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  1. robin_1456

    PU Motors

    the 88010 will not work for me. for it to work for me it has to work whit all of the PU system. and i dont want to buy a smart device for the PU system if i can help it. but thanks for replying to me
  2. robin_1456

    PU Motors

    wow thats great. where did you hear about this? thanks for responding
  3. robin_1456

    PU Motors

    hi all. why haven't lego made a proper independent remote control for the PU system? they made one independent remote control (88010) but it only works for the 88009 HUB. they need to make one like the PF IR 16514, (whit the two joy sticks) to work whit the the PU 88012 HUB. i don't really want to buy a 160euro phone, just for driving my lego MOCS its a lot of money.
  4. for me i would buy the Liebherr set (if i had the money) because the most PU parts, 4108 pieces and will set you for PU parts and would be fun to play whit whit that big bucket.
  5. robin_1456

    BuWizz Motor

    hi. thank you for getting back to me i appreciate it. now i have to work this out.
  6. robin_1456

    BuWizz Motor

    yes i know that the motor has a PF plug. i was on looking at the motor and i saw that it had a PF plug and the BuWizz 2.0 has PF connectors to work whit PF motors. but i want to know will the PF battery box have enough power to run the BuWizz motor, or do i have to buy a BuWizz 2.0 to run this motor. and if you know how many volts or amps you need to run the motor that would be great. Thanks
  7. robin_1456

    BuWizz Motor

    hi. will this motor work whit the PF set up and how many volds or amps dose it need to work?
  8. wow looks amzing. the front and sides look the best but the back not so good with all the wiring.
  9. hi thanks for your reply. and are using a power bank to charge them while you are using the unit. and do you find them not holding charge anymore. how long have you had them for. thanks how do you get one of them?
  10. hi. is buwizz good or rubbish how many charges can it do. pls tell me if you have had any problems whit BUWIZZ. sorry for the short message.
  11. hi. I have the 6x6 tow truck and I rebuilt the front steering and [1 of the wheel sets at the back of the truck. I don't know how to explain it] and I used the FOR THE XL-MOTOR FOR THE TRUCK it gets over rocks and stuff. my two L-MOTORS I was using originally but day broke I went to LEGO and day sent me a replacements I do not have it so the XL-MOTOR IS THE STRONGEST MOTOR OUT OF THE THREE.