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  1. Makes sense, considering there would be no optimum position for motors with a continuous function.
  2. Well overdue if you ask me! Sometimes the yellow can really clash with certain colour schemes.
  3. Maaboo35

    42144 - Waste Handler

    I'd say the tyres for this 🐕 are more likely to have road tread.
  4. The earlier-discussed changes to the C+ system might be a factor as well, especially if a new rechargeable battery pack is involved. I'm clutching at straws though.
  5. Maaboo35

    42144 - Waste Handler

    Wonder if this 🐕 will use the orange-peel grab parts from 42006 and 42042? They're woefully underused in my opinion, having appeared in only two sets in just under a decade.
  6. Did some research and I can confidently state that the H175 is specifically a civilian model, so I'd say it's fairly unlikely that any group would have a problem with it this time. Unless it also chews up its workings, of course. The UK Army does use a military version, but that's designated as the H175M.
  7. Guess it depends on how much C+ is integrated since it usually (if not always) drives the price skyward.
  8. Got that right. It might have C+ or the dumb battery box, though.
  9. Will it use actual weight bricks on the counterweight like 8288? Or will a shit-ton of stacked frames be enough?
  10. Maaboo35

    42144 - Waste Handler

    Nah, nothing beats 42053. And with only 800-odd parts, this is probably gonna look a lot leaner.
  11. This thing is gonna need its own room...
  12. If correct, the Liebherr set is this puppy:
  13. This really doesn't get said enough. While 42070 isn't quite a classic, it's a great build and there's loads to do with it when it's built. And of course the gearbox is huge and complex.
  14. 42102's B is allegedly a harvester, although it looks more like a windrower. The issue with a combine harvester (namely 8274) is that it only really has one function - the header. Sure, a combine (again, 8274) has other features like the grain pipe, but those don't translate well into Technic since it can't actually unload grain. CONTROL+ could simulate this by engaging the header and calculating how much grain the user gathers by the angle of the header, distance travelled and so on. But a combine harvester isn't even a construction vehicle, so this line of discussion is moot.