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  1. wow looks amzing. the front and sides look the best but the back not so good with all the wiring.
  2. hi thanks for your reply. and are using a power bank to charge them while you are using the unit. and do you find them not holding charge anymore. how long have you had them for. thanks how do you get one of them?
  3. thx and can you get 4 buwizzes you work together?
  4. hi. is buwizz good or rubbish how many charges can it do. pls tell me if you have had any problems whit BUWIZZ. sorry for the short message.
  5. robin_1456

    [HELP] Choosing Best PF-Motor

    hi. I have the 6x6 tow truck and I rebuilt the front steering and [1 of the wheel sets at the back of the truck. I don't know how to explain it] and I used the FOR THE XL-MOTOR FOR THE TRUCK it gets over rocks and stuff. my two L-MOTORS I was using originally but day broke I went to LEGO and day sent me a replacements I do not have it so the XL-MOTOR IS THE STRONGEST MOTOR OUT OF THE THREE.
  6. HI. is buzzwizz any good? how many charges can you get from it? how many times can you drop it? and I wish there was a remote you could bye separate.
  7. robin_1456

    Broken L-Motor

    hi MEEABOO35. did you open the motor up? and maybe the scraping noise was a cog that was missing a tooth. thanks for responding to me MEEBOO35.
  8. robin_1456

    [HELP] Choosing Best PF-Motor

    thank you so much HOWITZER!!!!!
  9. hi. what is the best LEGO motor in terms of SPEED, POWER, ENERGE and STRENGTH, im only speaking of the L-MOTOR the M-MOTOR and the XL-MOTOR WHICH IS THE BEST ONE?
  10. robin_1456

    Broken L-Motor

    THIS IS FOR [S.I] thx for responding to my post. S.i the thing is In my order I spent over £100 in that order that the L-MOTOR came whit. I don't know if you just bought one M-MOTOR SO LEGO HAVE TO MAKE shore you are not ling. how much was the post and packaging? thank you all for responding to my post I am new to the site. THIS IS FOR [MEEBOO35] what was the scraping noise in the end?
  11. robin_1456

    Broken L-Motor

    hi. I have a L-MOTOR that is not working right the problem is when is use for 2mins it starts to slowly stop turning, its like is fighting against an invisible force. I went to LEGO and day said day have send me a replacement L-MOTOR and day said I don't have to send the L-MOTOR back to them and I will see if it works when I get it. if you have a LEGO motor and it is under the 90-day guaranty you should get one for free.