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Found 5 results

  1. I present you, my Lego Ghostbusters HQ Custom MOC built. The Lego Ghostbusters Headquarter is now completely finished. Thanks to Brent Lego brings the GB Ecto-1 Set. I thought to myself- why not built the appropriate HQ. Inspired by Dr.Dave W. & Brent Waller I decided to built a hybrid between GB1 & GB2 and add more extras and details, lights and other stuff. On my New GB-Site you can download the Lego Digital Designer File (.ldd) (at the moment without interior), PDF instructions and a Part-List for an order trough - And the best part... it's free! ;) Download-Link: I hope you like it ;) Thanks for your support, feedbacks and any donation, whether big or small will be really really appreciated. ------- The Floors(levels) are removable. Therefore, you had many freedoms for the interior and everything is easily accessible. I have already started the design concepts of various accessories and furniture. If there is enough interest I will share my LDD File (build-plans) so other fans can build this GB-HQ. (Screenshot from LLD) The parts to built the HQ were ordered worldwide from over 12 shops at: The Lights-System are from: Lego: Lots 200, Parts 3467 (needed for the HQ only 2751 Parts) Total production time: approx. 20H height: 38cm - length: 33,6cm - width: 17,5cm Here are a few pictures of the finished building:
  2. Hi, this my last Moc based on the Montmartre firestation in Paris,i used a ghosbusters headquarter , the fire brigade, 2 grand emorium and a lot of bricks. Hope you'll like it... Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who calls the firemen? by Jean Macou, sur Flickr
  3. Barduck

    WIP Portland firestation n°7

    Trying to model the old firestation n°7 from Portland Oregon. It's not in use as a firestation anymore but I really like the building's look. Just not able to find pictures of the interior how it was when still in use. Developing it as a sort of very large modular (so it'll be standing on a corner, and at each end a modular building will be able to connect) Still a whole lot of work (and then I'll still need 4 engines for it, as there are 4 bays) The original it is based on: WIP Portland firestation n°7 by Barduck12, on Flickr
  4. Sergio's LEGO Ghostbusters headquarters has not made it past the LEGO Ideas review stage. I suspect the size of the project might have had something to do with it. Sergio's LEGO Ghostbusters headquarters with interior included is made up out of 5704 bricks. To date there have only been two official LEGO sets which consisted of more than 5000 bricks. With that in mind I have designed a smaller LEGO Ghostbusters headquarters in the same scale as the LEGO modular buildings. The backside of the building has been left open for playability and display. For even better access the stairs can be removed. The interior has been recreated as faithfully as possible from the Ghostbusters movies. The wall panel with the bell and the office area were quite a challenge. They are build half sunk into the double walls. The blank square behind Venkman's desk is supposed to be a framed black and white photograph from the original Ghostbusters movie. I still need to make a legofied version of this and add it in. I've included, among other things, a camera and monitor setup showing a terror dog, a "last of the petty cash" meal, a dancing toaster, and jars of slime. At some point I would like to do a side-by-side comparison of screenshots from the movies and the LEGO versions. The pinball machine is supposed to have a Star Gazer backplate. I still need to make a legofied version of this and add it in. Janine Melnitz and Louis Tully minifigures. Making a smaller Ghostbusters headquarters does require a smaller Ecto-1. Brent's Ecto-1 unfortunately won't fit inside the building, at least not without removing a large part of the ground floor interior. But perhaps LEGO could include the smaller version of Ecto-1, similar to how LEGO included a smaller version of Metalbeard in Metalbeard's Sea Cow set. The number of bricks used comes to 3008 bricks with the smaller Ecto-1 not included, and 3264 bricks with the smaller Ecto-1 included. Which would mean the LEGO Ghostbusters headquarters would cost somewhere around €190 with the smaller Ecto-1 not included, and somewhere around €210 with the smaller Ecto-1 included. I've submitted this building on the LEGO Ideas site. It currently has about 4000 supporters, so it can still use some support. Help make this become a real LEGO set and support! LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters project: My flick page, for higher resolution images:
  5. Werlu Ulcur

    [MOC]: Fire Station

    This was a first. Well, not exactly, since I've done this before, but it was many many years ago. Nowadays MOCing (for me, at least) usually means sitting in front of the computer and shaping my ideas through LDD, then making a parts list through LDD Manager, then going over BL for the parts and then sitting around for a few weeks waiting for the parts to arrive. And only then actually bricking. When I was a kid, things were different: I spread my bricks on the floor and started building. That method usually yielded quite less accurate models but boy things were fun and simple! So for this MOC I went back to my origins: I sat at my desk with brick tubs around me and went to work . The modular Fire Brigade is an awesome model, but you can't actually use it as a modern and effective fire house, so I needed something more, let's say, "efficient" for Legoville. Last year I had bought Lego's 7208 that I put together, but frankly, as a fire station, it sucks . I also stumbled upon an opened but new 7945 that I bought with the intention of using as a parts bin for my future Legoville fire station. When I started out I wasn't exactly sure of what i wanted, except for one thing: I had to try to incorporate a helipad . Initially I was just going to put it beside the station, but that seemed awfully uninspired, so I started to think about elevating the helipad. I wouldn't have enough plates to make one as big as I wanted, so I decided to use a road plate, as long as figured out how to connect and secure it to the building. I also wanted the fire station to house my big new 8-wide fire tender/pumper, so it would have to have wide and tall garages. Since I was creating on the fly, having the necessary parts was an issue, so I was constricted to what I had in my tubs. Frankly I would have used some better parts if I had them in a few sections, but in the end I think it came out ok . I still have one garage vacant, that will be used for my future rescue unit, and with the wide helipad I can park some of the big helos there, like the 4439 and 60010 or 7738. Empty real estate is a very rare commodity in Legoville, so with this design I killed two birds with one stone. And now I can start building my whirlybirds that are still boxed waiting for a helipad . This afternoon I also ordered some parts, so I can correct a few issues (like trading that road plate in the garage for something better) therefor there will be some improvements in the future. But nothing major - I'm happy with the overall design.