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  1. Nept

    [MOC] Hostile Takeover

    That was exactly what I was aiming for! That is my custom Captain Logi. But I can see why you thought otherwise! Thanks! This was a alternate path for the cartoon.
  2. Nept

    [MOC] Hostile Takeover

    Yep. I just thought it would look better with two. Next time I'll try to stick to the show more!
  3. Nept

    [MOC] Hostile Takeover

    Thanks for the feedback! It's something I've been working on but I haven't been able to give my full. The Jedi is simply one I made up-His name being General Credion. And yes, that is Pre Vizsla.
  4. For me it would have to be 7681 Or Separatist Spider Droid. It for me, was a set which was flimsy and not very well put together. It had little use and overall was not worth-I think it was-£20. Sure you got Commander Fox but that was about the only decent thing.
  5. Nept

    [MOC] Hostile Takeover

    This is one of my newer MOC's. This was quite a simple build and I was more of looking to create a good sense of invasion and hostility. The story line behind this is that the mandalorians have got involved with the Republic thus meaning a task-force is sent out to takeover and shutdown their base. All constructive criticism is appreciated! Enjoy! So like I said-All constructive criticism is appreciated as I'd very much like to use it to help improve my next MOC!
  6. So this was a creative scene I came up with. Following the Death of Pre Vizsla and the citizens finding out they were being controlled by Maul, they took to the streets trying to get to the palace. His Mandalorian Soldiers(Death Watch) took up arms and riot shields to block of all exits-Sorry about older Mandalorian figures-This is one of my first smaller scale MOC's but I tried to have as much action/realism in it as possible. All constructive criticism is appreciated and I hope you enjoy! Those were all the pictures I could fit in. Sorry about the quality-Hopefully I can fix that for next time.
  7. Nept

    Another Lego addict here!

    Thank you! Looking forward to a active member of this community!
  8. Nept

    Sony + LEGO

    This very interesting. I can see his appealing to younger children even though this seems something I could be interested in, but I feel it could potentially get repetitive.
  9. Hey There! I'm another one of the many Lego addicts who enjoys creating his own scenes and figures. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, ApocaLego and City. I've been collecting Lego since the 90's and have treasured my old figures and sets-Especially the space ones! Anyway, thank you for reading this and I hope to become a active member of this community!