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  1. I am surprised how low is the activity about this set. I absolutely LOVE it, looks like a must have beside Metalbeard's Seacow... Also, video review is online for a while: And speed build:
  2. Thanks for the great reviews, I really enjoyed to watch them! Professional work.
  3. Holy shiny tires! This is looking more complex I could ever imagine! So, I can not really add more than a thumb up for now, maybe if You reach the rear light are, I will be back.
  4. agrof

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    We are on the same page - just a bit different wording. BTW: I am sad to see, how much the ABS white and the sticker white colors differ on this particular set. This would be a serious issue to me (if I would buy) - not to mention, how much better it looks without stickers.
  5. agrof

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I don't get the idea of asking for replacement in case of review. Reviews are about observations, presentation of a shelf ready products here. If those contain bad parts, handling issues, etc., to show and point it out, is part of the review. It is important feedback for us (as end users) and also for TLG. So if the fender parts are misprinted, it must be presented as it is. TLG must be aware of this issue, and must be ready to re-check their quality processes, and to replace all the parts with errors for end users.
  6. agrof

    [TC15] Concept Aircraft

    Pure win! seriously, I absolutely love it!
  7. agrof

    42081 C-Model - Log Loader

    We can say, this C model is made according to Your usual high standards, Bravo!
  8. agrof

    42094 Tracked Loader

    Wow, much better, than expected, excellent B-model as well, I am sold on this one! Do I see correctly, that the bed of the B-model can be even rotated?
  9. Wow, I did not expect that level of sturdiness of the construction! I am truly amazed by your commitment, and engineering, very inspiring. I am confident to say: this is the best developed and executed, while most capable Off-Road (or overall RC) Lego MOC, ever. Period.
  10. @Didumos69 Thanks for the explanation, I used to use the flexibility of the parts and the system, it was just surprisingly "radical" from You. Glad to see the improvements though, I do miss such a part, which allows proper going-through-connection in cases like this with the suspension arm. One more hint: in there is black rubber color, which gives for the tires more realistic appearance for Your awesome renders. This is something, what we already tested in this very project, I put the post here, might be useful for some:
  11. agrof

    [MOC] Grapple Truck I6

    Looks like the love children of 9397 and 42043 - and as those are my 2 favorite truck sets, what's not to like on this MOC?
  12. Nice render! Isn't the half blue pin connection inside of the suspension arm illegal build though (no way to build or separate without stretching the part)? I liked the first solution better, which is stronger?
  13. @Sariel This is a worthy note, 1 L-motor only, and keep the space for additional as upgrade ability! Lower set price, but in case extra sell due to extra motor purchase - could be win-win for project success and for TLG marketing* / aftermarket sales. Maybe something useful for project update, fingers crossed! edit: marketing blabla * Drive through any obstacles with this powerfull 4x4 Jeep with ease! If You want enormous performance, the model is easily upgradable with additional L-motor, to double the power! Let's rock!
  14. agrof

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Agree, I am a silent follower of this topic, but every time I open it, I do enjoy what I see!
  15. Very cool Jeep, stylish and well working! I am also a bit on skeptical side, but rather due to the expected price. There is still a lot electric component packed into, which will be the biggest part of the cost packet. People will justify harder the price for a cute little model, when they can get a twice as big rig for the similar amount of money (9398, 42070). Yes, size still matters, especially for children. Also another point why I am on this opinion, is the voting surface. I didn't see this before - only in Your video Sariel, been never registered to Ideas -, that people must set their thoughts regarding the set. TLG cleverly integrated the market mapping into the voting system... What worries me mostly, that people must set the budget, and honestly, I feel most people will underestimate the cost of the built in components - here, the size of the final product is misleading too. Big car=big money, small car = small money. What else would they say, they are LEGO employees. Sorry for being on the sober side, I do appreciate the MOC, even better formulated: I love it!