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Found 1 result

  1. CONCLUSION Li'l Capt. Redblade stands alone in the garden. "Are we still playing? I thought the game was over. Was I expected to play? What about voting? Am I expected to vote? Do you want me to interact with people? Should I try? What about reading the day thread? Are we supposed to read the day thread, and post? Why won't people just play for me? How is someone going to expect me to play myself? Just because I signed up, doesn't mean I actually wanted to play. Some people, sheesh." His griping just rubs the remaining five the wrong way. "You guys are all sheep! The way you work together, and oust the single remaining person who doesn't participate! Total sheep!" The crowd is having none of it. "Get a haircut, ya lousy bum," somebody, probably Li'l Nightshroud, yells. Then they start on the poundings. Punches, kicks, hair pulling, and a hard sacking or two. Li'l Capt. Redblade won't be walking away from this. Inside, Mr. def has a rousing compliment to pass along. "Congratulations, all of you, you have taken out the final scum! That's it! They're gone! You win!" "Yay!" "Furthermore, you all pass! Congratulations!" "Yay!" "Except for you, Li'l Zepher, you cheated on day one by clearing yourself with your PM role, you fail!" TOWN WINS! Nice job! Well-played, town! Here are the night actions: PLAYER FEEDBACK This is done alphabetically. And as always, the host is not privy to PMs, so I can't comment on that at all, and all this has to be taken with a grain of salt. If you worked hard, and I can't see it, you'll have to have that personal fortitude to not be offended. Li'l Boy Wonder- You had three big blunders in this game. The first was doing very little in thread. Since others were participating, it made you stick out. Second, you didn't try to recruit one night. I can imagine your frustration at not being successful the first few nights, but statistically it was the thing you had to do. One recruitment would have swung the game. Third, you didn't defend yourself at all. Those are all things to keep in mind in the future. The 'no defence' thing is basically just dropping out on your team. Li'l Callmepie - You did great. I'm sure you're tired of praise, but you were not a strong player two years back, and you definitely are now. Li'l Capt. Redblade - You dropped out of the game due to studying. I never had that sort of constant studying routine in school (maybe why I'm hosting mafia games for a living now ), but you let your team down, whatever the reason. Play, be active, and don't quit. That should be your motto in a game like this. Li'l Cecilie - You got Dave'd out of the game. One thing I can say, you didn't do the TrumpetKing thing and kill every night. If you had, town would have lost. So being prudent with your night action helped keep town alive. Your role in the wrong hands may have doomed town. Li'l Chrome Knight - I heard you did stuff in PMs. You were spotty in thread, but very active when you were on the chopping block, which was great! Li'l Cornelius Murdock - You weren't able to do much, but on the bright side, you're turning into the new Rick, dying as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing you play scum some time. Li'l Danny Longlegs - You weren't around during or after the game Li'l Endgame - You did a solid job, especially after being brought into the masons. Li'l Fugazi - for whatever reason, you pinged a lot of people hard, but I don't know if it was on purpose or not. I don't know what to say. Li'l Hinckley - You did a great job sucking info out of people. It's amazing that even though these games are chosen at random, a handful of people just assume you're town. Li'l Kieldaman - I was really glad you played. You are an ideal vanilla player. Right or wrong, you are out there playing. No excuses. Li'l Nightshroud - You got a lot of commendations from your team. I think of you as a quieter player, and in this case it worked well. Li'l Palathadric - You were lynched for being scummy, and I don't know how much was on purpose. Hopefully it was partly because you were being active. Li'l Pandora - You got Dave'd as well. I think you did well in your strategy, but I think in thread you looked like a PR. If you were a little more out front, you may have looked more vanilla. It didn't have anything to do with why you were killed though. Li'l Peanuts - You were fairly active in thread after using your one-shot ability, but I'm surprised you didn't just claim it in thread. Li'l Pirate Dave - Yeah, you know what you did. It's one thing to blab your own secrets, but blabbing others is the worst! You kind of do wreck people's game. I was pissed for Hinck doing it to me in the Pearl. It really is a case by case thing, and sometimes it's good to blab, but in this game, all information should have been filtering into the Masons, and nothing going the other direction. Your name will become a verb for shafting other players by blabbing, so that should teach you. "Don't Dave me, man! You'll wreck my game!" Li'l Rick - You did a good job maintaining your normal attitude in thread. If someone compared your scum game to your town game, it would be hard to see a difference. With that in mind, I totally agreed with the questioning about why you were alive on day five. It's meta, but it's true. And also, you and Hinck always work so closely, so I thought the distance you were keeping looked scummy. But that was me knowing what was true. Li'l Scouty - You got shafted. There was little you could do. Li'l Trumpet King - you claimed scum in thread! Great! You shared your info with Hinck! Not great! You should have shared it with two people, at least, and not told the others who you told, but only that you told someone else. If you had done that, Hinck may have felt obligated to reveal what you told him about Boy Wonder in thread, to not be proven a liar. When you just share with one person like that, there is no obligation. Still, a decent, active day one. Li'l Walter Kovacs - You did really well for non-cleared townie. I had a similar situation in The Forest, where I was suspect for not being recruitable, and I told those guys, you need to be smarter than a single night result. Look at the play, not that one result. In that case, I failed, but you were successful here. Good job. And I appreciate you understanding every time I had to say no to you. For example, when you were blocked, you were still considered as targeting who you did. If you were to have been tracked the night you were blocked, the tracker would have gotten the results that you had targeted them. I don't mind clarifying rules and roles in PM at all, it's important for the host to clarify things as much as they can. Li'l Zepher - you did fine. You were safe the first 2-3 days because of that PM snafu, but after that, you were easily suspect as a recruit. You acted with the town block and kept you from having town waste PR actions on you.