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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys! I wanted to show you my latest MOC, a life size hoverboard, built for the ongoing "The power of BuWizz competition", where you should build a model that demonstrates the amazing feats of strength that BuWizz can achieve. I've been working on this MOC for 2 weeks now, and I am very glad I got it done, just in time. It was a cumbersome task, as the forces at work are huge and I wanted to stay 100% Lego (not counting BuWizz ofc). As you will see in the video, I built it for my youngest son, age 5. He's 110 cm tall and weights 19 kg with clothes on, but the hoverboard can easily hold his weight. He can control it by himself, using the BuWizz beta app on my phone, which fits nicely on the handle bar, which also helps for balancing. Technical stats: 1 BuWizz 4 XL motors 16 Model Team wheels Height: 80cm Lenght: 45cm Width: 28cm Weight: 2kg First, let me show you some photos: Let's move on to the video: If you want to see more photos, see my Flickr album here: Well, that's all for now, let me know what you think
  2. HiTechnic make third party sensors for NXTs. One of their sensor’s, the gyroscope sensor, can be used to create a LEGO NXT Segway. A video of their model is available Additional details and building instructions are available at Having seen how much enjoyment my children had when playing with this model, I decided to build some for a show being run by my LUG. I endeavour to provide the public an opportunity to interact with my displays, on the premise that it is more interesting for them. While testing the models prior to the show, I identified some minor alterations to HiTechnic’s program which appear to improve the stability of the Segway. The remainder of this post describes some observations about running the model and alterations which were made to the original program. But first, Cutting to the Chase If you’re more interested in running the modified program rather than reading the rest of the post, download this zip file and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file to install the program on your NXT. General Observations 1) Having similar motor speeds helps The robot stability seems to improve if the two NXT motors rotate at close to the same speed. An issue of differing motor speeds is described here and includes some techniques you may wish to try to better identify suitable motor pairs. Alternatively, within the zip file identified above, there is a program named rotation_count. You can install it, connect one motor to the A port and one to the C port and run the program. The program will identify the number of rotations each motor makes in 20 seconds. The closer you can get the numbers to match, the closer the motor speeds should be to being the same and the more stable the robot appears to be. 2) Battery charge level matters I tend to run my NXTs with the rechargeable battery pack. It is noticeable that when the robots have been running for a considerable duration (hours), they become more prone to falling. This is resolved instantly by replacing the rechargeable battery pack with a fully charged battery pack. Program Tweaks I made a couple of tweaks to the program. One was to try to improve the stability and the others to enhance the usability. a) Gradual Speed Change The original program treats the command from the Infrared remote as an instant command. The two lever IR controller has three speed values; -7 (backwards), 0 (neutral) and 7 (forwards). If the Segway is travelling backwards and both levers are pushed forward, the Segway responds by changing the motor direction at full throttle i.e. from -7 to +7. The modified program treats a change in the IR remote lever position as a speed delta change. When the Segway is travelling backwards and both levers are pushed forward, the Segway responds by changing the motor speed and direction in single increments i.e. -7, -6, -5, -4, …, 4, 5, 6, 7. This results in a more gradual acceleration/deceleration for the Segway and less “rocking”. b) Prompt for IR Channel The modified program begins by prompting for which IR channel number you want to control the Segway with. This allows multiple Segways to run concurrently using independent IR remote controls. c) Continue After Falling When the Segway falls, the original program displays a message and then exits once the NXT’s “return” key is pressed. The modified program displays the same message but then loops back to the point where the Segway is stood up. This alteration makes it easier to continue running the program when it is under the control of a member of the public e.g. at a display. Demonstration The following video is split into 3 segments. They illustrate; the impact of having a low battery (segment 1) the benefit of a fully charged battery (segment 2) the behavioural difference between the original program (yellow Segway) and the modified program (white and red Segways). The difference is most noticeable toward the end of the segment. The yellow Segway will start and stop turning before the other two Segways. Similarly, the yellow Segway will begin to move forward and backwards sooner than the red and white Segways, which results in it swinging more. If you have any questions about anything above, please post them here and I will do my best to answer them. Regards, David
  3. MKJoshA

    [K - B06] Underwater Segway

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Land Vehicle, Exploration Last time, in Ender's story: A Space Saga Begins Is it Mine Mine? Okami Bike Kawashita Hummer Where Was I Supposed to Be? Spaceman Spiff Black Hair, the Pirate Merry Men Adventures (Where There's Lava There's Water) Car On A Plate Too Girly Underwater Junk Aggressive Wildlife The Truth Secretary, where is Captain Kirk? He's exploring the anemone fields on the ocean floor of Sorn Sir. Well see if he can help me out in digging up some more information on the Zoids. I'm not sure I trust everything the Zards are telling me.
  4. inquisitor88

    [MOC] Segway

    Hi there! Let's me introduce the new MOC, which was specially made for Russian Contest 16*16: Technics. It was hard to get the smooth tires in two weeks, so I used offroad variant. Hope, You like it! Prototype Prototype by inquisitor88, on Flickr Collage collage by inquisitor88, on Flickr Model Segway main view by inquisitor88, on Flickr 2 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 3 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 4 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 5 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 6 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 8 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 7 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 10 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 9 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 11 by inquisitor88, on Flickr Album
  5. Hello All! I want to show you very small RC vehicle, i called it Robo-Segway :) I haven't Mindstorms, so i've used only PF. Stability is kindly provided by gravitation :) Thanks for watching!
  6. Veynom

    [MOC] Internet Hotspot

    This is a remake of the 6613 Telephone Booth set from 1986. However as you probably know, we are today in 2013 and telephone booths have almost disappeared from your usual surrounding. Instead we have seen the emergence of more and more hotspots allowing us to access the Internet. This is the base of my remake. I also decided to replace the old bicycle by a modern Segway and while I was at it, I used the Friends theme to make this even more Lego. Enjoy! So this is Stephanie on her Segway next to the hotspot. Steph goes surfing by Veynom, on Flickr Internet Hotspot by Veynom, on Flickr Stephanie is comfortably sitting on the bench surfing the Internet. Is she visiting MOCPages or FaceBook? Still surfing the Internet by Veynom, on Flickr Surfing the Internet by Veynom, on Flickr Arriving at the hotspot, Stephanie uses the hotspot to protect her screen from the sun. Stephanie at the hotspot by Veynom, on Flickr Connecting by Veynom, on Flickr After chatting with her friends, Stephanie is now driving back home on a shiny Segway. Time to leave by Veynom, on Flickr Stephanie on her Segway: Stephanie on her Segway by Veynom, on Flickr And the Segway alone: Lego Segway by Veynom, on Flickr Hope you had fun.