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    Hello, and welcome to my profile page. I have a room full of LEGO town, railway, space, Doctor Who & other assorted sets / MOCs / MODs. I built my town featuring these MODs of sets: Medieval Market Village, Town Plan, Diagon Alley, World City / CITY, and Trains.
    This are all my buildings I own:

    -Old Blacksmiths, now my house with finished bottom floor and staircase.
    -The Tavern / Pub / Bar from has an inside staircase.
    -Ollivander Wand shop is used as Bob's Adventure Supplies.
    -Gringott's is now First Imperial Bank.
    -Borgin & Burkes is my fictional local Ironwood Lego Users Group (Iron-LUG) meeting spot, featuring a Micro-LEGO layout.
    -There is a custom two story Post Office.
    -Town Hall borrowed from the 2008 Town Plan remake.
    -Triple 32x32 base-plate long World City-style train shed

    This all goes along with 61 trains (rolling stock and locomotives) and 6 structures (such as the above station and shed, but with bridges, a water tower, and several other objects)

    Thanks for viewing!!


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  1. The ldd file has been added since MOCpages is back up! The pictures have been updated to include some change to the model I made, such as a expanded front porch and revised rear greenhouse. Enjoy!
  2. I want an Adventurers themed movie with a bunch of insane models and crazy bad guys. Basically, I'm hoping beyond hope the "Billion Brick Race" movie is something akin to The Great Race or Monte Carlo or Bust! or even Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines so we have 1900 -1930's vehicles all clambering to get the prize..... whatever it is!
  3. This three level autorack was originally found on LGauge .com as seen here. I redesigned that model and added tiny automobiles to fit into the racks. I also recolored the yellow parts to dark gray to fit better with my other freight cars. There is a single plate worth of clearance between the automobiles and the rack above. The automobiles are attached using 2 x 3 plates, put they are removable... if you take the roof of the freight car off first! As usual, comments, questions and complaints are welcome, and the ldd file is here. Thanks for viewing!
  4. The cooked chickens are from 1997 to 2015 and the eggs are from the Angry Birds sets... sorry to burst you bubble!
  5. This build was based on LEGO set 4756 (called Shrieking Shack ) from the 2004 Harry Potter / Prisoner of Azkaban movie line, with a greenhouse from the C-model of the 2017 Creator set 31065 (Park Street Townhouse) and a sedan based on the one in the 2009 Indiana Jones set 7682 (Shanghai Chase). I also added a big front porch to complete the house's Victorian asthetic. The model swings open on two hinges, one for the main house so you can access the detailed inside, and a second in the greenhouse so you can open it up to place figures. Also, the front of the house is supposed to have a 1 x 1 number tile next to the front door, like this one here. In the original Harry Potter set there was a secret passage in the chimney, which I have removed. Also, the model locks shut on two Technic pins, just like most of my buildings. One pin is in the main part of the house, while another is in the green house. The inside features a bed, inspired by set 10228 (Monster Fighters' Haunted House) staircase with railing, couch, telephone, and phonograph. The kitchen area has a stove, sink, plus a table and two chairs. The greenhouse area was inspired by the similar version from the C-model of the 2017 Creator set 31065 (Park Street Townhouse). My version is a bit bigger with an eight stud wide window roof, whereas the original set has a 6 wide top. This model was based off of set 7682 (Shanghai Chase) from 2009, plus a sloped rear design inspired by the yellow car from set 10200 (Custom Car Garage). The model can seat two figures side by side and has opening doors. BUILDER'S NOTES: The LDD file is is available here. This page will will also be updated when the house is built in real life with real pictures. Any and all comments questions, and / or complaints are always welcome!
  6. Just added the newer real life pictures with the expanded landing pad. NOTE: purists be warned, I cut a 48 x 48 down to a 40 x 48 in order to fit this in my storage and carrying bin.
  7. Thanks! I just added the real life pictures to the main post so you can see the model better.
  8. IN REALITY: This ship was originally set 70816, Benny's spaceship (x3), with the Unkiitty seat and radar dish removed in favor of a skylight and laser gun turret instead. The sliding wings were redesigned to be stationary and thus provide space under the turret for commander Bob. The ship also has separate passageways for crew to walk so they don't have to go outside to go to Bob, engineering, or the bridge. Oh yeah, and it's orange now! I was inspired to build this model by this cool ship by Oran Cruzen as seen here. IN FICTION: The Bright Future was designed with help from Benny the 1980-something space guy. This heavily armed ship was designed to replace the lighter Bright Hope, which was heavily damaged in a firefight between two Maelstrom Void-Ships. (The enemy was defeated with help from the allied Nortsa sister ship Shining Star and the Odyssey II space laser, but at great cost.) The glaring problems in the design of the Bright Hope led the design crew to the master space-designer Benny, who in turn took his original SPACESHIP(!) design to the next level with more armor and sleeker wing profile. The wings were then redesigned to reduce hyper-space speed but allow for greater range. Bob was even given an office where the wing extender mechanism was! The rear of the ship has three engines. The ship has three areas for up to eight crew to be placed, with passageways for the figures to walk from section to section. The bridge has three seats for crew and plenty of computer parts to keep them busy. (the canopy lifts up to access this area) Engineering is where reactor core temperatures are maintained and laser guns trained on targets and fired. This area is where four figures can sit back-to-back. (the skylight folds upwards to access this area) Bob's office is at the rear of the ship where you can seat the figure of the Neo-Nexus Force's supreme commander. (the roof turret lifts off for access to this area) The LDD file is available here, and the rest of my Neo-Nexus force stuff is seen in topics here and here.
  9. I made an entire topic for it here. I linked back to your topic and instructional video, but did NOT give away the LDD file. I hope that okay, and thanks for the awesome model!
  10. This model was originally by Hachiroku24 as the flying car driven by the Weasley's in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In real life, the car type used in the film was made by Ford for sale in the United Kingdom and was called the "Anglia". This particular version (a 105-E Super) was built from 1959 - 1968. The medium blue car is the original color of the model, so I chose it to show off the features. (I modified the roof / windows, added seats for the figures and a rear fender, but the rest is not mine.) The car can seat two mini-figures on jumper plates, and also features opening doors and trunk with plenty of space. The rear of the car features a license plate. As I said, the car fits two mini-figures comfortably, such as me and Bob. (The steering wheel is in the wrong spot for UK driving, but I live in the USA so I changed it for right-side driving.) This version of his model (see the original here ) comes in four colors: red, yellow, medium blue and black. If you want to build one of these according to the original designer, follow the instructions in video form in this topic here on Eurobricks. I will NOT be giving away the LDD file for my version. As for me, I will be building a black version because I've wanted a accurate version of the car in that color since 2002 when the original set 4728 (Escape from Privet Drive) was released. I've gone though as many versions as there are fingers on my hands, and this is the best one yet. Comments, Questions, and Complaints are welcome, though any praise should go to the original designer ( Hachiroku ) in his topic, as linked to above!
  11. I modified the roof and put jumpers plates in the seats to attach figures more securely. The pictures will be up soon, should I post them here so you can see what else I did?
  12. Thank you for taking the time to do the instructions, as I've been wanting a better version of the Ford Anglia for a long time now. I've just used your instructions (with some mods for my tastes) to create my own version!
  13. This Retro styled gas station is a throwback to the glory days of the Drive In Theaters, Route 66, tail-fins on cars, & full service every time you fill up. You used to get this with every gasoline purchase: - Check lights - Fill gas tank - Check oil - Washer fluid refill - Check Tire pressure Fast & Friendly service guaranteed! (Now how's that for good customer relations!) The model was originally built in 2012. It was modeld after the 2011 CARS set 8487, (Flo's V8 Cafe) but made larger and without the launcher and car wash. Recently, I changed the design for the pumps, which were inspired by Brick City Depot's "winter village gas station" model. I also added large tiles between the pumps so that the base of the model is more sturdy. A head-on view to the gas station. I plan on putting the tow truck from the 2017 CITY set number 60137 (Tow Truck Trouble) next to the gas station. The back of the model features a rear exit. The model's rear swings open to reveal the the clock, four-flavor soda fountain, and the attendant's desk. Their is also a storage area under the soda fountain. The complete LDD file is available here, if you want it. Remember: Comments, Question & Complaints are always welcome!
  14. These 7 stud wide 4-6-2 steam locos are very old (2013-ish) and were built from the remains of my two Emerald Night set 10194's. They are named the Emerald Night (dark green) and the Auburn Flyer (reddish brown). I got the 7-wide tender idea from Brickshelf in 2013, but don't remember who was the original designer. Does this help?
  15. I have one in reddish brown instead of dark green.