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Found 4 results

  1. A crate had arrived earlier in the day from Captain Brickleton. It contained a strange alcoholic drink Brickleton had called 'absinthe' in his accompanying letter. The drink was apparently taking off in Westface on the island of Terraversa. Elsabeth Stockton decided to invite the women of Wullham to sample the new beverage together. Under the guise of a knitting circle, they gathered in the lobby of the inn where Stockton was staying. Stockton gossiped with Mary Chattan about Captain Brickleton and rumors of a war with the Lotii. Victoria Bettenworth and Georgina Fellenstep agreed the drink tasted of licorice. Harriet Pilloughsby was not a fan. They all had strange dreams that night. --------------------------- OOC: I received a whole bunch of those bright green Harry Potter mugs during a LUG draft and wanted to use them in a build! Also wanted to try out using the treasure chest lid as a window sill.
  2. Elsabeth Stockton was bored. She had been in Wullham for a season and while taking entrepreneurial steps to financially back a Mushroom grow house had kept her busy for a time, she missed socializing with other gentlewomen the way she had while back in Belson. In an effort to stoke the fires of society in Wullham, she had her servant deliver copies of a note to all of the esteemed houses in town. In her note, Elsabeth invited the young women of the area to join her for an adventure to the coast. She next visited Reginald Brewerfrump at the Museum of Antiquities, where he had recently been made curator. She discussed her plans for an outing and he suggested a picturesque headland to the south where they could observe a great many sea birds in their element. He volunteered to lead the party the following week. When the time came for the outing, she was pleased to greet six other women of the town for the short field expedition. They hiked up their dressbottoms and headed for the coast! OOC: To be licensed as a medium educational build in Wullham It is beginning to feel like autumn here in Colorado so I wanted to make a fall-inspired build. Built on Duplos!
  3. The evening after her dinner of wild mushroom soup prepared by Treewa, Elsabeth Stockton couldn't stop thinking about the delicious meal. Over the next few weeks, she had Treewa prepare the dish four more times. On the fifth occasion, she made a proposal to Treewa: Would he help her run a mushroom grow house here in Wullham? She was a gentlewoman and not one to fantasize about entrepreneurial endeavors, but she knew a good opportunity when she tasted it. She had plenty of funds, and no task to occupy her time. When Treewa agreed to be her business partner, she had him source some good starting fungi and contracted masons from town to construct a low mushroom grow house adjacent to a small pond. She and Treewa figured they would need the water to keep the sheep manure they'd be growing the mushrooms in damp. Elsabeth remembered that Captain Brickleton was not a fan of "earthen" smells, and made sure the location was downwind of the Mayor's House. Once operational, the cooks at Fort Stockton would regularly send soldiers on kitchen duty down to the grow house to fetch fresh mushrooms to feed the garrison. Licensed as a medium plantation in Wullham
  4. Elsabeth Stockton was a lady of means. Her father was a general in the army back in Belson and she had grown up in a stately manor outside the city. She wasn't one to wait around twiddling her thumbs. She had arrived in Wullham earlier that month and learned of Captain Brickleton's mission away in Terraversa. Now she and her servant were staying at the inn located in the town center. As they headed for the front door of the inn intending to go for a walk, the attendant manning the hotel desk let Elsabeth know she had received a letter. The letter was from Captain Brickleton. He had caught wind of her travels to Wullham via an acquaintance in the Naval Intelligence Office. He let her know that his mission in Terraversa had been successful and the island was at peace. The war was over! He also included some notes about interesting things Elsabeth should explore in Wullham. There was a mysterious heart-shaped carving, Brickleton's own mayoral home, and an Onondaga friend named Treewa she should call on. She had already explored Brickleton's home when she initially sought him out earlier that month. She made a mental note to see the carving soon. The Onondaga friend intrigued her - the idea of meeting a friendly native of the Brick Seas fascinated her. The Onondaga were a native tribe from the island where Brickleton had been stationed prior to coming to found Wullham. Elsabeth decided to seek out the Onondaga friend, and she and her servant set out at once. They found the Onondaga friend Treewa at his home outside of town and he offered to take Elsabeth for a nature walk. He had scouted out much of the island when the settlers first arrived. The group traveled inland toward the large interior mountain. They approached a rushing stream and Treewa leapt up onto a fallen tree trunk and crossed over. Elsabeth and her servant warily followed. On the far side of the stream they found a large assortment of sizable mushrooms surrounding a rotting tree stump. Treewa recognized the fungi varieties as edible and collected them for the group to have for dinner that night back in Wullham. OOC: @Ross Fisher's shell craters that looked to me like rotted tree trunks got me thinking about mushrooms Also was really intrigued by @Kai NRG's Cherry Blossom Fort where she loosely coupled slopes and inverted slopes in the walls to make tessellations with gaps. i figured the same could be done with slopes and wedges