Event Reminder

    By DoubleT,

    Just a quick reminder:

    If you want to be at the 2008 EuroBricks event i Billund, then the deadline is The 24th of febuary.

    To see who is comming Click Here , information Click Here and for more Event fun Cl

    Exo-Force discontinued in 2009

    By Bonaparte,

    Bad news for all the Exo-Force fans.

    Jan Beyer officially stated that Exo-Force is going to be discontinued in 2009.

    Discuss it here.

    New castle chess set!

    By Siegfried,

    Our member Whung found this new castle chess set. Discuss it here.


    Battle packs

    By Bonaparte,

    Our members Whung and Athos both found these amazing battlepacks:


    Discuss them here.

    New Star Wars set pics surface!!

    By Vader,

    Well boys and girls Jedinews has posted all new set pics of the upcoming Star Wars sets, including first looks at certain new figs. Thanks to our member Clonecommando007 for the update ;-)

    Go Here to see and discuss all

    EDIT: Click here for hi-res pics (zip file) from Jedi News!


    10185 Green Grocer pics!

    By sam89,

    Thanks to Kanal-K1 in the forum for our first look at the new S@H Exclusive, 10185 Green Grocer:


    EDIT: Check out some new pics here.

    EuroBricks Event 2008

    By DoubleT,

    To all :-)

    The EuroBricks event will this year take place from Thursday the 29th of May to Sunday the 1 st of June 2008.

    The location will be Billund (Denmark) with small happenings, Legoland and a good time with your fellow Lego fans.

    The deadline for entering the event is The 24th of febuary.

    Click Here to discuss the event, and to see who will be at the event Click Here

    Visit EuroBricks.com again for updates on prices and other information.

    See you in the Lego Mecca..

    The Date is subjekt for change, you must be 15+ and you do not have to be a member of EuroBricks.com to be at the event

    Pics of the Agents Line

    By Hinckley,

    Removed by TLC's Request

    See the whole line and discuss in this thread

    Eurobricks Neighborhood Contest deadline extended!

    By Hinckley,

    By popular request, the Neighborhood Contest is being extended by two weeks until January 31st. So you have no excuses left! Get those bricks out and show us where your sig-fig lives!


    And what's this? A generous donor has donated three more exciting prizes!:


    That's in addition to these existing prizes:


    Plus the first place winner also will have their entry and sif-fig featured in an upcoming issue of The Whacker and the Walrus.

    It's all so exciting! X-O

    (Hmmmm....Six prizes? How will that pan out? ;-) )

    See official Contest Rules and discuss the contest here

    See entries and enter your own sig-fig house here

    BrickFair 2008

    By Starwars4J,

    Hey all, user ToddWebb has brought it to our attention that this August BrickFair will be held in Washington DC.

    You're able to view the site and register here

    Their ultimate goal is $10,000 for charity, so come out and enjoy yourselves. We hear it's targeted at AFOLs mainly, but all are welcome. You can read about it and discuss it here

    First pics of the VW Beetle

    By Hinckley,

    Thanks to phoinix and Holodoc:


    discuss it here

    Endless parade of 2008 sets

    By Hinckley,

    Thanks again to the enigmatic Colonel Sanders here are some more preliminary 2008 pics:

    All pics removed by TLC's request


    See more pics and discuss here


    See more pics and discuss here

    Mars Mission

    See more pics and discuss here

    More 2008 pics-Bionicle and Racer

    By Hinckley,

    And the pics just keep coming. Here are some new preliminary 2008 pics:



    See more pics and discuss here



    See another set and discuss here

    New Republic Gunship pic

    By sam89,

    Another addition to our recent onslaught of pics. Appears to include two clone troopers, Obi-wan Kenobi, Asajj Ventress and Plo Koon. To view a hi-res version, click here.


    Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

    By DoubleT,

    From All the staff here on Eurobricks:


    We hope you had a great 2007, and that 2008 will a good year. :-)

    There where many great sets in 2007, and as seen here on EuroBricks.com, it look like there will be many great sets in 2008.

    Star Wars, City, Batman, Castle will all continue, and will be joined with new themes like Indiana Jones and Agents.

    So this brings us to first news this year here on Eurobricks.com

    The New Indiana Jones, ExoForce, City, Mars Mission, Star Wars and Impulse sets are Available now on ShopAtHome.

    A good way to start the year.

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