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  2. You could use 2.2 third party tires from Rc4wd they will fit nicely on your moc
  3. Dear all, Can I ask you to try filling out the new adventure form and give any feedback or questions you may have here? Help much appreciated! Note: Please fill in "Test" under "mission name". Form Adventure rules Thank you in advance. /Bregir
  4. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Teen Titans go probably then. Still does look pretty cool expecting something similar for the Micro's one.
  5. Medium Size Mining Dumper

    Keep it simple
  6. Uno's Car or His Fortressness This is the current state of my TC12 entry: But let's start at the beginning. This is my first time I'm entering an EB contest. I wanted to enter earlier, but neither my piece count nor my building abilities were good enough. I missed TC11, because I haven't had pneumatics at that time, and my TC12 idea turned out to be just bad. As Jim announced that the new contest will have a Wacky Wheels theme, it was absolutely clear to me, that I have to enter, while I loved the game at it's time. As it's a racing game with small carts, steered by animals, it was quite clear, that I will build something wacky in the size of 42048 Race Cart. And it should be a plane! Planed features: - full RC - driving by single L motor - steering by servo - simple chassis, no suspension - wacky main function to get an advantage over the opponents - more wacky functions by RC - wacky, but fast look My first idea was to build something like this on wheels: But it turned out to be impossible for me to create the curves. So I came to a different layout, I will show you later. The chassis is done: As you can see, it's a simple chassis without suspension. While the length is only two studs longer, the wheelbase is somewhat different. You can see, that there will be a chain drive to the fake engines. From bottom. And top ... Hope you like it. Robert
  7. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    It's a screenshot from a cartoon. Take that as you will.
  8. MRCA II Adventure

    You ask, I serve!
  9. It looks that you nailed 1:17.5 scale model (real machine has 28lr32 tires - 1855 mm in diameter, so you are representing it in 1:17.5 scale) So far model is developing in right direction
  10. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Nope. We've been told by reliable sources that they're in the European retailer catalog, and we've gotten a couple of set descriptions. If these are really due for a January release I'd suspect something to slip out in October or November. There should be some kind of official unveil in early December. Pretty surprised a minifigure, in part or whole, hasn't slipped out of the factory and onto eBay or Instagram tbqh.
  11. Thank you ! A real pleasure this little challenge ! Thank you for the writing and for this funny soccer cup ! And congrats to the winners !
  12. @ACPin unfortunately I won't be there on Friday, but @lluisgib will be there to represent HispaBrick Magazine.
  13. The L.M. Diaz

    No pirate or buccaneer can hope to enter the L.M. Diaz, probably the fastest ship in the whole nation of Eslandola. Still, she carries a treasure far more powerful than gold: news. As a Legislative Mailship, the letters in her hold can win wars, overthrow governments or change worlds. Time itself is her main enemy, a brilliant foe that must be fought day and night. A pity it's so dark on this image, because that way you can't make out the bell properly: I got inspired by one of CGH's ships and added a little clapper, which is probably my favoured detail of the whole ship! --------- For the CBC - Naval Warfare category. I had hoped to enter at least one more build, but considering the fact that this entry had to be finished during nights spent awake, a second MOC was'nt realistic. Hence also the very dark images! -------- Wow, glad this is done. Rigging is such a pain-in-the-megablocks! Special thanks go to @Sebeus I, without whom I would never have started on this ship and who was an incredible help during the building proces. A lot of techniques/designs also come from him, like the skylight. Thanks, to you but also to all others who aided me! -------- At the bow of her precious ship, Elysabeth leaves the Eslandolan port, heading for the sunrise. Only time will tell what the future brings... -------- Maybe also the perfect moment to say thank-you to a few people, e.g. @Maxim I (who not only got me into BoBS, but also to my first convention, which is something I'll never forget). Thanks Maxim! Another one is @Bregir. Though our relation has been a bit quite as of late, he's the one who helped me out with all my questions upon joining GoH, or during BoBS, and I think we became friends on the way. Thanks Christian!
  14. can not offer nice snapping drag and drop usage (actually sometimes it is horrible, you can note this in the pictures with pneumatic cylinders), but it has the pneumatic parts, PP wheels and tires, + professional rendering modul (POV-Ray). Summary: I build in LDD (easier), and render in (nicer). The grapple design so far, this was the first design criteria: There was quite big side slack in open position, but accidentally this solution was a perfect fit (right side beam is partly hidden for better visibility inside the construction): + Axle sketch with CLAAS tires. Still, bigger tires would be more on pair with the large V2 cylinders in this scale, but I think these new parts deliver already good proportions for the final model.
  15. The set was 100$ when it came out....So 8 would be 800$. USD
  16. I guess it counts since you can MOC what bought. What's more important is to equate that US $800 value to 8 ships.
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  18. I would make them Redcoat ships........But does it count?
  19. Depreciation of Technic sets?

    I am pretty sure the only sets that skyrocket in value are those that people loved, were justifiably priced at the start and were good enough to be flagships or were flagships themselves. Eg- 8880, 8258(from what I've heard),and probably 42069 soon..
  20. It would be good to hear more about the background to the 4.5/12v trains. I think that someone high up in LEGO was very keen on trains. Looking at old catalogues there was always a high proportion of trains compared to what is available now. I also liked that some of the different sets were linked by using red & yellow as a colour scheme. I wrote an article for Brickset a few years ago about 12V trains - also about the blue track era and the 9V era
  21. @MAB bummer... I don't like that I missed all the LOTR sets but if I can go back to that period, I might use your list for shopping. You can make a great diorama with those sets! I also know a guy who is going to like your list, right @kaelthas? @Hart New Bob you have a serious liking in that set to buy 8 copies. @ColletArrow You can buy multiple copies but you can only buy anything in LEGO's list of products with set numbers. So selling is not allowed. Just want to make it fun and simple to see what else can you buy for US $800.
  22. Needs moar weapons! Moar is always better! But otherwise a great build
  23. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Forgot about those disasters... thankfully they aren't a huge priority for me for some reason. I've got Excalibur Batman, but that's the only one. Hopefully getting Supergirl soon. Do you have all the others (Joker, Harley etc? Or are they exactly the same?).
  24. This is a hard one, should I fill up on Technic or Trains/City first? @makoy Would I be allowed to buy several of set 7499 (Flexible and Straight Tracks), but then sell the flex tracks and spend the money on some other sets? I only want the straight sections, as they're quite expensive on BL. I don't even know if this exercise is worth it though, I'll have to give it more thought...
  25. Era II Trade MRCA

    A quick update, just so you all know what's happening, and to keep the pressure on us in leadership to get things done : We are working on the new web forms needed to sign up for the Trade MRCA (and the Adventure MRCA). Once the web forms are ready, we will be able to announce a date for the new MRCA. Coming soon; stay tuned!
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