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  1. Woah, nothing derails a discussion thread faster than pictures of a boring car.
  2. Not in my neck of the woods. Smyth's has wrenched the price of 42070 back up to £169.99, while TRU still has it for £149.99.
  3. Mm-hm. It's not an all-terrain tow truck.
  4. Really? I think the engine is quite innovative. I think the last time we saw its like was 2012, in the 9393 B model. I think some people may be fed up with building the conventional cylinder engine, and it's something a little less ordinary.
  5. Arrrrrrgghhhhhhh. Smyth's have put it back up to £169.99. Guess I'm waiting for new year sales.
  6. Regarding the Mack, I think a little bit of inaccuracy can be expected, given the length of certain panels and elements. To be totally spot-on with the real thing, there'd probably need to be a couple of resized or completely new parts, which I sorely doubt TLG could afford, especially right now. It still looks great, and it's recognizable. That's good enough for me.
  7. Then it probably was designed by Uwe. I think it's the curved panel mudguards; they look similar. But 42070-B at least had Class tyres and PF. To quote Penn Jillette, "I'm not a car person".
  8. If that is the hovercraft alternate, it'd have the biggest leftover parts pile ever...
  9. Just goes to prove you don't need a motor for a big, mechanically impressive set. Fine by me, saves on batteries! Anyone else notice the LBG Arocs rack from the Container Yard on the trailer jacks?
  10. The green is what makes it for me. We simply don't have enough of it!
  11. Just noticed MK and MR on the plates - Kossi and Grohl!
  12. This thing looks amazing! Love the green and the System-based construction. Are we in the late 90's? 'Cause if we are, my time vortex has worked! Huzzah.
  13. I'm still daring to see if Smyth's dips it any lower. The tension mounts...
  14. £149.99 should have been the original price.