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Found 4 results

  1. The mandalorians, the most fiercest warriors in the galaxy. A force to be reckoned with in all systems. It was no different in the imperial world of Sullust. There too were the mandalorians, unmatched even by the empires best soldiers. For what motivates a mandalorian is not wealth or power but the creed. A mandalorian is a warrior that needs no leaders, that can fight with their bare hands. Warriors who have no species or bloodline, who span the far reaches of the galaxy. In the words of Mandalore The Destroyer, mandalorians are a culture, an idea. And you cannot kill an idea but the mandalorians can kill you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, please excuse the poor photo quality. This is my entry for the June special challenge. It was originally a free build just to get back into building but I thought it would make a good entry for the mandalorian challenge. Its a small moc but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (especially being my first build in over a year now ). So tell me what you guys think and thanks for viewing. I will add a story as soon as possible.
  2. OoC: See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Since my credits were starting to run low I had to land the Rough Edges in one of the mass, orbital parking garages and take a public shuttle to the surface. There I had to go through Fondor’s customs checkpoint. Since they were one of the Empire’s main ship building yards security had to be high, especially since there were so many transient workers between the shipyards in space and the factories on the planet. I waited in line for hours before it was my turn to get scanned and proceed through the checkpoint. The waiting gave me time to get used to all the bald Fondorians. They weren’t actually bald, all Fondorians are born without hair. Their DNA is almost the same as the average human, but somewhere along the way their DNA reacted to the different levels of radiation on the planet leaving them mostly hairless. I also got used to hearing Mandalorian swear-words as I was waiting in line between a group of bounty hunters who knew the language. I couldn’t tell if they were all from Mandalor, but they had the manners and the beskar'gam armor to go with it so I figured they probably were. After I got through the scanner I overheard one of the bounty hunters yelling at the Fondorian Security Officer (FSO). “What do you mean I can’t kriff’n bring the crate through until after the floor plating is replaced!” The droid had been working on some of the wiring for the past 10 minutes or so which interrupted the flow of traffic a little if you weren’t bringing anything through, and a lot if you were. I didn’t want to get involved in any disputes involving bounty hunters in general and Mandalorians specifically. So I slipped past them and out onto Fondor’s surface. OoC: Comments welcome!
  3. Hello there, fine fellows of the Star Wars forum. Having recently played Star Wars: KOTOR to death, especially loving Canderous and the Mandalorian aspects, I decided to finally get around to making something for the forum and the Warriors of Mandalore in one swift model. And here it is, Scorpiox' Mandalorian Assualt Vehicle. The design itself is based on no material other than my own imagination, a delve into my creative subconscious as it were. Certain aspects of the vehicle, such as the rear gun area and the overall aesthetic, took inspiration from the 2012 Mandalorian Battle Pack, however. The craft is manned by Mandalorians who the internet tells me are members of the Death Watch - something I know nothing about but sounds cool nonetheless. In the Star Wars universe, I imagine that this assualt vehicle would be used for infantry/equipment transport and as a fast attack weapons platform. But anyway, enough of my ramblings... I shall let the pictures speak from now-on: Close-up front view of the vehicle. Here you can see the plasma cannons and a heavy laser repeater built into the struction. A different angle of the front of the vehicle. On display here are the pilot's cockpit and control area. Behind him is a Mandalorian Death Watch trooper armed with a repeating blaster stood on the flat transport surface. A close-up view of the aforementioned rear-mounted chain-laser repeater. A high-angle view of the whole craft and its crew. Here you can better see the transport area. One final shot of the front, this time without the crew. In the foreground you can see an unused weapon-mounting, similar to the one that's currently holding the heavy laser repeater on the other side. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope that you enjoyed viewing my MOC, please feel free to leave whatever comments you wish to in this thread. Criticism and opinions would be greatly appreciated. For your added interest, here is a link to my Brickshelf folder, which contains a couple or extra shots of the vehicle by itself if you would like to see them. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to come here. EDIT: Added the link that I promised but forgot to deliver on.
  4. So this was a creative scene I came up with. Following the Death of Pre Vizsla and the citizens finding out they were being controlled by Maul, they took to the streets trying to get to the palace. His Mandalorian Soldiers(Death Watch) took up arms and riot shields to block of all exits-Sorry about older Mandalorian figures-This is one of my first smaller scale MOC's but I tried to have as much action/realism in it as possible. All constructive criticism is appreciated and I hope you enjoy! Those were all the pictures I could fit in. Sorry about the quality-Hopefully I can fix that for next time.