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Found 4 results

  1. BuWizz Picnic and Competitions Free accommodation, food, drinks and animation. FUN, FUN & FUN BuWizz Team is happy to invite you all to our annual Picnic and Competition in a beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia. The event is for all AFOLs and BuWizz fans that would like to meet up with the BuWizz team and big BuWizz international community. This year we will offer free accommodation to all contestant and BuWizz affiliates. There are 20 beds in the Villa. Extra beds can be arranged upon request in surrounding apartments and hotels. Food, drinks, and animations are FREE. Good company and FUN is guaranteed. Come to our event and have FUN with other AFOL’s. Free accommodation The Millhouse guesthouse offers 20+ beds in beautiful refurbished millhouse. It is in the most beautiful place on the planet. Bled is voted the most beautiful place in Europe and the World by Tripadvisor. Slovenia is the 2nd best country to visit in the world by Tripadvisor. It offers so much in a small space. In one our you can be skiing and an hour later swimming on a beautiful coast. BuWizz LEGO Truck Trial 11-13.05.2019 Truck trial in nature with 2 events: Truck trial Tracked vehicles Rally racers No limits competition Sumo (battle bot competition) Free food and drinks - Picnic in nature Food, drinks and crystal clear lake to cool down. Everything for a perfect day with friends and AFOLs. Animation and games We will organize some animation and games for you: archery, blowgun, Survival in nature crash course, and outside games for all (volleyball, swimming…) Please book ASAP as the number of places is limited. Believe us – it is worth it. It’s going to be awesome. For more info, rules and to book, please check the following link:
  2. Prologue: I must admit, I’ve never thought to be able to reveal a proper entry that soon, but all the sparks came so suddenly and all of those fitted into the concept in my head, that the first digital model was ready in 1 night. Some fine tuning was done during another night, and now it sits beside me in it’s Brick Built Beauty. Excuse me for presenting via digital pictures for now, but this way I can give You nicer overview (according to my actual skills), live pictures and video will be done, of course. As it is basically ready, I decided to share it as inspiration to the community, I hope to see many awesome and fun creatures! Let me introduce my entry for the TC11 contest: Name: Bison - my robot is chubby, robust, has lot of power to push and for butting heads, and has biungulate heels to kick all around – just like a bison. My main objectives were to use 2 motors only (for intuitive control, which is essential in the battle arena), and to build a double sided robot, which is functional upside-down as well. Also, I wanted to follow the regular MOCing rules: ease of build, BB access must be simple, legal techniques (LDD compatibility). Parameters: Skid steering 4x4 drive via friction gears Motorized kick-heels via friction gears (signature move) Massive dozer blade (? signature move ?) Very robust structure (to survive rough beating) Modular build 439 parts (without batteries) 37x26x9 studs 1070 gramms (with Ansmann rechargable batteries) 0 gears The 2995 tyre works here very well, as it is more grippy than the average LEGO tires, and so is the 55978 too, as result I got a nice combo for my friction gear set-up. This can provide quite a lot power, but also works as clutch in extreme situations (motor protection). The only deviance what I had to apply (with staff approval): to fit the 2995 tyre to the inside of the 2996 rim lip (Click for picture - on the right), so I could fit them perfectly on the wheel hubs, without building those in offset with the housing. As here can be seen, it is pretty crowded in the inside, which I am very pleased with. After some minutes of test, I am satisfied with the result, it can easily push 3 kgs (milk cans), quite fast, and really works like I imagined. Let’s get to pictures, update will come! EDIT: video is ready, see post below.
  3. The Robot: Model of a Lego Mindstorms NXT Sumo bot. The object of the sumo game: Push the other robot out of the ring. The objectives of our creation was to be low to the ground and still have all of the required functions. Completion date: 29/04/2012 Power: electric (NXT brick) Language: NXT-G Bricks: 1 Motors: 2 x NXT motor Sensors: Ultrasonic, Color Parts: Approx: 297 More reading. https://nxt45.wordpr...ent-sumo-winner
  4. pillpod

    MOC: Sumo vignette

    Hey guys, Had a little bit of builder's block so I decided to make a CMF vignette (not for the contest because Series 3 is long gone). I went with the Sumo wrestler whom I have named Sumo Same. Here's a small glimpse into his day. Here, Sam is eagerly waiting one of the most important parts of the day: eating. Once his food arrives, he's happy as can be. Thanks for looking!