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  1. CityBuilder

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Someone posted a picture of the new tram in the 2015 Trains topic in the train forums. I also noticed a black car behind it with a black 2x6 car roof...
  2. CityBuilder

    MOC - Royal Hotel

    Nice hotel! Though it looks a little odd without any rooms.
  3. CityBuilder

    [MOC] Tattoo Garage

    Haha, that's neat. I like the car front on the wall.
  4. CityBuilder

    Winter Village - Reindeer Maintenance Barn

    Very cute! But that one picture with the elf holding the drill, it looks like he's going to shoot the other elves.
  5. CityBuilder

    Cadillac Convertible WIP

    Very cool Cadillac! It looks just like an Eldorado, especially with those taillights.
  6. CityBuilder

    MOD: Octan Road Train 3180

    Awesome road train! Very cool idea.
  7. CityBuilder

    Winter Village - My 2014 scene, now on 8 boards..

    That is a cool winter village! I like the ski hill.
  8. CityBuilder

    31206 - style City Buildings - LDD MOCs

    I have a soft spot for City buildings, these are really nice! I reconized all of the ones that were based off of actual sets too.
  9. CityBuilder

    Orange Style House

    The colours definitely work together! Very well put together.
  10. CityBuilder

    MOC LEGO Admiralty Building

    Very nice! I assume the Kremlin is next? (Kidding)
  11. CityBuilder

    A small vintage villa

    It looks like an Italian villa, but also a classic town set (Not sure why though, maybe the stone ramps you used).
  12. CityBuilder

    Best way to do a kitchen?

    Oops! It might help though if you posted pictures of your plan, so people could have an idea of what it will be in.
  13. CityBuilder

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    Another new train? Interesting, I hope we find out more soon.
  14. CityBuilder

    [MOC] Blohm&Voss BV 138 - 60064 alternate

    These are some very strange looking planes! Not that that is a bad thing though.
  15. CityBuilder

    Winter Village: Uni-kitty is com-ing, to town!

    Definitely looks like something Unikitty would live in!