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  1. Definitely a brilliant 1H flagship! The minor inaccuracies are totally forgivable and I love all of the details. If I was slightly more into trucks, this would be a must-have. No question.
  2. I'm a staunch member of Team Legal. I don't like the idea of using third-party materials.
  3. TLG seem to be going down the futuristic route again lately, probably to curtail this sentiment. Look at 42038, the 42063 B-model, the 42070 B-model and now 42081. All of which I think is for the best.
  4. Woah! That hasn't been used since the mighty 8265 loader back in '09. Talk about a long absence. Good to see it again though.
  5. Technic Pub

    Talk about Technic, dammit!
  6. Your heretical ramblings are rejected. Go peel and place far from my hallowed halls.
  7. Are those stud-shooters holding the rear lightbar to the back of the car?
  8. I am the last person to get excited about cars, but this thing is seriously cool. I was a bit underwhelmed with the front, but the back rocks! Great detailing and shape.
  9. You forgot Team Anti-Sticker, whose standard I carry with righteous pride.
  10. Well, we've got the L-shaped curved panel in transparent (as in 42070, for instance) so would it be much of a stretch to have other panels as well? They'd be great for showing off an engine!
  11. Look closely at the set image. You can see part of a triangular warning symbol under the panel.
  12. Lets talk color vomit

    But they are available! Read the rest of my comment. They come in the Jakku Quadjumper and the Creator Ferrari, as well as a Nexo Knights set.