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  1. Yeaa I tried to find an orange Aston racecar but there isn't really anything unfortunately! It would be pretty cool to get some stickers made for it, we'll see! I don't know if I'll be doing a photo teardown yet, it'll be awfully tricky! Thanks!! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. Why thank you Jeroen, I know it's not your style but I do like the filled in look! Also starting this build while you were finishing yours, both being Astons and both in orange I wanted to do something totally different and not have people think I was copying! I'm glad you like the wheel arch in the rear, it fit too well to not use but I have to give a shout out to @crowkillers as he was the one who did it first! I'm also curious how the front is going to turn out its definitely the most ambitious design if tried to make so far. haha Well what @Lox Lego just said is true. We're brothers and I just recently started my own YouTube channel so anything that I had done or seriously helped out with like the FXX he transfered over for me. No stealing at all just separating our builds from one another's channel
  2. Yes and no, we help each other out with everything in general. This build however has been all my own and nothing more than keeping him updated with progress (before eurobricks gets to see )! @TechnicRCRacer amazingly only one so far, a few odd pieces from my bro but a lot.... I mean a lot of bricklink orders haha! Thanks, sooo much! I appreciate the kind words as what you've explained is what I've really tried to pull off with this build and I'm glad it's been recognized!
  3. Very tiny and slow but very capable I like it :)
  4. Thanks @Didumos69 I've been working hard to get this build right and I think @Lox Lego is right about why I've come so far and so quickly. It's helpful having someone close by to bounce ideas off of! Thanks, I'm actually quite nervous about the front end. I think that's part of the reason I finished off the back end first haha, hopefully it turns out just as clean as the back has! Haha I like that, it's pretty punny of you! I'm glad this has ended up peaking enough of you interest to let me know. Let's hope the rest shapes up to your hopes for it! Thanks! I'm glad you like the progress so far Thanks! However there's no need to go reposting all the pictures, just a tip you can always delete the pictures in the quote or call me out by adding @+Dugaldic like so! @DugaldIC I hope that helps ! Why thank you Brunojj, I'm glad you like it so far! As much as I want it to be done already I will most definitely be taking my time, I'm not trying to cut any corners with this build. I want it to be proper, hopefully it will be able to sit next to your fabulous dtm cars and not look out of place
  5. Looks awesome, everything really turned out amazing on this car! I'll admit I was sceptical about a paneless build but I am very taken back, you created wonderful shapes and curves and brought new meaning to robust build. Wonderfully done 
  6. @Aventador2004 @AkiyamaWataruevery car is different, even the Astons it changes location however on this build it will be in the rear bumper! Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Who know maybe you'll be having to stock up on more orange haha! @Lox Lego appreciate the feedback bro! Making some progress to the rear, ignore the gap in the rear bumper as that needs to be filled in!
  7. That parts a little hard to explain, I'd recommend having things locked in length, width and height wise so nothing can move. Brace gears by having a beam on either side of them and try not to use connectors unless they themselves are braced. Do you have a picture of your gearbox?
  8. A few more updates, any panel connected by one pin all have a second support! The back end is starting take shape after completing some inner framework to support the rear. I've mounted the pneumatic valve and made an easy access battery cover!
  9. Unfortunately I won't have a picture of it until I do a teardown, but that means I have to finish it first haha!
  10. The only time I've had this happen was in the first iteration of my 4speed in my current car, after a while 1st and 3rd would click and not even move. The issue was I had not secured the gearbox enough and it had moved apart enough that the gears were skipping! My second design has been flawless so far and is driving around 5+ pounds.
  11. It would be cool if you were to keep a gearbox, I'd also suggest a four-speed to keep it narrower or use something along the lines of @Didumos69 sequential gearbox in his most recent hammer head build. That way you still have a narrow centre and gearbox. Also try Sariels scaler, take a modern supercar and put it in for a try it'll give you accurate proportions which make a big difference in the overall appearance! keep it up, take your time you'll get there.
  12. Very well done! I love the shape and it seems to drive so well, I guess it's not a very big car
  13. You're more than welcome to, however I'd opt on keeping the same gear ratios and changing the housing to suit what you need! The gearing is the same as the set 8880. Do you plan on making a sequential or a regular manual gearbox?
  14. Hopefully I'll have an update of the rear soon! That's the beauty of torsion bars, I know they're not "legal" but it's the only way to get the look of one shock holding up a car! I don't work for Porsche, however I work on Porsches specifically doing all the metal work and fabrication! It was an older one, early 80s with a 3L motor.
  15. Haha surprisingly yes, I think I managed to follow all that! The roof was unsecured back when I did that video and is now finalized in place, it's as close as I'll be able to get to the real car, any lower and it looks way off. I've actually recently had to tear apart a GT3 911 at work to redo and I know what you mean! Everything is held together via Zeus fasteners, basically every panel except for the roof pops off for easy repairs/panel replacement! I was considering doing this but once I got into the body work I quickly realized that if I wanted to keep it sturdy with nice clean body lines there's no way I was going to be able to make the body modular unfortunately ! Also I forgot to mention the buwizz will have a removable cover on it when it's done, it's on my to do list.