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Found 3 results

  1. The shipwreck bay is a small portion of rockier coastline on the nothern shore of Sea Turtle Island. Many an unfortunate ship ran aground, not seeingthe deadly riff by flow. The falling tide reveals what's left of the once proud vessels. Nonetheless the Sea Rats found good use for them, refitting some of the shipwrecks for hideouts. Shipwreck Bay by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Shipwreck Bay by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr This will be licenced as a medium fort in Tortuga.
  2. Previous The Lady Arlene New Allegiance Note: this episode plays before the last MRCA! ______________________________________________ Welcome to the crew by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr „I hope you’re right about that Captain Morgan“ said Bo while he stared into the camp fire, „the crew won’t put up another month without prey.“Zhao Lin knew about the crew’s mood too well. It hadn’t been a week since she beheaded a one of the gunners who had spoken the word: “Mutiny. I know. And I know how to handle such affairs.” But Lin also knew that mere brutality could sustain discipline only for a while. To stay captain she had to be successful. So was the pirate’s way. “Zhao Lin!” Welcome to the crew by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr In an instant all guns and blades were pointed at each other. A group of three men came out of the forest and stopped in front of the captain. Their leader began to speak: “My name is Mubaku. I am the Queen Annetta’s Revenge’s quartermaster. Benjamin Morgan sends his regards.” Zhao Lin was surprised. “Where is your captain? I was told he would meet me here in person. I did not come all the way from Rassilon to speak to his subject.” She said. “There are no subjects in this crew, captain Zhao. Only free men unified under the colours of our captain. We honour the pirate’s code. And our captain apologizes for his absence; his plans changed. He set sail toward the east. More I cannot tell you yet. But Morgan offers you to sail with his Lady Arlene and several other ships on a trade voyage.” “Trade voyage? Earnestly? He wants me to play the escort for his merchant man? How dares he to slight us? We are no lesser pirates than your crew! We do not trade, nor do we fight for pay. We take what we want. I promised my men rich captures.” Lin had taken herself into a rage. What was this Morgan thinking? Welcome to the crew by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr The man called Mubaku had listened to her calmly. “Your quarrels with your crew are your problem, captain. Morgan offers you 100 doubloons for your escort. Won’t that be enough to please your crew for a month? Also, you can keep what you catch. Any ship you take as a prize on the voyage will be yours, as long as you defend the convoy. See it as a trial. Take this chance, earn his trust, and soon enough you will sail with Morgan. What say you?” Zhao had calmed down. This wasn’t what she had hoped for. But there weren’t many options left. A few of her men would be furious and take this as a humiliation. But 100 doubloons and the chance to sail with other armed ships weren’t that bad. And on the other hand, if she now returned to the crew without any deal with Morgan they would most likely become mutinous and maroon her on a lone rock somewhere on the open water. “Aye, we have terms. I will escort your convoy. But when we return, I want to talk to your captain.” Mubaku nodded with a smile: “Very well. Welcome to the crew of Benjamin Morgan."
  3. This is my first post since I'm a new AFOL to Eurobricks. I have been building for just over a year now, my area of interest is cars & machinery, I have exhibited at one show recently in Australia & throughly enjoyed the experience of sharing our hobby.... Thought I would post a couple of my recent builds. A Morgan 3-Wheeler based on the current Brooklands Edition - thanks to Nico71 for the basics. please note this is still in progress - wheels yet to be completed in black chrome. A '32 Ford Tudor hotrod - thanks to Doc Brown for the plans A big thanks to Auri @ Chrome Block City for his patience & understanding for my endless special requests. I hope you enjoy. Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr Untitled by steveperry895, on Flickr