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  1. agrof

    42108 mods and improvements

    Now we are talking @M_longer! Looks very promising, great job. For the cabin, I recommend complete redesign to bring the scale back again. I think, here something similar to 8053 would be more proper / coherent.
  2. I associated to this, relying on my hungarian memories. @Aleh I agree with the others, You did your best, it is his turn.
  3. That email address looks like a company account - thus very possibly your emails land in spam / blocked by firewall. Try answer him only via single email without any attachment, and explain the situation. Try it from another email account as well, as your original address might be blocked as default by now. Is there no contact (phone, mobile) in the signature - if there is any? I would give him a call, if so.
  4. @shugo Good quality videos, but I miss the detailed demonstration of the functions (what does what and how, at least at 42108) - hope this helps to improve. Anyhow, keep up with the show! As I see, the steering angle is pretty limited on 42108, thus the turning radius is quite big. Is that correct? Please help me fuel the fire of hate!
  5. agrof

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Aside my love towards buggies, I agree, that this small fella (42101) is a good one, dare to say, excellent for it's size! Buggy, Buggy, BUGGY!
  6. agrof

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    There is no embargo for private persons, who could buy the sets in shops (by mistake put products on shelf). This can happen every year. Let's be happy, that we have news! I am only sorry for official reviewers, like Sariel, KBalage, Anio... they have now serious backlash. Feels unfair. TLG should bring back the earlier embargo date - not to mention, that might be not devilish (from sales point of view) to release H1 sets already before Christmas... p.s.: 42108 is still the worst set, ever.
  7. Gents, it is a bit generous to call moaners people, who are not satisfied with a specific set. 42043 hands down the best, but You can take 42048 - which was decent for what it is, and the list could go on. To bring the sunlight back to the forum, there is dedicated topic for the best sets, feel free to put the praises over there, maybe it is the time to recall some good memories.
  8. @vectormatic We agree on the trend of weaker and weaker B-models... though I don't see as solution, to not to create any B model than at all. B models should show the possibilities, to open the eye of children to use their creativity and inspire them for MOCing. I wouldn't like to push this job on AFOLs and TFOLs. This should be core value of LEGO. Inspire creativity and development? Only the best is good enough? Sounds like empty phrases nowadays. Sounds overstated for sure, I admit there are still good sets in the portfolio, but we definitely see the degradation as we look back. We can indeed note as symptoms the re-releases and some sets You also named. And here we are one step closer to the floor in 2020 H1 with 42108. Sorry for the slightly off-topic discussion, I might be depressive as I don't get my cycling portion... apologies.
  9. Maybe it was not an academic statement from my side, but I believe I still can stand my opinion. 42070 - many say it is bad, but aside of the drivetrain I don't think it is THAT bad, with proper working functions. + B model. 42076 - well, it was something new, and all functions worked properly. + B model 42077 - I built it, and liked it. It is a good looking big empty shell mostly, but was good for the target audience (low budget big car lovers). + B model. 42088 (I would count 42041 here too) - At least it is a proper working set. + B model. 42108 - proportions are out of the scale, nothing new or innovative - saying this, despite I love mobile cranes. Cheap and akward solution with the outriggers. NO B model. Some points can be argued based on preference, but the latter - NO B model is only "understandable" and forgivable in case of licensed sets, but here it is such a wound on the Technic heritage... Also, not to mention, that this set is coming from the same designer who made the great Volvo EW 160 (42053) - which had a B model! As such, I dare to say, it is the worst.
  10. This is unfortunately no excuse. There is ALWAYS a way, here we see the result of rushed, unloved work. I really wanted this set to be my next order, but this is the worst model in the last decade... ugly, no B-model, not only lazy but annoying operation. "Congratulation" for all the involved members who developed and approved this. It would have been even better to re-release the 8041/42041 again... I definitely don't like the direction of Technic, my mood and love is being devastated.
  11. NO WAY... Not only ugly, but this is... how got this passed all the checking boxes? Very Super disappointing.
  12. agrof

    DNR Shifter Issue

    The tan gears are quite strong, if they not break, than there is still some bracketing issue which causes the slip, I guess. Without seeing a lot details, I see, that the bracket is not fixed solid enough. I would recommend to try this solution below, if this still doesn't solve the issue, you must rebuild completely. Also make sure, that the 5.5 L axles can not slide outwards - the shoulders of them should help here. LDD model is HERE.
  13. I experience the same as Lipko with my videos. I also set them "for kids".