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  1. hi. @terryli did sbrick ever get back to you? also did anyone notice that sbrick have stopped selling sbricks? i guess since lego doesn't make pf motors anymore, that sbrick doesn't feel theres a demand for sbricks anymore
  2. thanks no worries, im just grateful that you were so help full. thank you
  3. ok wow, thank you agen for putting so much time and effort into my question. this has been such a big help me. i got the 1 volt = 1000mA from a searching (convert volts to mA) not really sure what happened there. and thanks for the website link. most of this makes sense to me by the way
  4. thank u for putting your time and effort into my question it means a lot. so my question is (if u dont mind) you said that (the amperage sounds ok) so 500mA right? but i thought 1 volt = 1000mA so a battery box with 9 volts should have 9000mA? so 500mA will be underpowered? please correct me if i am wrong
  5. hi all. i recently decided on buying an SBrick to compliment my 12 existing lego PF motors. but.... i was exploring their website to find out more about the SBrick, and went to the (support hub) section, clicked on the SBrick and scrolled down to (technical info) and it gave me this information Casing material: ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Operating temperature range: -20°C – 60°C Operating voltage range: 3V – 5.5V Maximum continuous current total: 500mA Maximum continuous current per channel: 500mA Range: up to 50 meters. It depends on the controlling device, the SBrick’s distance from, and the electrical properties of the ground, and the orientation of the unit. Deep “null” areas might exist closer to the SBrick than the maximum range. what i dont understand is how can the operating voltage range be 3-5.5 volts if you're supposed to power the SBrick with a PF battery box (they suggest this), that contains 9 volts? so im worried that if i buy an SBrick that its not going to have enough output power, compared to the IR receiver i use. so my questions are 1: can someone who has bought an SBrick in the last 1-2 years, please tell me what the output voltage is when powered by a PF battery box containing 9 volts? 2: would u still recommend buying an SBrick? 3: and is this information above, correct?
  6. robin_1456

    Sariel's book

    hi. iv brought the 2nd book and had if for a wile. and i can say that it is, AN AMAZING BOOK, it covers so much, he explains it VERY well, and is wort the money, he is a brilliant lego technic designer. i would recommend the book any day.
  7. if i buy a controller thats ment for ps4 and i has bluetooth will that work? because ps4 controllers are expensive
  8. robin_1456

    why do you like lego

    hi all. what makes lego amazing for you? for me, its because when you buy a set, and then you get board of it you can take it to bits and start over again and again and again that is the best part of lego. the the possibilities that are available are endless. you can make tanks cars boats planes etc. so i want to here from you, what you love about LEGO.
  9. robin_1456

    Sariel's book

    thank you. this is very help full, iv ordered the 2nd edition for amazon and if the 1st edition is good hopefully the 2nd will be to.
  10. i know this is the opposite of the question. but what stopped me (i think) for leaving lego, is that as i got older i got into lego technic and i got my first technic set back in 2017, some PF tracked racer and then i was hooked on technic and i still have so much to learn and so much to build and explore using technic. im only 15 now but i cant see my life without lego. maybe i will leave lego be hind, but i hope not.
  11. robin_1456

    Sariel's book

    hi. im planning on buying THE UNOFFICIAL LEGO BUILDERS GUIDE 2ND EDITION, made by a YT named sariel's bricks and pets. i would like to here from someone that has bought this and here your opinion on this book, should i buy it?
  12. robin_1456

    PU Motors

    the 88010 will not work for me. for it to work for me it has to work whit all of the PU system. and i dont want to buy a smart device for the PU system if i can help it. but thanks for replying to me
  13. robin_1456

    PU Motors

    wow thats great. where did you hear about this? thanks for responding
  14. robin_1456

    PU Motors

    hi all. why haven't lego made a proper independent remote control for the PU system? they made one independent remote control (88010) but it only works for the 88009 HUB. they need to make one like the PF IR 16514, (whit the two joy sticks) to work whit the the PU 88012 HUB. i don't really want to buy a 160euro phone, just for driving my lego MOCS its a lot of money.
  15. for me i would buy the Liebherr set (if i had the money) because the most PU parts, 4108 pieces and will set you for PU parts and would be fun to play whit whit that big bucket.