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    Future Lego Technic sets ?

    news will be posted as soon as revealed
  2. Numbeel

    What did you buy today?

    nothing today , but 2-3 days ago i got 42006 excavator which i used to call exvacator :D
  3. Numbeel

    Custom wheel hub

    Thanks =))
  4. Numbeel

    Polaris 800 4x4

    wonderful how long did it take to design and build ?
  5. Numbeel

    Ford Fiesta WRC

    Really cool ! put it on cuuso ... nice thing to have
  6. Numbeel

    Tow Truck from Johnny English

    the coolest power functioned set i've ever seen !! how much did it take to design ?
  7. Numbeel

    Custom wheel hub

    non of my sets had a steering hub till now , i have 42010 42011 42007 42006 and 4956 with some smaller ones 42007 had steering but without a hub - it was the moto-cross bike , and 4956 is "creator house" [2007] do you have any idea how to make a vehicle [car] with steering via parts from these sets ? thanks
  8. yes , I agree ! opening it with the shopkeeper is the best idea , however non of my sets have minifigures : i only buy technic
  9. Numbeel

    Removing the wheel?

    there is an orange brick seperator that is even enclosed with some sets like the 31011 or maybe some new , big creator ones . i think it was 2.99 ?