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  1. I saw Deep Shen post about this. I get the accuracy thing, but I figure I am just going to get the set and display it. I have never been there and likely never will get there, too many other places I want to go first, but while it bugs me a little, I am going to go with "it's just a toy" approach here.
  2. Very much agree, I like it this way, if you were to buy two of them, why have the inside then, just need the shell of the outer pyramid unless you are going to redo set #2. You would almost just want to build the shell, then forget the rest as it would be pretty much sand unless you wanted to MOC something up differently. You wouldn't need a Nile on both sides, that would be silly IMO but for those who want to just do two back to back, then more power to them. Now for them to do an Abu Simbel or, if they want to continue the pyramid theme with extras, go do Chichen Itza and put the ball court in place. Those ruins are so impressive to me as much as Giza.
  3. It's way past 23 hours now, anyone seen any photos?
  4. That's the rumor as of right now, June 1. No set info from Lego though, and no true pictures. Will be interesting to see how they do this.
  5. Is that the one with the big scorpion and the little sarcophagus? That was a great set if it is the one I am thinking of, will be interesting, I don't want to buy a set that is just a pyramid unless it's at least 16"x16".
  6. Lego has continuously been cautious with their press releases. For ex, the new UCS Landspeeder just announced yesterday, and it is available May 1. That's two weeks basically. I would say we get something mid May for the June 1 releases. May 4th is huge for Lego SW so they are not going to release something in competition with those sets...after then, maybe.
  7. Agreed, to me this is not an official Architecture set since it doesn't have an Architecture them set number. I would like to purchase it of course, but the cheapest eBay price I have seen is $600 USD. Nope...I am in at $150 at most. Speaking of the MoMA set from a few posts back, I visited MoMA last week. I am not sure how they will do this set after seeing the museum in person. The 5th floor, which houses the most famous paintings including Van Gogh, Dali, Matisse, Seurat, etc...is certainly a showstopper, but I kind of got bored after the 4th floor. The sculpture garden is kind of cool but not enough pieces. The other post that caught my eye is that Monuments of the World is not the official title of the set. Actually gives me hope for a nice landmark of some sort. We are 6 weeks away from that release so hopefully we see more. Lego certainly is keeping a tight lid on set releases these days.
  8. That's still funny to me, just because it rhymes. Petrol to go. Ok, I need a nap I think. Never knew that's how you all pronounced it; I looked it up, in Dutch it is Hauwh, which really threw me. But since that is his real home, I guess that is how you do it. So much for Go...
  9. Anyone know when this will be released? We will be in NYC in a couple of weeks and going to MOMA to see the real thing, so would be cool to get the set as well. Dad joke: What makes a van gogh? When you put gas in it. HAHAHA
  10. I believe that this is going to be an Art piece like the Elvis and Warhol and items like that. MOMA is home to Starry Night so that might be the item they picked? Kind of interesting item, but certainly not the building or architecture per se if you ask me.
  11. I agree, but I just can't see Lego siding with religion using Christ the Redeemer and risk angering their market in Asia. I would guess if they do South America, they go Macchu Picchu. I have actually been amazed that the Disney line never put anything out for Emperor's New Groove using Kusco, Kronk and Izma with llama animal moulds, it's almost too easy of a set to do, especially since most kids and teens love that movie, it's sequel and the tv series they did. At least in the States, I am not sure how it played out in the other markets, but no matter. South America and Africa are woefully under represented in Lego.
  12. Well we know it won't be Christ the Redeemer. Macchu Picchu seems a bit difficult to me and I don't know if they would do Petra either. I am going to guess Pyramids at Giza or the Chichen Itza pyramid or possibly the Sphinx. Uluru would be ok, but not sure that is exciting. I can think of a lot of others but if they do that skyline as you speak I might be done with this theme
  13. Just a quick question, this set has not been retired yet, correct? I have been wanting to pick it up and now have the funds, but out of stock on lego.com and not in the local store. I hope I didn't miss it.