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  1. Anio

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    I saw it when I built the model but didn't mention it in my review as I considered it was kinda irrelevant for most Lego fans. I will report it to TLG though. Doubt they will update the product, but well, we never know...
  2. You missed my point. A design that is so "optimised" that it would have weak poinst would just not be optimised.
  3. It is correct. I see that modularity is being discussed a lot with supercars in mind. But it can be achieved in virtually all kind of vehicle. I generally tend to disagree with the statement that modularity adds parts and make the build more dense. I actually think the opposite. When properly achieved, the modularity streamlines the working and the engineering in the model. Cause you can't make nice modularity if your modules are a mess. I may sound like a broken record, but I think that modularity is one of the aspect of simplexity. Simplexity is sometimes mindblowing. Sometimes, a few liftarms can achieve beautiful results (doors of Lambo Sian 42115 for example). I think it is fascinating how a complex thing can be achieved with so little because the builder found the perfect part adjustement and removed everything that was superfluous. Sometimes, I am litterally out of words when I have that perfect engineering feeling. Recently, I built the Elf Club House 10275. I just couldn't believe how the designer deconstructed the various steps of the wafles dispenser mechanism with just some boring tiles... Antoine de Saint Exupery said : "Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing left to take away".
  4. I'd say that modularity with Lego parts and Lego build is the equivalent of "Whatever is well conceived is clearly said, And the words to say it flow with ease." with words and sentences. Modularity is not simple to achieve, but it is what makes a build litterally "readable". Modularity makes the difference between a complex build and a complicated build. I would say that very few Technic builders truely master modularity, even at TLG. Time for @NKubate to jump in.
  5. 4x6 is an unusual dimension for studless. 5x7 would be more appropriate with other odd parts. edit : definitely not a new part here. It is just part 6629.
  6. 42131 without motors would be dull. A 42131 without motors would turn into an enormous 42028, which makes no sense.
  7. Maybe. I would even say that it is very likely so (going for a full extra axle is more than just a few bricks). Still, that is not my point. Wanna rate/value the achievement of 42129 ? Then go for a similar TT : 4WD, medium size wheels, 2 L motors for driving. And if possible, with detailed/accurate model, and not something that look like it was made 20 years ago (altough this is a minor - but real - aspect when judging pure performances as it affects weight)
  8. That's obviously not my point. You can be sure they are clever enough not to believe what you suggest.
  9. Comparing the achievements of a 4x4 with medium wheels to 6x6 with giant wheels is kinda silly, to say the least.
  10. Sorry, I missread your message in the first place. I thought you wrote 42128 which made no sense in my eye.
  11. What set did they promote for using outdoor ? In the first pages of the instructions, Lego usually shows a drawing that explains that the model is made to be used indoors.
  12. Anio

    75060 - UCS Slave I MOD/MOC

    I like the bed. The dishes around the cannons are nice as well but the way the cannons are attached become meh. The macaroni tile to rounden the body near the windscreen is cool. Maybe you can find a way to improve the angle made with LBG wedges ? The door movement is very cool. Anyway you can make the knob less visible ? Maybe a lever hidden on the back of the ship ? As for the skirt, you should try both parts 42862/48165.
  13. It would be good to have some transparency about the recruiting process to know what they are really looking for.