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Found 5 results

  1. Firehouse "Engine Company 5" - GBHQ/2 by ER0L This build started some years ago when there was a certain “GBHQ hype” (Ideas sets, official set, plus quite a few nice MOCs). I just wanted to see if a facade with a SNOT windows section could be built to get narrower window bars which for me are an important aspect of the facade. It proved to be possible, however, the build was far from being finished at that time. Fortunately I didn't scrap it though it took a lot of dust over the years. Now that there's another Route 66 layout section to be built (the actual shape of the building being a requirement for that), and now that there’s a renewed pumper engine I took the chance to finish it and to turn it into an actual firehouse again (though the Ecto-1 fits in, too). (Btw. there’s a building fault at the facade which I have seen only after shooting the pictures - does anybody recognize it?) One of the main features of the building is the upside down ceiling: Firehouse - Ceiling by ER0L By using an upside down baseplate as a ceiling several problems are solved at once - you can fix the L&S lighting elements easily, you get a (more or less) smooth floor surface without tiling, and you need relatively few parts. The old 1x2 bricks with cable cutout do a great job here. This is something to be further developed, I guess. Built in ceiling: Firehouse - Detail by ER0L As usual for this type of building there's no baseplate underneath but a 5-layer foundation matching the height of SNOT road plus sidewalk - this allows to strictly separate buildings and sidewalks which provides more variability: Firehouse - Detail by ER0L Furthermore I built a small diorama together with the olden 21-wide Painted Lady from 2013 (see just to see how the firehouse will fit into a downtown surrounding - the modular character of the layout allows quick combinations: Firehouse & Painted Lady (R66 mini diorama) by ER0L By doing so I used the opportunity to update the Painted Lady which also had taken a lot of dust in the meantime. Now there’s a proper chimney plus an exterior light. I also reduced the depth of the building due to layout requirements. Last but not least a night shot of the mini diorama (all the lights being Lego): Firehouse & Painted Lady (R66 mini diorama) - Night Scene by ER0L Thanks for looking!
  2. TheLegoDr

    Firehouse 23

    As much as I liked the Fire Brigade (it was my first modular), I wanted something different. I did some research and saw that Firehouse 23 in L.A. was actually used as some of the interior filming of the original Ghostbusters and Big Trouble in Little China. Now I didn't build the interior like the official building, but I liked how the exterior turned out. This is a 24 wide building. It adds another width of a typical street. Firehouse 23 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Firehouse 23 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr And the rear. I copied some from Fire Brigade. Firehouse 23 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr This adds a new building to my layout. It is a little taller than some of the other modulars, but it fits in pretty well. It's always neat trying to copy a real building and turn it into lego.
  3. Presenting my 10230 - Mini Modulars interpretation of 75827 - Firehouse Headquarters from Ghostbusters (1984) Mini 75827 - Firehouse Headquarters by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Mini 75827 - Firehouse Headquarters by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr ________________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - Flickr - Instagram - Deviantart - Twitter - Youtube - LinkedIn - Behance - Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  4. Sergio's LEGO Ghostbusters headquarters has not made it past the LEGO Ideas review stage. I suspect the size of the project might have had something to do with it. Sergio's LEGO Ghostbusters headquarters with interior included is made up out of 5704 bricks. To date there have only been two official LEGO sets which consisted of more than 5000 bricks. With that in mind I have designed a smaller LEGO Ghostbusters headquarters in the same scale as the LEGO modular buildings. The backside of the building has been left open for playability and display. For even better access the stairs can be removed. The interior has been recreated as faithfully as possible from the Ghostbusters movies. The wall panel with the bell and the office area were quite a challenge. They are build half sunk into the double walls. The blank square behind Venkman's desk is supposed to be a framed black and white photograph from the original Ghostbusters movie. I still need to make a legofied version of this and add it in. I've included, among other things, a camera and monitor setup showing a terror dog, a "last of the petty cash" meal, a dancing toaster, and jars of slime. At some point I would like to do a side-by-side comparison of screenshots from the movies and the LEGO versions. The pinball machine is supposed to have a Star Gazer backplate. I still need to make a legofied version of this and add it in. Janine Melnitz and Louis Tully minifigures. Making a smaller Ghostbusters headquarters does require a smaller Ecto-1. Brent's Ecto-1 unfortunately won't fit inside the building, at least not without removing a large part of the ground floor interior. But perhaps LEGO could include the smaller version of Ecto-1, similar to how LEGO included a smaller version of Metalbeard in Metalbeard's Sea Cow set. The number of bricks used comes to 3008 bricks with the smaller Ecto-1 not included, and 3264 bricks with the smaller Ecto-1 included. Which would mean the LEGO Ghostbusters headquarters would cost somewhere around €190 with the smaller Ecto-1 not included, and somewhere around €210 with the smaller Ecto-1 included. I've submitted this building on the LEGO Ideas site. It currently has about 4000 supporters, so it can still use some support. Help make this become a real LEGO set and support! LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters project: My flick page, for higher resolution images:
  5. This Modular Ghostbusters Headquarters has been sized to fit in with the LEGO Modular Series. (Developed for LEGO Ideas by OGELSBOB (formerly known as "LEGODT") Only 16-studs wide. Thanks to Sergio512 for the wonderful design of the LEGO Ideas submission: Ghostbusters HQ. I copied some of the build techniques and design elements of the Sergio512 design to inspire the creation of this modular-sized Ghostbusters Headquarters. The garage door facade is made of dark brown 1x4 tiles that cover 1x5x8.5 stockade doors. In order to fit the Ecto-1 Cadillac inside the building with inward swinging doors, I had to extend the depth of the standard 32 stud baseplate by 16 studs. This creation is 16 studs by 48 studs. You can see from the photos that this creation fits in nicely with modular-proportioned buildings. The interior features a pod for Dr.Egon, Dr. Peter, Dr. Raymond & Winston Zeddemore to perform their duties and to relax with some snacks. Little do they know that above their secure pod, Slimer, a ghastly apparition, is about to invade their inner sanctum. What does everyone think about the playability of this MOC? Please support on LEGO Ideas: