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  1. Cherno

    Evil Stevie's Pirate Game

    Hi, I just read the rules and they look like lots of fun I am not on Facebook otherwise I'd "like" it! I built a fleet a while ago for playing on the floor, check it out here: It was originally made for Evil Stevie's Pirate Game, but maybe I'll give your ruleset a try When I was a kid I played something similar, albeit far simpler, on the floor, shooting the little cannons and removing any bricks and parts that were hit, it was great fun! One question: The rules for Ship Island state that a player can shoot the ship that's anchored there and it gets replaced with the next in line; isn't this a cheap tactic to get a better vessel? I mean, why would anyone not use this when buying a new ship? I'm looking forward to hearing more of this game. Edit: Also, how is initiative handled? Who moves first, and is there any way to avoid being not able to hit an enemy at all when he sails his ship in a way that puts him outside my arc of fire because he was allowed to move after me?
  2. Cherno

    Murder on the Beach

    Clearly the work of Jason Vorhees.
  3. Cherno

    [MOC] Black Pearl

    Looks like a floating brick Seriously, the bowcastle (?) is very tall, and as a whole the ships looks massive, but that is more a problem of the standard hull pieces with a "correct" over-and-under-deck construction. Very nice colors (or lack thereof ;) ), good detail. I like it!
  4. As found on Hope this is not a repost Builder's MOC page: Edit: Just noticed that creater Mike Doyle is registered here, so I hope he finds this thread and shares further insight into his projects!
  5. Cherno

    18th Century Graveyard

    The light green works great on a cemetary. Trees and tombstones are nice, too. What's the deal with the overly long stairway to the crypt, though? One suggestion I would make is to try and break up the edge of the scene by placing some more vegetation and/or topographic features like small hills near it, so that the background transition isn't as aprupt.
  6. Cherno

    Pirates of the Caribbean Contest Winners

    I would like to congratulate the three winners of both categories for their awesome work. They truly showed how much can be done with a) a few bricks, an interesting scene in mind, cool techniques, LOTS of motivation and love for detail! b) chreating a piratey atmosphere in their little stories and having the skills to tell it in a way that can be considered the best in PoTC fan-fiction! Hats of to you, gentlemen, for inspiring others to do as you did and go out of your way to present a MOC or story that clearly shows that you not only loved the movie(s), but also chose the perfect scene to show others your bricking or storytelling skills I would also like to congratulate ALL participants for their efforts. That only three members won does not mean your MOCs will be forgotten. These were all great ideas, be it small, last-minute designs or large sets with staggering amount of details. I hope to see more of your creations in the next contest. I think everyone can be counted as a winner when he enjoyed building a MOC himself or looking at it on the forums. There is, however, one gripe I had with this contest: There clearly were not enough Kraken sets. I love squishy tentacles!
  7. Cherno

    Sail material?

    I use off-white fabric I bought from a department store. It's intended use seems to be as a table cloth. IT works really well, has a nice color for a sail, and can be painted or printed on. Check out the sailmaking tutorial, in the last part I talk about some of the techniques I used:
  8. Cherno

    Pirate Trading Post

    Fabulous work on pretty much everything. The cool rope bridge, the exterior of the house, the interior details, little cupboards... Those planks nailed to the tower look good as well. Good use of different tones of brown. The only thing I might suggest is to make good photos of the MOC when it is done (in daylight, without using flash). Happy building!
  9. Cherno

    Proud to be a Bluecoat

    Overuse of Photoshop's noise filter detected! On the other hand, Bluecoats rock and are the only true non-pirate faction!
  10. Cherno

    Lego Pirate Game questions

    This section answers a a couple of your questions: Figures don't need to stand directly next to a cannon to fire it; crew actions are pretty much abstracted, so it doesn't matter exactly where each sailor is located on a ship. I agree, however, that it's much more realistic to have them man the cannons As for the number of masts, a ship with two or three masts will survive critical rigging hits much longer. There is in fact no hard rule on how many masts to fit on a specific ship class, so just do what looks right. As a rough suggestion, I'd say Class 3 and below has 1 masts, Class 4-6 has two and Class 7 and above has three.
  11. Cherno

    La grande armeé

    I wish TLG would make tiny minifig Pickelhauben so Napoelon and Blücher with his Prussian Army could slug it out
  12. Cherno

    La grande armeé

    It must have cost a fortune getting all those bluecoats, flesh-colored body parts and accessoires! Well done!
  13. Cherno

    "Fat Joe" Merchant Ship

    For the limited choice if bricks, it's a good MOC. Nice colors, too. Now go and make a sail for it ;)
  14. VERY hard to decide which entries NOT to give points to So here goes my vote: hammelgeier - Attack of the Kraken - 1 Point (Incredible accuracy & detail for it's scale) George G - MAELSTROM - 1 Point (Dynamic scene realized with two tiny micro-scale ships and some blue plates!) Matn - Tia Dalma's Shack - 1 Point (Captures the movie scene's atmosphere perfectly. Great detail. Tia looks kinda angry, though ) Captain Genaro - Welcome to Port Royal Mister Smith - 1 Point (Great movie scene captured in an instantly recognizable way) Yatkuu - Encounter at the blacksmith workshop - 1 Point (Another very dynamic scene with the added bonus of a great floor technique) I wish I had more points to give, there were many more MOCs that would have deserved them! Sorry!