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  1. I’ve started trying to use Stud.ios Part Designer and am happy with the results when used within I’ve use LDraw Pattern Creator for a while and the results are easy enough to import into Studio though the lack of part templates limits it usefulness as I’m struggling importing .dat files or creating from scratch. obviously LD Pattern Creator is hard coding the design into the part design whilst is simply using the pattern as a textural skin over the part. Blender (and the LDR plugin) don’t recognise the parts with skins created in MecaBricks doesn’t like the .dae export from Has anyone worked out some simpler import/export options for Part library compatibility’s in the arena of custom parts yet?
  2. Hi Community, I'm trying to resolve the construction of a pyramid type corner without using slopes, with each layer in two directions only stepping back either 1LDU or 0.5LDU whilst maintaining vertical alignment of face tile joints. Photos show what I'm trying to do but failing to keep the vertical tiles in alignment. Ahhh. This is doing my head in.