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  1. Oooooooh I wish I could join, return as Sveinn, but I'll have to sit it out, I'll cheer from the sidelines ! Good luck!
  2. I must say, listening to Wagner's Ring cycle is the perfect soundtrack to reading this mafia game
  3. Awww, the finest? ! Sveinn wishes the best for the true Einherjar in this fight!
  4. Scouty

    Ragnarök Now Redux - Sign-ups

    Oh, I so wish I could return as uninspired as I can as Sveinn! Alas. Anyway, have fun to all those who play though !!
  5. Scouty

    EB Members Title Archive

    [not worthy of classic film title] - Because Hinckley and Cornelius are old.
  6. Scouty

    EB Members Title Archive

    Oh my god. Oh. My. Gawd.
  7. Scouty

    EB Members Title Archive

    Not really Well, yes, kiwi people, but not soylent
  8. Scouty

    EB Members Title Archive

    Serving Soylent Sorbet- It's because of this video. Don't know who gave it...or why it's soylent....but I did enjoy torturing people with dessert over the Internet
  9. "Host feedback: Will you please stop being a Scummy killer in my games? You got a lot of pings during the game and I'm not sure how you avoided more suspicion. Your team stopped you from explaining that you've played Scum a lot and so your reactions were really mild and calm. In the last two games that you were a FABULAND killer, you always say the craziest flailing things when you're accused. No offense. This time, you worked with your team and took the advice to keep the reaction simple and focus on the team tactic. I don't even want to give the overall Scum tactic away. That'd be free school for the next team and the strategy would become more and more recognizable." I'm only scum killer because of you , next time I likely will be too! Black crow forever. I was hoping to be town (I usually always do :p ), then I saw I was scum...then the scum killer again...mixed feelings, but I got in the evil groove and then we worked so well as a team together. Anyway, I made it a point to not stress out this game (considering recent game experiences and real stressing out) and I'm happy to have fulfilled that. Still more to polish on my game. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Scouty

    Mafia Mafia Sign-Ups

    Well, this looks interesting. I wont be able to play, but wish everybody the best, I'll be watching on the sidelines
  11. It was the right course of action. That black figure (which I speculated might be our killer, but thought it didn't match up with the pictures, so I dropped that idea) made me drop my doubts that a recruiting scum in this game would be a bit too much. Fortunately, there was no recruiting and we were just mis-leadingly paranoid . The answer to that will be no, and usually is a no in mafias here. Our secret evil discussions shall be kept secret Still, to answer your question, it was certainly noted you calling us out, but, especially on the advice of Panda/Rick, we took a controlled, chill approach to those sort of accusations, and hey, it worked!
  12. "Clanure (who is steadily stepping it up!) is the only one to ask how def could know Dave is Town if they blocked and killed the Investigator. Scouty blows it off and says it must be the Watcher. It isn't Scouty. Explore all avenues! There's a serial killer out there so someone will be lying besides the Scum. But they don't expect a serial killing team! Mwahahahahahahaha." I think Clanure was asking how Helena would know if we were messing with her, not how she knew Purplonia was town, so I replied watcher, or rather that the watcher was in contact with Helena (which, though, we reasoned that she saw the vig (Purplonia) target Krup (I think it was Krup that night) and so tried to save her at great risk/bravery). But, still, I didn't see the sk duo coming up. I think Rick/Pandora suggested something similar as a possibility.
  13. We did know who the members were behind the characters, yes. Also, I read on the dead board that the mysterious black figure was just accidentally left on the roof. Haha and here we were thinking it was a SK recruit or something!
  14. Oh, my heart dropped when I saw Chapter: 6 and not "Conclusion", haha. Glad it's one and the same. But, yes! Our wonderful scum team did it and did an amazing clean sweep! You guys were great to work with. Rick/Pandora were no doubt the strongest of us and really scored some great victories for the scum (such as Rick spotting out that Boris must have had an action and it was the investigator!) and being so helpful with their advice for the whole team. Thank you so much! We had a team of vets and newer players and we always helped each other out, so this was just a great experience for me and I hope for everyone else as well; wouldn't have done it with anybody else Now, to point out one more thing: OH. MY. GOD. I was the scum killer third time in a row in Hinckley's Fabuland game. I couldn't believe it, I even called shenanigans on it . But, really, I guess third time's the charm and I'm pretty happy with how I played this game and not get myself lynched or anything. I was hoping, in the beginning, for a different role, but, I have no regrets taking up the black crow spirit again ! I have more to learn and my play can definitely improve, but I'm glad to have done well enough this time around and not panic as much as I did before. Definitely took a more chilled, controlled approach this time. Lets go for a fourth time, now ! Thank you so much for letting me play, Hinckley! This game felt so very polished and the story was amazing, if not a little crude (but fabulously hilarious all the same) . I definitely love the idea of anonymous playing. It frees up everybody to be a little different and you're not so focused on meta gaming and such. It also helps one to be more like their character and not just a simple facade. I would like to see this implemented for all the EB games, if hosts want to bother with the logistics , were the logistics particularly tough this time? It seemed to all flow very smoothly. Anyway, fabulous job on hosting, you deserve a great pat on the back What was with the dark figure behind Def on night Four (or generally the dark figure on the roof)?
  15. I sent in posts (and sometimes received) with a telegraph, so I don't know what the problem is :wacko: