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  1. It ain't happening, pal. We must move on...
  2. Well, TLG don't seem to think it deserves a set in any form.
  3. 8069 is pretty cool and I wouldn't mind an update, maybe with the LAs from the CAT and the new tyres. But hey, doesn't look like that's happening anyway. Of the sets we explicitly know about, I'm only interested in the teeny telehandler and the pullbacks. Unless this "off-roader" is something special, it's gonna be a lean 1H...
  4. One thing: you describe the 42061 B-model as "good". Nope! I do have an additional bunch of assorted minor gripes, but that's pretty much what they are - minor. I didn't really like your personal asides in the text when I first read the guide, but I then remembered @Blakbird's set descriptions and on balance I think it's okay to offer an individual perspective. Overall I can see a huge amount of your time went into this guide and it's a feat. Great work. Oh, and thanks muchly for mentioning my take on 9395's B-model!
  5. Well done! You've clearly put in a lot of effort to pull this off.
  6. Maaboo35

    Mustang alternatives

    Mustang alternatives? May I recommend the Dodge Charger? Seriously though, you're in the wrong forum - questions about Creator sets can be posted here.
  8. For me, the size of the set isn't what matters - it's the subject matter. In fact, I think a mid-size backhoe would be ideal. Doesn't have to be massive - it just has to be a backhoe.
  9. Very cool! I particularly like the design of the hook.
  10. If we are getting a Megalodon truck, I'm thinking we'll see a recurrence of this rim, which has only appeared in one set so far:
  11. If this second list is the correct one (kind of hoping it isn't), it at least means TLG isn't done with Monster Jam, and quite frankly they would be stupid to give up that license. The £8 telehandler sounds good as well, so that is also something. A little something, but something nonetheless.