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  1. Just looked at AustrianLegoFan's 42070 review, and I gotta say the RC functions are controlled in a way that makes no sense. The outriggers are unfolded by pressing up on the controller, and raised by pressing down. Ditto the crane, which follows the same pattern. Only the winch follows the logical pattern.
  2. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    I just read the articles surrounding that announcement. Grim news.
  3. I like the whole 'futuristic fictional vehicle' theme. I know TLG overdid it in the late 90's (except for 8446, which is bloody awesome!), but I think Technic could do with it now, to balance out the more 'real-worldy' stuff and licensed sets. 42038 fits in this category as well, and that's a good set as well. You could argue 42070's B is a misfire (Sariel certainly did), but there's definitely room for more.
  4. Anyone notice that the Rally Car uses the red CLAAS hubs?
  5. I'm not sure that the Power Miners wheels on the compactor will work on anything other than carpet. That'll decrease the playability.
  6. Oh nooooooooooooo! Hah, just kidding. Uwe's come up with some bangin' trucks in the past. The increasingly distant past, but still... 9397, 8285 and 8258 will live on as classics.
  7. Markus designed the 42066 Air Race Jet. On the subject of functions, I wonder how the Dozer Compactor's blade works. Worm gear or lever? I just looked at the prelim again and it looks like the exhaust can be turned.
  8. The pull-back sets do usually come with some great parts, like lime hubs or Bohrok eyes in yellow. True, they're not true Technic sets, but they're an inexpensive inventory builder.
  9. Does anyone here feel that TLG is skimping on the smaller sets in favour of work on the flagships recently?
  10. That Mack looks awesome! Can't wait to see it for real. The rest of the sets look a bit crap. The Compactor looks novel, but I think it could have been done better. A Pedersen job, by the looks of things. The hooklifter - again, novel as we haven't seen much of those, but it looks gappy and half-baked. The two pullbacks have the same function as two of the early Drome Racers sets, the Slammer Raptor and Power Crusher, so it's all been done before, really. But Mack truck! Mack truck!
  11. I think the rare subject matter of this set is the major attracting factor here. Otherwise, it's a bit dull.
  12. Yippee skip. Doing that now!
  13. Yeah, the link to Pinterest didn't work. I've edited the link to point to another site; try it now.
  14. That's great news. Hopefully the UK prices will follow suit. As far as the 42070 B-model goes, I think it's supposed to be an experimental vehicle design rather than an actual research vehicle. Maybe the name got mistranslated, but here's what I think TLG were going for.
  15. Ah, now to sit and twiddle my thumbs until 42070 goes down in price.