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  1. Herky

    2019 LEGO Architecture

    Target stores have recently started to stock Architecture as well. I think they are filling the void that TRU left behind.
  2. Not surprised at the Disney but a little surprised at the Friends set making it. I had heard the Mexico set was taken out of consideration, so maybe they will just make that one as part of the Architecture skyline series. Interesting choices.
  3. Herky

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Roger, I looked at your medieval townhouse, great job, supported. You did one thing I would love to see in a modular in the future which is a slanted roof. The closest thing we have is the Parisian Restaurant, but yours is more accurate as a real roof looks in many places. It would be interesting to see if there is ever a roof like that in the next few builds.
  4. Herky

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think DD gets the bad rap and rep is due to the odd use of the floors. A boxing ring on top of a diner? Makes no sense. Corner Garage is a little weird too, a garage with a vet above it. Not exactly something you find, well pretty much anywhere. I like the idea of multiple use, but Brick Bank was another example of "play". Instead of making a full bank, they put a laundry in it. I am not sure you will ever see that combination in the real world. It would be good if they did it all somewhat realistic vs just cramming multiple things together for the sake of creating a multi use building.
  5. Herky

    2019 LEGO Architecture

    Trust me, your lament is well shared across the board from some of us. I would have 10 sets a year in this line if I could. I really only get this line and the modular each year although the fairground sets are intriguing since there is such a lack of sets in the Architecture line.
  6. Herky

    REVIEW: 80102 Dragon Dance

    My sister is getting me 2 of each of the 3 Chinese New Year sets so I am thrilled. Will pick them up in July on our visit to her...these look so much better than the little pictures I had.
  7. Herky

    2019 LEGO Architecture

    A poster on FB recently said 21045 was coming out and is related to Washington DC. You can imagine the speculation, is it a skyline or a building? Most felt DC has been done too much already and other cities/countries around the world deserve some love from TLC. I agree with them. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  8. Herky

    LEGO Architecture Wishlist

    Totally agree, Friesen does great stuff. I like it, it's colorful too which Architecture needs, not all buildings are grey, sure Robie was red but most are blander in nature. These little microcities are way better than the skylines. Funny this thread started 8 and a half years ago and still there are so many buildings that could be made, they did make some of them though.
  9. Herky

    2019 LEGO Architecture

    Paris definitely, I will get both but they seemed to have really not done a great job with SF. GGB is 2D and really the other buildings don't do much for me, although I like Alcatraz in there. The grey building looks like a phallus symbol and the white little tower in front of it even more so...just not good. Paris is much better thought out in my mind.
  10. Herky

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    So do we need an official Architecture 2019 thread now or just keep using this one and ask an Admin to remove the year in this overall thread? I like skylines but feel Lego is kind of cheaping out on us with so many and not very many buildings anymore. I want to see what the 2 to 4 sets will be for buildings or landscape sets.
  11. Herky

    10264 Corner Garage

    I have not read through all 17 pages, but the third floor apartment bugs me. I guess the bed is by the window? So he has a small kitchen, the bed and then the living room with tv. And cookies. And a corner toilet, so no shower, no place to store clothes, no place to do much but bake cookies and watch TV. Just not a good use of that floor in my opinion, but hey, access to the roof where he can get a tan and bring his cookies for guests. I do like it, but just looks way too cluttered, again with putting 3 things in one build, just do a garage or just do a vet's office, stop cramming so much into one build that it looks so over cluttered it doesn't work. Who goes to their Vet's office above a garage?
  12. Herky

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    Guess it is time to make an Architecture 2019 thread...thanks for posting the descriptions. Still kind of bummed they didn't do a special 10th anniversary Architecture set for 2018.
  13. Herky

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Anyone get the set numbers for these? The link to the press release takes you to a 404 error. I will have to have my relatives in Taiwan find them hopefully.
  14. Great review, thanks for taking the time to go through the alternative faces as well. That said, I just didn't like the set much. I would give it a 6, putting it together was a bit annoying to me, it wasn't hard to do or complex, but the build was just tedious with all of the clothing pieces. I don't mind repetitive for detail sake but this wasn't a set I thought really needed to be made. However, your review is more why I am commenting, this is the type of review I like to read, it was detailed and very explanatory and I give the review a 10.
  15. Herky

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    Billund Airport is a micro set and not really part of the Architecture line, it is one of those special sets that begin with the 4 numbers...Some of those are very pricey.