just perfect.
  8. That's it. Thanks @Sariel
  9. @Sariel Thank You for the entertaining reviews (all) again for this wave! What a relieving shut down for my brain in this year's end rush (work, Covid...). One special wish/request regarding this set, as I am on the same opinion as You and many of us. Could You please take a photo about the Monster trucks with the Jeep tires on? Thank You in advance!
  10. @Thirdwigg Sorry for the late reply, this Unimog is definitely my favorite now, really well done! I hope I will be able to build it sometime in the near future.
  11. agrof

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Long time not logged in, life is happening over here, so the focus is more on rebuild the fundamentals in my life, rather than building with LEGO. Also outdoor activities are preferred after sitting in the office / home office for 8-10 hours. Regarding the MOCs: what I miss and see lack of those, are the WIP topics, where we can keep boiling the community. Honestly, it is also boring to me - as reader/ user - to see ready MOCs presented... honestly, what can be commented? "Nice, Excellent, Awesome, Any chance for instructions?"... none of those lead to real dialogues. So I would like to see WIP topics, whatever the subjective judgment of the build. I struggle to understand the term "not good enough"... so what? We are here to PLAY, to ENJOY, to SHARE. I encourage everyone to go for small builds, explore creative part usage (why not share just an interesting connection method as news?), and share whatever build. It is all about the fun and the community.
  12. Is this confirmed? Can we see the statement from LEGO? If it is true, I can not consider the whole story as a RELEASE CANCELLATION / RECALL. Values. Decisions. Conclusions.
  13. agrof

    Dumper Tractor 2in1 Racing Kart

    Oh, this is so good! I just fell in love with it for the first sight... Thank You for sharing, I will definitely build it!
  14. agrof

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Jang's video is indeed a good summary - as usual.