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  1. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    4x2x3 by the way. You can see that with shot from the back.
  2. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Nope. On the very top of the main tower.
  3. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    No one noticed the new cone 4 x 2 x 3 piece ?
  4. [MOC] Truck with trailer

    Hey ! Glad to see that the few City models I designed gave you some inspiration. :)
  5. Hello there ! I did 2 reviews. Anthem Mack Truck, full review : And the Hovercraft 42076 : Review of the rally car is coming soon. Note that you can translate the review by using .
  6. ..

    Hum... Not sure how I have to consider this thread...
  7. I got the new version. Right on time for some parts I need. :) Thanks !
  8. French Empire models

    Hi there ! Here are 3 models I did last year. :) First, an Empire chess. Made out of 6,500 elements, minifigs are exclusively made of official parts excepted : - one sticker for Napoléon torso - one modified epaulette Technically speaking, the model is fairly simple. I supposed you recognized French armies (Napoleon, Joséphine) against English armies (Wellington). Gunners, standard bearer, pipe for English armies. French horseman are Mamluks. I let you do some research on Google if you want to know a bit more about them. :) Empire Chess by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Empire Chess by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Empire Chess by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Empire Chess by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Empire Chess by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Full FlickR album : This white building it the Petite Malmaison. Built in the XIXth century version, it has no perpendicular wing and a huge canopy. At the time, it was quite a technical achievment. But it was very expensive to maintain. Thus, the canopy was dismantled in 1827. Except the west wing, the building became more or less what we can see nowadays. At the time, Joséphine spent a lot of time gardening in this canopy. She liked it a lot. She had a lot of various plant and exotic flowers. More information about that building : I virtually had no documents to design that canopy. I did a lot of photos of the real building, and that was ok for the main part of the building. But for the canopy, as it was destroyed 200 years ago, I only had some inaccurate drawings and paintings. The only major information I had was found in a picture description : the canopy was 19 meters wide. With this information, I could calculate the proportion (and the angle of the canopy) as I had the lenght and the height of the building. Technically, the round part in the front was not so simple. On other sides, there are a lot of details but that is not so complicated. As for the gardens, I bought a lot of various plant/flower elements, and I went with my imagination. In principle, all plants are differents. :) 18 000 pièces. Petite Malmaison by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Petite Malmaison by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Petite Malmaison by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Petite Malmaison by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Petite Malmaison by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr[/img] Petite Malmaison by Régis Gamba, sur Flickr Full FlickR album : And finally, the Chateau de Malmaison. 31 000 pièces. It is more or less symetrical. But is what tricky to deal with all tiny details that were not symetrical. Even after 40 hours looking at the tons of pictures I did, I was still founding some differences... I think the final model is very accurate. It is not very complex architecturally speaking, though. I don't have nice pictures for that model, so I didn't upload any on FlickR. Here are just some random pics : Comments welcome :) Régis
  9. Hi there ! Can you please report this auction : @ other UCS MOCer : be warned, according to his feedback, this son of a b**** sold quite a lot of instructions over the last months... Report please.
  10. Yes, they are still available. Just mail me at
  11. MOC / WIP A-Wing mid size

    Make rear edge vertical. You have to use pictures for reference. But do not necessarily stick to them for every aspect of the ship. Sometimes, you have to make some details different for the model to look better in Lego bricks. I think you have to rework the section behind the cockpit. It must be more massive, and you have to put more flow in it.
  12. MOC / WIP A-Wing mid size

    I can see how you got some inspiration from my model. It is a good start. I would suggest to make it thicker, though. Add 1 plate below the white slopes 4x1 curved. For the fins, I am also not sure that plate 2x6 with round corner and plate 3x3 cut corner are a good idea. Front wedge need to be more vertical (use wing 3x2 or 4x2). At this size, I think you can do the underside with tubes outside. That would simplify the whole built a lot. Make the red thing behind the windscreen 5 studs wide. With 4L wide, it is too narrow.
  13. Gigantic Christmas Village

    Nice buildings, cool details. I love it !
  14. +1 with Erik. I was doing the same comparison with 42039 that I consider to be a very meh model. And this one seems even worse. Technically poor, and not so good looking. Hell, how is it possible to release a set with such wheel arches in 2018 ? T_T