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  1. I have this game on the Wii U, and it's a gem of a game. Cheap HD remaster or not, I can warmly recommend it. Also, it's coming out on the PC as well: If the picture in the tweet is anything to go by, it looks like it's getting an update with newer sets as well.
  2. Freddie

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    If there's going to be another creator expert train-set, I would love to se it represent something iconic - something that most train enthusiasts would know about. Such a product would ultimately have a far wider reach compared to a niche product representing, say, a swedish Rm3, as much I would love to get one. Possible iconic trains/locomotives could be the Santa Fe, a swiss crocodile engine, or (just to break up the "pattern" ) possibly even a Shinkansen bullet-train (you know, the first one). But seriosly, a hobby train V2 would also be very welcome.
  3. Freddie

    MOC: Nissan IDx

    I agree wholly that it is difficult to recreate a car correctly when building in minifig-scale, and that it is more about capturing the essence of the car you're aiming for. If I had known of the Nissan IDx before, I would definetly identify your MOC as it, if not heavily based on it, at least. I think it looks great, and the only thing I might've changed, would be to use white slopes w/ cutouts (92946), to reduce the depth of the B-pillars, to closer approach the IDx' design. Right now it looks closer to the original GT-R, and that is not a bad thing.
  4. Freddie

    Octan Gas Station

    What a fantastic looking gas-station! I'll agree with anyone above who would like to have it a part of their modular city - it'll fit right in. To be honest, I don't I've ever seen such a nice gas-station in real life either! Most are just blunt concrete boxes sorrounded by asphalt, with no attention to detail whatsoever. So you've excelled real life right there!
  5. Freddie

    Is this layout in short circuit ?

    No short circuits there; just a bug in the program that displays the polarity incorrectly.
  6. Freddie

    [MOC] Modular Apple Reseller With Apartment

    The details, the colors, the solutions, the overall design - it's simply amazing. I particularily like how well-integrated the hyper-modern Apple-store looks with the rest of the building, and not sticking out like a sore thumb. It's something I'm really struggling with on with my designs, so I'm admiring how you did it. Yeah, fanstastic work.
  7. Freddie

    [Moc] Police Headquarters

    I'll repeat what everyone above has said: That is an amazing building, with lots and lots of details, both in and out. I'll probably be studying it for hours, trying to pick out the stuff that I like on it. Thank you for sharing!
  8. Freddie

    [MOC] Town house

    Doesn't exactly make it any worse, in my opinion. Sometimes you've just got to work with what you've got, and you've done a fantastic job. That said, I love the way the flowerboxes are made, that Kristel identified as 4 x 3 crates - I would not have thought of it, and it's brilliant. Mind if I steal borrow the idea?
  9. Freddie

    Custom PF rail trucks, how to question...

    I'm assuming you're using the standard train baseplate and E- or M-motors: The motors attach directly to the base with pins (vertically), and like Spitfire2865 said, the drive axle works as the pivot. It'll be problematic once the train starts to get heavy, though, as the rotational force of the motor can twist the bogie of the rails if there isn't enough weight keeping the car on the rails in the first place. That said, the basic PF-train motor should do the job just fine, without looking too much out of place. The Emerald Night can be motorized also, altough it is recommended that you modify it to cope with the power and to reduce some of the friction problems it has. Edit: This was posted right after the reply above! So I guess you can ignore that last bit.
  10. Freddie

    Hong Kong General Post Office (1911-1976)

    Fantastic recreation, full of life! I particularily like the detailing on the roof, really gives it character. Thank you for sharing!
  11. So, I'm not much of a poster here, but for once I've had a productive week in terms of MOC'ing, or rather designing such in MLCad. So, I figured I'd share my designs here as well. Sadly, they all lack proper interiors such as furniture, curtains and whatnot, but I figured I'd put all that in once they are done IRB. First up is one I designed way back in November, after a spurt of inspiration at a local event; Mocca House. The two shops at ground level are meant to be a pair of competing coffee-bars, which are both accessed from the central corridor. From here entrance to the central staircase is also possible, with a single, large appartment at each floor. For me the modular building series is all about unorthodox building techniques, or challenging oneself to certain limits, and as easily seen on the second picture, the challenge here was to place the walls at an odd angle, in this case nine degrees, and keep it consistent all the way up to the top floor. The next one up is a building I've simply named Cream Flats, because of the tan color. This is more a planned re-use of parts for a trio of buildings I've already built, that I'm not satisfied with (lacking details, way to boxy design etc.), plus attempting to use basic colors as well. Middle floor is repeatable, meaning I can build several identical ones and they will all stack together without problems. I was experimenting with tile-patterns for the interior - with different colors, those might stay. Shops at ground floor are at the moment planned to be a florist and a... Well, I'm not sure. Something. And finally, a design that I started on today, and which ended up very different from how I had planned it. Still, I'm very pleased with: Chocolate Corner. The initial idea was to somehow integrate this piece into a modern corner building design, and as the design progressed, it was kinda left out, and ended up looking like a much more classic and older building than what was intended. The ground floor is planned to house a confectionary, and the building's colors are themselves supposed to mimic the different variations of chocolate. Again, there's not much of an interior other than inner doors and walls, and a staircase leading up to the two appartments. I've got a few more pictures on my Flickr-account, in case anybody wants to have a closer look. Other than that, what do you think? Edit: Make that a quartet! Here's a more recent building; Bianca's Bikes. It's a simple, lime green box, with a bike-shop at ground level, but I'm pleased with the result. It's heavily inspired by AlienCat's Harry Hardware Store, but I just couldn't keep myself away from designing something similar. The wall technique is the same as on Mocca Corner, but here it's far more visible how it works. I've tested using the 3x12 wing plates as I've done here in this model, and it's a fully viable building technique. The gap between the floor and the wall closes nicely without any gaping holes or stressing the bricks.
  12. Freddie

    MOCs: A trio of modular buildings

    Thank you! Sadly, PKH13 will be difficult as a deadline - I'm already working hard on my version of Jamie's town hall (which he built back in 2007, I think). I've spent way to much time just reverse-engineering it to give it up, and want to have that completed first, and in time for Trondheim. After that, I think Bianca's Bikes will be the second one to be built - I've already got a fair amount of pieces for it, so it should be easy enough to begin with, but for now I'm prioritizing the town hall.
  13. Freddie

    MOC - The Diamon Shop (a narrow modular)

    Brilliantly built, and clever use of what little space there is. I am yet to try building one, but I've tried CAD'ing a few, and I just couldn't get it right. You, sir, have.
  14. Freddie

    MOCs: A trio of modular buildings

    Sorry, but I'm not sharing the files. I've done so once, only to see it reused without permission. But! The technique I've used is demonstrated here by Jamie. There is a few more tricks there as well, using the same technique, so it's really inspirational. And with a few well selected pieces, you can get other, really nice results: No interior on this one either, sorry, but it does demonstrate how well 3x12 wings work with the angled walls, and I've tested it IRB as well, so this one is very much buildable.
  15. Freddie

    MOCs: A trio of modular buildings

    ...while it really isnt! Sure, go ahead. I'd kept it secret if I didn't want others to try their hand at building diagonal walls. Besides, I'm not the first one to do so, AlienCat's "Harry Hardware Store" is my inspiration for Mocca House!
  16. Freddie

    MOCs: A trio of modular buildings

    Thanks for the kind words! They are much appreciated! I'm guessing SNIR stands for Studs Not In Row? Anyway, the technique is simple enough: the walls are simply hinged, inspired by a technique Jamie Berard demonstrated on the Creator-site a few years ago. But, they are not double hinged, meaning they are not locked in that angle, and can move about. This is planned fixed with strategically placed interior and street furniture. The walls further up the building attach to the studs of the ground-floor walls, taking care of that problem. At least, that's the theory. That's the plan, yes. Eventually. Cream Flats is likely to be the first one built, since it's pretty much based on using pieces I already have in my collection.
  17. Freddie

    MOC: Racing kart transport truck

    Awww, and here I thought it was a modernized 6539 Victory Cup Racers. But seriously, this is good. It's a very nice update of the truck and its trailer - I would have made the truck taller, but other than that it is well proportioned and the carts look great too.
  18. Freddie

    10233 Horizon Express

    I've seen what PF-motors are capable of, so one will be enough to move the train (not to mention, it's not that heavy). But, you'll have to replace the leading bogie on the other head unit to normal train wheels, instead of the technic based wheels used there. The friction there might be the real killer, and not the weight.
  19. 8. LeeMcG - 1 14. Alex54 - 1 21. domino39 - 1 27. Myko - 1 39. L@go - 1
  20. 10. LegoJalex - 2 20. DarthNick - 2 24. Bernd - 1
  21. Freddie

    Modular Madness

    Thank you for the clarification. I understood the use of the word "should" as "prefered to be", instead of "have to be". The comparison with the Pet Shop (which is 2x 16x32-based buildings) implied to me that the category was open, as long as it was compatible, i.e. a 24x32-based building (which I am currently building, independent from the competition), or a massive 48x48 based one. Jamie Berard's Town Hall (and others' recreations of it), is a good example of a 48x48-based building, that in my eyes is still in line with the rest - connectors, sidewalk and such are built in such a way that it can easily be connected to the existing buildings. The reason for me asking, is because I just recently started on a 48x48-based building (the XXXL-size aside, fully in-line with the existing buildings), and was kinda hoping it would be elligible for the competition!
  22. Freddie

    Modular Madness

    *raises hand* Have I then understood it correctly, that using a 48x48 baseplate, for instance, does not result in automatic disqualification?
  23. Freddie

    MOC: Chanelâ„¢ Store

    This is a fantastic and inspirational MOC, Jaredchan! It looks great, with plenty of attention to detail, just like your older buildings!
  24. Freddie

    VOTING: Architecture Building Contest

    Here are my votes: Entry - Points 2 - 1 point 14 - 2 points 15 - 2 points 38 - 2 points
  25. Freddie

    3 Modular MOC's set in the good ol' days!

    Those are much better than the previous ones you took, Snaillad! Your creations certainly deserved that improvement in image quality!