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  1. If you mean the lime green car - it's a Porsche 911 from 80's. I guess it's nice. The question is if it was possible make it more rounded. Maybe...
  2. Do you think guys that this is the last wave of SC? I hope NOT. But... I'm afraid.
  3. Now I'm curious what the 2H sets will be...
  4. KLF

    MOC: Command & Conquer: GENERALS

    You are Czech, so don't hasitate and join this project on our LUG. ;)
  5. Overall nice set but... BUT! I really don't like that flanges (ledges?) on both sides of the bus. If you look at this pic you can see why they used them. They needed to cover the big window Panels 1x4x3. My question is - why they didn't used Panels 1x4x2?? OK - maybe you will answer - because they aren't produced in Trans Clear. But is that a problem for TLG? Sooner or later they will for sure produce this part in that color and THIS was ideal opportunity! Btw. one member of our LUG also made one London Bus.
  6. Great model TOME! ;) And 1000 supporters in 3 weeks on IDEAS - that's fantastic! ;) I prefer the new red version --> https://ideas.lego.com/projects/170678/updates
  7. I think a line of a legendary Technic models in modern look and 1:1 scale (using recent parts) would be great celebration.
  9. You can build your own PURPLE Porsche 911! Cool! Isn't it? If THAT should be a 40th Technic celebration, then.....
  10. London Toy Fair starts TODAY. ;)