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  1. It really depends what the terrain is for the competition. If it is outdoors it might work better for tracks but if it's indoors with logs or a wooden it might be a better idea to use wheels. If you want a good truck to start with I'd try making one of Thirdwiggs trial trucks. http://rebrickable.com/designer/thirdwigg
  2. 19: 10 3: 6 9: 4 34: 3 10: 2 12: 1 Good luck everyone!
  3. Flip the differential, since I can't seem to upload a photo of the actual part here is a link to a photo. Edit: Here is the photo.
  4. You and me have made mistakes like everyone else. I was also wanting to build a very big truck. (1:10 scale. Approximately the same scale as Lucio Switch's) I made mine 90% built, and yes I could've finished it, there were also the models weak points one of which was the excessive turning radius. Here are some points you might want to focus on. Battery box placement. Will it take up room where you want to put other features? I placed mine where the fuel tanks would go. Fake (V8?) engine. My model had a pneumatic compressor where I wanted the fake V8 engine to go. What is the prototype? Find a photo of the prototype. I was lucky enough to take look at the real one. If you are planning on going with Kenworth here are a few things that will help. Builder manual. http://kenworth.com/media/52234/hd-t800-w900-c500-body-builder-manual-kenworth.pdf http://kenworth.com/request-a-brochure.aspx Here you can request a brochure to be mailed. I received mine and learned a lot about the prototype. In no way am I saying that I am as good a builder as Sariel but this is just my experience building large trucks.
  5. Yes, my team wanted our robot to have traction to push the opponent out of the ring. So that was the trade off: speed or traction. I don't understand what you mean by "And a lot of the effort is getting the code to work, based on the number of fails I saw :)".
  6. The Robot: Model of a Lego Mindstorms NXT Sumo bot. The object of the sumo game: Push the other robot out of the ring. The objectives of our creation was to be low to the ground and still have all of the required functions. Completion date: 29/04/2012 Power: electric (NXT brick) Language: NXT-G Bricks: 1 Motors: 2 x NXT motor Sensors: Ultrasonic, Color Parts: Approx: 297 More reading. https://nxt45.wordpr...ent-sumo-winner
  7. NXT45

    Looking for 9.5L Shocks

    You can buy them from lego directly. service.lego.com I dont know how much cheaper they are though.
  8. Here is a very detailed program that you may be able to learn from. http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/NXT45/MINDSTORMS/linefollow.rbt
  9. What truck? :grin:
  10. I am going to post the photo to my blog and I was just trying out my photography skills with a back drop. Thanks for the help! I am in no way trying to advertise the challenge as I was just showing off my robot that won that year in the challenge.
  11. Here is my NXT Sumo bot that participated in the 2012 IEEE robotics challenge. Any advice on making the photo better is appreciated!
  12. Lets get back on topic guys!! I really can't wait for this to be released! I wonder if there are any more new pieces. (EDIT: I meant to say new gears. Other than the pump.)
  13. The SBrick forum is on their website. https://social.sbrick.com/forums
  14. That is a very good question. I think vectorcustoms should tell us where he got the info at the start of this thread or else its useless. Jim this might be another topic that is useless and should be locked.