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  1. So, it turns out the 42116 and 42133 B-models are perfectly compatible: Wonder if this is intentional.
  2. It's definitely bright light orange.
  3. Ah, you forget 42080, which has a substantial amount of green parts.
  4. Prepare for more utterly cringeworthy product descriptions! EDIT: Smack my backside with a rake, I was not disappointed! My favourite: "Kids will love steering the toy dump truck around their make-believe construction site". Who wrote this crap, Bucks Fizz?
  5. More Dragon! B-model is something by the name of the "Crocodile Buggy". Looks fast.
  6. No stickers, either. Always a plus.
  7. Like the use of the small solid tyres. They're well-suited for a forklift.
  8. Think Dally is my absolute favourite of the Monster Jam trucks so far. Love the poseable ears, brick-built tongue and flexible tail!
  9. "AP Transport" might be a reference to another Technic designer, Alfred Pedersen. Also, "KM" could possibly be a nod to Kamaz trucks, on which this truck is apparently based.
  10. Pull-backs are the highlight so far. Yes, the pull-backs are the highlight. Yes, really.
  11. So it's a tiny version of 8263. Great to see it's a 2-in-1 set as well.
  12. Dragon uses orange rims? Honestly, she'd have looked better with the metallic rims from Megalodon. Also, called it with Dally's red rims!