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  1. Nothing to do with details. Details can be changed / modified easily, and so, they are not a problem. As I said, the details are not a problem. The thing is deeper than that. You probably completed that build a few weeks ago, and wings already start to bend. It can (and it will !) only go worth over time. Even official product with way less constraint tend to bend over time (10030, 75095, 10212, and probably a few others). The thing here is that you have a huuuge shuttle, but the level of details and the finishes are not really better than the official product 75156. For example, joins are very important on a UCS model. And the joins here are not better than what we can see on the official playset model. To make it short, you have a model that is twice bigger but you are are far from having twice more details. In other words, you had to deal with all the problems of a big build (complex build, bending parts), without taking advantage of it. I think you should have go with a model that is "only" 50% bigger than 75156. This scale would have been more than enough to have all the details you need, and you would have strongly reduce all the problems related to structures (beyond some point, those can not be removed, this is why it is important not to make the model pointlessly big).
  2. Sorry, but those wings really look terrible. Like the Shuttle were crying.
  3. Anio

    [MOC] Ferrari 365GT4 BB

    Very nice indeed. :) At the rear, did you consider using instead of 3 ?
  4. At 11,000 parts, you may reach a limit : you virtually can't carry the box out of the store and put it in your car. Too big, too heavy.
  5. The chassis looks very nice. But I think the cabin needs some rework. Too tall, too messy.
  6. Anio

    42116 Skid Steer Loader

    On each side, make the small panels black. Bright Light Orange + Black would be the perfect color scheme.
  7. Well, I'd have considered 42114 more as a construction vehicle than a truck.
  8. The arch wheel extension is already available on LDD ?
  9. Anio

    42120 Hovercraft

    The 11L black liftarm is used just to make sure that both engines always stay parallel. And I think that each engine is moved left/right thanks to the 3L black beam below (which can be part 32526 or 60484 for example).
  10. Anio

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Let's be honnest : most people and Lego fans just lack the knowledge and skill to appreciate that kind of aspect of a (lego) design. We have been discussing this like 1000 times by email. I mean, just look at the comments we can read about the comparison between MOCs and official products...
  11. Clutch is used to secure the model if a kid rotates the drum by hand without pushing/driving the truck.
  12. Anio

    42123 McLaren Senna GTR

    On the video, it clearly appears reddish brown. On one of the photos I got from press release, it clearly appears red. I suppose the video is more accurate and so it is reddish brown.
  13. Anio

    42123 McLaren Senna GTR

    It is not reddish brown. It is classic red. You're welcome.