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  1. This is incredible and at such a massive scale! The amount of detail you added is amazing, well done
  2. Thanks for the update Thorsten, it's looking great! Thanks for the update as well, I'm glad to hear everything is working and performing as intended. It really is quite heavy, are you using a buwizz as I have?
  3. The best looking bike I've seen to date! Very well done!
  4. Nicely done, I really like what you added to the engine! Very clever little build
  5. This awesome, I'm amazed at the functions for such a small scale.
  6. No, although I just did some digging and it's from 39 sets one of which is the Mercedes arocs. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=2431px17#T=C
  7. Looks good and performs well! I especially like the rear wheel arches I'm glad to see theres more than just my brother and I doing them.
  8. Very stylish little coupe. I bet it just rips with a Buwizz
  9. I'm not too sure, the only time I saw an issue was when you tried to go straight from reverse into drive or vise versa. I might have to revisit the design and see if I can't make a simple fix. Gearing it down would definitely help though.
  10. @Thorsten50 looks awesome. Can't wait to see the final product! @Polo-Freak yours is looking great aswell. Almost like Dakar rally version due to the 42000 tires and no wheel arches yet. Have you figured the your parts list? I'm curious the piece count. I second this. I'd love to see the ldd on my computer!
  11. @Thorsten50 Hopefully this answers all your questions for the wiring and pneumatics. I'll be camping this weekend so I won't be able to help much further till I'm back on Sunday. Let me know!
  12. Amazing! I thought for sure this time it would take you longer due to complexity. You've made amazing time I can't wait to see the final renders
  13. @Thorsten50 Is this alright? You've definitely been making good progress considering there's no parts list or proper instructions yet. I'm sure @Lox Lego will be glad to know his photo teardown pictures are for a better lack of a word, ledgible ! This is the first car of mine that anyone's built so it's good to hear feedback for reference in future builds. Had I known so many people would be interested in building I would've been a little more conscious of the few rare parts items I used.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. It's looking very good indeed! Just out of curiosity do you have any feedback? Where the teardown photos clear and easy to follow, have the functions worked out as intended? I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far