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  1. bluedog1111

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Congrats Otherworld! Also are the art sets being sold for $30? or $120? I thought $30 but I saw it had 4,000+ pieces so I am confused.
  2. bluedog1111

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Is the death star being sold out meaning it is retired forever? If so are there any rumors of new Death stars? (sorry I asked this on another star wars forum as well but I don't know which one is the correct one for this question.)
  3. Is the death star being sold out meaning retired forever? If so are their any new ones we have rumors of coming soon?
  4. bluedog1111

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    I was looking over the Chima wiki where I found something interesting in concept art it shows the dark tribes (Scorpions, Bats, and Spiders) working for a figure in a red cloak who was never revealed in Chima however I was thinking ninjago and chima are both part of the 16 realms and that the red cloaked figure could be the vengestone buyer who would have been seeking other valuable resources elsewhere (chi for chima) now this was 6+ years ago but the vengestone buyer could be anyone and the chima references have been happening more often maybe after the island season we (finally) get a chima/ninjago crossover I am not usually one who buys ninjago sets but I totally would get them all if they released a chima crossover season or even better in my opinion canceled ninjago and brought chima back (probably not going to happen).
  5. bluedog1111

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hi all, Guyon2002 did you realize that Ash-n-flash has gotten over 28,000 views from your information? You should ask for a share of the profits of that video especially considering the adds and that he basically regurgitated your information and nothing else. Does anyone here actually believe that for the battle of Hogwarts the set is going to be below $100? I mean come on people it is the climax of the entire series it basically is 99% of the last movie and debatably the most important part of the series. Sebastian666 you think the Durmstrang ship (which has what 30 seconds of being shown in the 4th movie) is going to replace it? I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the $250 set is the battle of Hogwarts yes their isn’t to many buildings left but the bell towers could be pretty big look at the 2011 version get rid of the bridge in the middle replace it with an entrance make the towers wider for the rooms expand the Hufflepuff dormitory get rid of the DADA room and in its place have Lupin in the room possibly with an exploding window function. Then on the other side of the tower their could be the Slytherin dormitory on top of which we could have a classroom of some sorts (wishful thinking here but history of magic?) and then beneath the Hufflepuff room we could have a small chamber of secrets. Maybe on the top floor of the Slytherin side we could have the part where Harry and Voldemort battle and then harry grabs Voldemort and jumps out the window. (I like exploding windows) but seriously though maybe even a bridge that can connect to the front or to another part of Hogwarts (whomping willow maybe?) and then I can see that being a high priced set for either the $130 or $120 maybe for the $250 if they wanted it in that slot they could do this and a bit more interior. Minifigure wise: it could really be any of these: Voldemort (defiantly), Harry (defiantly), Ron and Hermione (both likely) 2 to 3 death eaters (highly possible), Lupin (maybe), Kingsley Shacklebolt (not sure if I got the last name right but possible as he is with lupin in the movie) Stone warriors (if the bridge is included %100 chance if not maybe a %30 chance) A troll to fight the stone warriors (same likelihood as the Stone warriors) McGonigal (maybe), and Snape (maybe) Also, I think the reason the Room of requirement does not connect great anywhere is because it is going to be expanded in 2021 for a roughly $40 set. For GP as much as I liked the Order of the Phoenix (my personal favorite book in the series) I just do not see it happening. For Hogsmeade as a possible $250 they could get rid of the Hogshead and I think that is most likely just because Lego does not like doing bars (look at DA, where is the leaky cauldron?) and will avoid them if possible. That leaves us with Zonkos, Honeydukes, 3 broomsticks (even though it is a bar I think it is to important to exclude), Madam Puddifoots, and the Shrieking shack. Maybe to get rid of more shops and expand others they could even get rid of Zonkos or Madam Puddifoots. Though it could all work for $50 a piece and I can see that as a great Hogsmeade Minifigure wise I am not even going to bother guessing (who wasn’t in Hogsmeade at one point or another?) Gringotts I hope takes the $120 slot that would be enough for a decent interior and exterior for the interior I can see it having a few goblin desks on the first floor a few small vaults on the second and on the third it really could be anything (More desks? More vaults?) I can go either way with the dragon, but I would much rather have a nicer interior and no dragon than a basically empty interior with a dragon. This is my list for the rest of the sets (purely guesses) but hopefully accurate as this would be my best-case scenario for 2021. 76386 – forest of dean-$19,99 76387 – Room of requirement expansion - $39,99 76388 – Ministry of Magic either from OoTP (hopefully) or DH $79,99 76389 – Battle of Hogwarts-$129,99 76390 – Advent calendar either GP, The burrow, or (hopefully not) Slug club party - $39,99 76391 – Hosmeade-$249,99 76392 - Malfoy Manner - $59,99 76393 -Grinngotts- $119,99 76394 – Wedding tent - $39,99 76395 – Xenophilius Lovegood’s house or Seashell cottage $29,99 I know the list is pretty much all DH based but DH does deserve it. It is that important. Hopefully, no Fantastic beast sets I liked the suitcase but really couldn’t care less for the movies.
  6. bluedog1111

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hi all, haven't been on for a while but I was wondering if the D2C Hogwarts was retiring this year? I don't think it is but would like that confirmed.
  7. bluedog1111

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    In response to the new "leaks" I don't believe them. I have nothing against the guy but I think it just seems like we would have heard about it before then also it mentions that Gringotts would be 26 studs in length making it smaller than QQS I am sorry but I just can't see that happening. Also it says there will be a total of 4 new $100 Diagon alley sets before the end of summer 2021 am I the only one who finds that highly unlikely in the deathly hallows/battle of Hogwarts themed wave? I think Grinngotts is fairly likely next summer but I highly doubt we are getting anything more than 2 new buildings for DA in 2020/2021. That said I would love to be proven wrong but just don't see it happening.
  8. bluedog1111

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Yeah I am. Thanks for clearing that up everyone
  9. bluedog1111

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Hey there on rumors online of 2022 Chima film since ninjago is in the same universe as Chima I thought I would ask here. can anybody tell me if that is all lies or really happening?
  10. bluedog1111

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Also was that outline of Ninjago city fake or real?
  11. bluedog1111

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Castle will probably be back soon I kind of thought Nexo Knights continued the theme.
  12. bluedog1111

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Any news on ninjago city gardens?
  13. Is the death star gone forever now? if not when will it be available again?
  14. Thanks I will try to get it now then.
  15. Should I buy the death star now or will it be available next year?