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  1. bright22

    Lego Town rebuilding project 2018 -

    now the concept from the Idea book 200 is coming up...
  2. bright22

    Lego Town rebuilding project 2018 -

    Now - the airplanes are start to rebuild.. :)
  3. bright22

    [MOC] small church at my home

    It's good to use to spare parts to build the Lego... Hopefully you love this one. ps I love classic town
  4. bright22

    Lego Town rebuilding project 2018 -

    after train has been installed, I needed to test it.... Also light and sound system of the Lego sets too....
  5. bright22

    Lego Town rebuilding project 2018 -

    The next thing: Monorail has been added into the town
  6. bright22

    Lego Town rebuilding project 2018 -

    Yes, Gomek...I am using most of the 80s 7 stud wide base road plates
  7. bright22

    Lego Town rebuilding project 2018 -

    Truth.. I am still rebuilding it in weekends..... and actually I love classic town more than City :D One of the major project for this town is I need to rebuild the Lego that I had it when I was child, start to rebuild it as most of them were completely breaks down. (Of course, I needed to send them from my hometown - Hong Kong, sent it to where I live now - Sydney) However I could not be able to make all those sets - these are the sets I could rebuild it.
  8. Hi all, I haven't posted my town since 2008, 10 years later, I have been moved to my new place and finally I can start to build my town in my garage... this is the start of year 2018........ Then at the end of last year...... finally most of the sets were 'built' under those sets and it looked like that....
  9. I can confirm this report is the "right one" yesterday I bought Ferrari F40 and Brick Bank with 30% off in Sydney CBD store. However it's because nearly the end of the sales so there are not many exclusive sets in there... so good luck if you want to get something today...
  10. Brickus, truth..! johnwil, be patient! If we won't receive any email from Myer One tomorrow night, then at that point, we can upset about it!
  11. bright22

    Any pics or links for Classic Town/City layouts?

    If you are interested, you may see my town layout which I built in July 2011 :)
  12. bright22

    Lucky LEGO finds

    it maybe not the best deal, but I got 6409 Island Arcade for AUS$25 with original box and instruction. (selling price in 1993, AUS$31.24)
  13. I am really disappointed that Miranda's Big W was opening in midnight and they didn't show it in website clearly. When I went there @8.30am (supposed their opening hours), Heartlake dog show was gone... I could only pick Seaside house only
  14. bright22

    Sydney Brick Show

    haha. yes.. there are Asians everywhere in Sydney... I will wear an Arsenal jersey - with number: 12, name: Nancy (my wife's name)... then you'll know there's me ..... See you guys tomorrow!
  15. bright22

    Sydney Brick Show

    yeah!!!! are you guys ready?! I hope I will see you guys on Sunday afternoon... haha.. actually I am Chinese.. so you guys may really easy to notice who I am.. :D