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  1. Anio

    [MOC] UCS Sith Infiltrator

    Don't know if there are many Korean readers out there, but thank you for the translation. =)
  2. Nice idea, nice design.
  3. You need the Slave 1 from Cloud CIty 75222. And the Adidas Boba Fett shoes. :p
  4. Anio

    Best UCS-scaled Razor Crest?

    Not a chance ever.
  5. A red cape and it can make it in Worms !
  6. I bought a copy, built the model and wrote a review of the Osprey : I gotta say, now that I have built it, I am very sceptical about all this shitstorm about 42113. It would make a lot of sense that TLG didn't cancel that model because of the military BS but because TLG found out very late in the process that the product has a very major design flaw in its core. And so took advantage of the situation to cancel the launch of the product. Redesigning and providing customer service for such a product would have been VERY complicated and VERY expensive. Analysing the product to come up with a fix matching Lego building standards, bringing home all sets already shipped, opening boxes, adding extra parts to fix the set, redoing instructions, reprinting them, maybe redoing box design, updating the production lines. And also all costs related to communication about this mess. Not to mention that the product would have been delayed a lot to get fixed and relaunched properly. Full cancel plain and simple was the simplest way to go. @Huw Millington
  7. They could release a replacement set in August 2021. But the August 2021 set designs are about to be finished now (August 2020). Adding a 130€ set in the lineup is not a small move (like removing a 130€ set in August 2020 set lineup) . And I doubt they will update the whole lineup to integrate another set. So, if a replacement had to be, I'd say 2022.
  8. Oh, I see, it is not included in the picture. My bad.
  9. Any idea why the tilting motors are moved with wormscrew + blue clutch 20t + 2x12t + tan 20t + yellow axle instead wormscrew + tan 20t + yellow axle ?
  10. Anio

    MOC Elf Archer

    Lovely build ! Did you consider Light Yellow hairs ?
  11. Anio

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    @Ngoc Nguyen Good for you if you have one copy. :)
  12. Anio

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Well, everyone gave his opinion about this shitstorm. Everyone but Lego. :D Guys, we have many pictures of the final product, and some pictures of the inside. It is replica time !!! :D
  13. Anio

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

  14. The 2 last reviews I did for that summer wave. Death Star Final Duel #75291 : Resistance IT-S Transport Ship #75293 :
  15. Hey ! 75284 is a weird set, for sure : As for 75288, it is the best AT-AT to date : More to come tomorrow. If you have some questions, tell me.