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    <p> I'm Maaboo35! I'm a Technic fan with a bit of Star Wars mixed in. </p>

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  1. Maaboo35

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Hey, how about a sudden change of subject? Yep, I complained about 42088 being a redo of 42031, but I was walking by my local Smyth's and, seeing how my 42031 had gone to parts, picked one up. Got home, saw there was only one set of instructions, and found that lovely little laptop icon next to the B-model. What the actual heck? Did TLG not have enough orange ink for the instructions or something? Just checked everywhere else and realized that even the smallest sets don't carry alternate instructions! Dunno if all this is common knowledge, but I'll say it again: what the actual heck?
  2. Maaboo35

    Classic Technic

    I had one as well, don't know if I still have it. I remember not knowing what it was. Anyway, I do have a few classic sets on the wishlist, 8446 chief among them. Sometimes you do regret not getting a set back in the day when all you can get is used on Bricklink.
  3. Maaboo35

    Classic Technic

    Classic is always relevant. Look at 8459/64/39 (I own '39) - it's the best Technic wheel loader ever!
  4. Maaboo35

    [MOC] Tatra T813 KOLOS by MajklSpajkl

    Excellent job! Dunno how I've missed this, should've seen it a mile off with those colours. The 'Septic Tank' stickers are my favourite detail.
  5. Maaboo35

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    So 42097 is about the same size as 42094. Interesting.
  6. I'm building this.
  7. Maaboo35

    Vintage style Ford Transit van

    Funnily enough all the Transit vans I encounter are nice and shiny. There are a few I see regularly in all shades of colours, including the metallic green that TLG used back in '01.
  8. It's definitely one of those sets wherein the fun lies with the building process rather than the end result. The B-model looks like a great build as well, and at least that can carry out all its functions (no saw).
  9. Maaboo35

    Moc - Claas Xerion (16.5:1)

    Tell you what, if I'd been wearing a hat it would've flown off upon seeing those tyres. Woah.
  10. While I haven't built this set, I have noticed a disturbing trend in Technic sets recently. In 42070 I got an azure jumper plate instead of a black connector block, in 42080 it was a window pane instead of a 3L blue pin, and didn't @LucyCol run out of those while building the Mack? Not to mention @Jim's run-in with the melted flex axle in 42068...
  11. Maaboo35

    [MOC] Volvo EC750E

    This would look great next to the EW160e! Nice job.
  12. Another quality review! I'm looking forward to the Tracked Loader, though that may be some time in coming...
  13. Maaboo35

    42060 C-Model: Combine Harvester

    Judging by the general shape, placement of the trailer and function of the model I'd say this is a good representation of a forage harvester. Nice work. I'd like to build this myself!
  14. Maaboo35

    [TC15] Iron Vulture AirCarrier

    Anyone in the mood for a trip to Cape Suzette?