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  1. sweetsha

    A city of sand, wind and time

    Thanks for your kind comments And yes, as mentioned, the floor will benefit some re-work to add some rocks, plates, etc ... Regarding the torso, the dark red one for the carrot seller is from King Tut (The Lego Batman Movie series) And the bare chested one is from Prince of Persia sets
  2. Hi everyone, Some of you may have seen this one on Flickr or elsewhere already but let me introduce you one of my latest build - A city of sand, wind and time. (btw I wasn't so sure about where to post this topic, if it belongs in another category feel free to move it) So 1st big creation with flesh minifigures for me (I'm more used to create scenes with the yellow ones that have troubles ) and where I made the choice to emphasize the buildings architecture and overall atmosphere instead of funny situations. Main inspiration comes from Ancheim city in 3DS J-RPG games Bravely Default/Bravely Second (really good games btw). I wanted to keep this idea of a giant clock in a city in the middle of the desert - which primary energy source is the wind. And I also wanted less steampunk (I mean less gears and so on) and more middle-orient architecture. So I started by building the clock, took me a long time to try different things to build something round with squared bricks ^^ Then the 4 buildings one by one, trying to use a different shape for each building's angles - and I finished with the ground (and I know, there should be more work on the ground, I will add some plates, rocks, olive green plants, etc ... for the next event where this creation will be displayed) To conclude here are some pics so you can see the details. Hope you'll like it
  3. sweetsha

    [Collaborative MOC] Wacky pirates

    Thanks for the frontpage and for your comments, we're glad you like it
  4. Hi everyone, Let me introduce you a collaborative creation built with two friends Kloou and N3rik68 for Fanabriques 2016 (event that took place few weeks ago in France) The display is mainly composed of a big island surrounded by smaller ones and by two big boats and some small surprises Let's see together all sides of this display : Well, not easy to do justice to this creation with these pics due to its size, so here are some details (warning captain, a storm of pics is approaching ) One of my favorite detail, a reference to the final challenge of Koh-Lanta (french version of Survivor) And the traditional sacrifice to the mighty volcano : That was a real pleasure to work with these two lads, and the display was really appreciated by the audience. There were also two little games : finding 9 specific minifigs, and 9 shark-guys all hidden in the display - and the kids enjoyed a lot this kind of game ^^ The whole thing was build in a way we could easily move it from our homes to the event, some it is composed by small modules of baseplates. To sum up, it took us only 5 minutes to assemble (or disassemble) the island (but maybe half an hour to pick up all the small trans-blue rounds that were used for the water ) For instance here is a pic of some WIP of my part of the display to see how the island is made : Well, we hope you'll enjoy it as it is never easy to present pics that can do justice to a big creation Note - you can find even more pics in the following Flickr albums : here, here or here. Bonus pics : The two finding games And our small box of trans-blue round plates
  5. Name: 70593 - The green NRG dragon Theme: Ninjago Year: 2016 Pieces: 567 Price: 54,99€ Hi everyone, each Ninjago wave comes with at least one dragon and I'm always a big fan of these sets. We had very good ones and average ones, let's see what we have with this brand new green dragon. Box / Pieces As always we can see the play features on the box but let's be honest - the dragon steals the show :) Two instruction booklets, one for the little tower and catapult + one for the dragon. It comes also with a little sheet for stickers. We have a lot of green parts (green, dark green + some lime and trans-green) and those wonderful wings with one green scaled side and one golden scaled and mirored side. Regarding new parts or the ones with new color here are some I noticed : The one that I find interesting : -green bull hors -black bigfig arms -black chima paw -the lantern piece -green corner plates 1X2 / 2X2 (not new but not common, first time in this color for me) -brown carrot tp (same here, not new but not very common if you don't buy Friends/Princess/Elves sets) -white claws -bull skull (not new but alwyas welcomed) Note - I forgot this one but there is also one (and only one unfortunately) black inverted bow part : Minifigs Nothing really new here if you already have Skybound sets from previous wave except that our ninjas come here with their hair instead of their hoods. One sad point is that all 3 pirates have the same torso :( Lloyd - Single expression and his usual haircut. If you compare with the deepstone armors, it is good to see some color back (well at least in my opinion ^^) Cole - Well the poor lad doesn't look better, he's still a ghost ^^ Love his dual expressions, very show accurate. Doubloon - A bit different than the one with the zeppelin, he has now some battle shoulder pads. Still his dual head that represents his happy/angry face that his the same one upside down, clever. Cyren - Same as before, with her dual face. Funny to see how fast this haircut appeared everywhere since Black Widow. Bucko - The same old Bucko that we have in many sets. I don't know why but he's my favorite, there is something funny seeing the pirate captain's head here. And here they are all armed - with the famous blade that captures the souls. The build Well, I will not say much about the tower and catapult, let's say that there must be something in the box to fight the dragon even if I'm not sure the battle is balanced. And ... here it is, the green dragon Quite impressive due to the wings, with a lovely color combination. The different shades of green are well combined and there are some clever parts usage like the use of bigfig arms. The head is as often the best part : Not easy to have a detailed head with this side (only one brick large at the beginning of the build) but this one is really a success. Now let's speak about the wings, the patterns are gorgeous and as it is mentioned on the box the wings can fold/unfold. Well I'm not 100% conviced about this last point due to the material used (somehow similar to the one used for capes), I didn't tried too hard but I fear that after lots of floding/unfolding cracks could appear but it is only how I feal about it, if someone has experienced it in a more intense play I'll glad to here it :) Folded: Unfolded: And a quick look at the mirored side of the wing: To sum up, a good dragon (again) - I almost forgot to mention that guess what you can find at the end of the double tail ? Yes .. stud launchers Strange place for those ones, really not necessary. Remaining parts An extra green horn is always welcomed and also an extra can tile (yes I forgot but there is an can in Lloyd's bag, seems that riding dragons makes you thirsty ^^) Opinion Another dragon ... another beauty The build is always different with each one, especially with the head that is really lovely. The color suits it well, it is now Lloyd's turn to ride one and it is fortunate as green is a good choice for a dragon. The minifigures are interesting if you did not have them from previous Skybound sets and you have the classic small build with something to protect (here a small barrel with two gold round tiles ) and the usual something to fight the dragon with the catapult. The dragon is very playable, the only point I'm afraid of is the material used for the wings, let's hope it will not be too fragile to be folded/unfolded a hundred times. And here is the traditionnal scene with everything in situation to conclude :
  6. sweetsha

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Here are some other pics - with more water vilains this time Also some pics of lava monster we already know, but I love these artworks ^^
  7. sweetsha

    Nexo Knights 2016

    For those who want some pics of the book of monsters here are some interesting vilains. Last one is described as he is feared by the book of monsters itself. I'll translate some monsters description if needed. There are clearly two main species of monsters that are shown : water & forest (3 if you count the lava ones we already know) We'll see if one kind will end in final products If you like the show, I recommand you to buy the book - lovely artworks and humour & jokes for each page (well jokes aimed for kids, don't expect more)
  8. sweetsha

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    Stop looking at some pixels to try to see the torsos Here are 2 pics from someone who seems to have early access, so we can enjoy the details for Kay, Lloyd and a sky pirate : And before you ask, he does not seem to have any other fig now, but if he gets some other ones I'll post the pics here.
  9. sweetsha

    [MOC] Attack of the giant squid

    Thanks again for the comments, glad you like the scene. I didn't knew this one, it is funny too, and is maybe more accurate to a real octopus than mine - I build a kind of mix between a squid, an octopus and Zoidberg. At the end the hardest part was to find a proper word to qualify the beast, well my choice was "squid" Wow, it's an honor Captain'
  10. sweetsha

    [MOC] Attack of the giant squid

    Thanks for your comments Glad you like it. Yup, you're 100% right, I should have done that. The water is indeed pretty quiet despise the attack This scene was created for another contest, so I will not submit it for the PtV contest as it would be against the rules (but maybe build something else for this fun contest ) And I didn't see the squid you're referring to on Ideas - this one was build with pure imagination ^^ (and a little inspiration from Zoidberg's face (Futurama) for the beast's head)
  11. sweetsha

    [MOC] Attack of the giant squid

    Hi everyone, This is a creation made for a pirates MOC contest on French board BrickPirate. Still having some good old sails in decent state - this was the time to bring back the Imperial Armada to the front of the scene Well, maybe not at their best day as they are here facing an unexpected encounter ... Here are some details of the squid's attack : And our poor lads panicking : Hope you'll like it
  12. sweetsha

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    The 2nd sticker sheet and pirate hat are not part of the classic set. Whoever wrote the review here only used the pictures from a review on brickpirate french board here but never had the set in his hands. It is mentionned on the french review that this 2nd sheet and pirate hat were given with an animation inside the Lego store when the review's author bought the set. So don't feel bad if you did not received it or do not try to contact customer service, it is normal
  13. Name: 70734 : Master Wu dragon Theme : Ninjago Year: 2015 Pieces : 575 Price : 49,99€ Well this is no secret, I always was attracted by Ninjago sets that featured a dragon After the titanium one that didn't convinced me (see review here) let's see what this one has to offer. The box Average sized box, with the new color scheme for this 2nd wave for this year. We left the jungle and there is now a very mystic atmosphere. As always the back of the box shows the different play features. Instructions / Stickers / Pieces Instruction in 2 parts and a small sticker sheet. And 5 bags of pieces : If you want a set with good/new/rare part assortment, this one is for you Some parts with this new summer pale green, Uni-Kitty tails in tan, round tiles with pin in white and reddish brown, 1x3 reddish brown tiles, pieces rarely seen in white, and so on ... To sum up - a very nice bunch of part ! Minifigures Well, I do not know the details of this season's story, but our ninjas are now fighting some ghosts/spirits. I was not especially enthusiast when I saw 1st pics of these new villains but I had to say now I have some in front of me they are pretty cool ! Let's start with our good guys : Cole (with his deepstone armor) : I'm more into the previous jungle outfits but this one looks nice. Sensei Wu : New outfit with some great details (the belt with the dragons heads for instance). Small misprint between the legs but this is the only flaw I can find. Both are armed, and Wu also comes with his teapot (that seems kinda magic according to the box) Someone from the Arctic theme is also here - a husky (unexpected isn't it ?) Then their opponents, starting with Soul Archer (seems that there are 4 main ghost generals - each with his particular weapon). Love the ghostly bottom part, and his shoulder pads and headgear too Then Hackler with this beautiful headgear in 2 colors : And Pitch, maybe a peasant ghost ? These guys are also heavily armed - especially Hackler with this nice new ghost blade : They also have a smaller friend to help them - a ghost named Skreemer ... ... that can also fit on a figure's head (possession maybe ?) Build We start with the small wagon/rickshaw that throws discs (very ghostly color scheme): Then what is supposed to be Sensei Wu's tea farm - or at least its entrance (with the famous aeroblade that stands there) We now move on to the star of the set - the dragon itself ! Very interesting to build with a very good work on the head Pretty big size - and I love how the wings are made : Even its belly is well built (this kind of hidden areas are often not very detailed so another good point here) Of course Sensei Wu can ride it, and the dragon also carries his teapot and tea cups ^^ Remaining parts Woaw, never seen as much remaining parts in a set of this size - almost 50 ! Opinion I guess you understood that I am fully enthusiast with this one, the only bad point I could even see is maybe its price but well - it still worths it. An amazing dragon, nice minifigures, various new/rare parts - what else could I ask for ? It's good looking, it's definitively the kind of set you can immediately play with, etc ... well in my opinion here is the star of this 2nd Ninjago wave And a last overall pic to conclude :
  14. sweetsha

    Topic title editing requests

    I posted a review in Action/Adventure sub-forum but I made a mistake in the title, can a mod edit it from : [REVIEW] Ninjago | 70749 : Titanium dragon to [REVIEW] Ninjago | 70748 : Titanium dragon Thx