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  1. FYI, the wings are wrong.
  2. Anio

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    1600 parts and no gearbox like 42077 ? Doubt it.
  3. Anio

    UCS Desert Skiff

    Thanks. Btw, I updated the bottom. More flow.
  4. Anio

    Build The Impossible

    Look this one. There are a few seconds on the superstructure rotation mechanism.
  5. Anio

    Build The Impossible

    We had a professional team hired by TLG to film that (and from what I have understood, they regularly work with TLG when filming is required), and we were using a professional studio. Honnestly, the filming team and the studio both had stuff that probably none of us here have or could ever afford. O_o They were also very nice and professional. If you think the video is shaky, that's is because it is accelerated. Also, keep in mind that the cameraman had to be able to move quickly as the machine goes fast sometimes. Not to mention that, for obvious reasons, the cameraman could NOT touch anything when filming. It was also not possible to use a cart to have a more steady movement (not enough room between the cranes, too difficult to move quickly when necessary).
  6. Anio

    Build The Impossible

    In the briefing, we were told that several 42082 had to be clearly visible. Both to see that the machine is made out of 42082 sets and to promote the product. Haha. FYI, this video came in the discussion with Lego when we were talking about what could/should be done. If I remember correctly, the whole machine "lasts" a bit more than 2 minutes. That is what the team was told to do. In the end I suppose they shortened the thing because : - sometimes, the machine does the same thing for several seconds (when the cabins drive on rack for example, at the beginning), which is ok and necessary technically, but doesn't add much in a video, so to speak. I mean if this last 8 seconds, you probably have enough if you look at it for 4 seconds - it can be hard to catch people attention for more than 2 minutes on youtube and social networks. This video is for everyone, not only AFOLs. Probably many people will watch this when they wait the bus after work or something similar. So a shorter and more dense video makes sense.
  7. Anio

    UCS Desert Skiff

    Thanks ! Well, doing a UCS MOC that looks better than an official playset is the least I can do. :D I have no idea when the instruction is ready. I think you will have to be very patient for this one.
  8. Anio

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The prices do not skyrocket anymore. Actually, not like what we saw in the past. Zoo, no need to rush immediatly. There are plenty of 42056 on the market, for much cheaper than MSRP. Personnally I have 2 for sale (including 1 MISB), and no one seems interested in buying them. So you have plenty of time, and you can totally wait the first pictures of 42096 to make up your mind.
  9. Anio

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Cars don't : 8653, 8674, 8386, 8145, 42056, 42083.
  10. Anio

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Really ? For a licensed product ? C'mon.
  11. Anio

    UCS Desert Skiff

    True. I think it is possible to reuse the techniques of my model to build a midscale Sail Barge : the most tricky part (reproducing the right angles on the side and at the rear) is done. The rest of the build seems pretty much straight forward. Maybe some DIY work for the sails if official sails do not work (I did that with my UCS Sail Barge, and I think I ended up with a pretty good result).
  12. Anio

    UCS Desert Skiff

    Thank you for your comments guys ! :) Yes, I hope we will be able to offer instructions someday. The proportions of the plank are wrong indeed. Not because it is too wide, but because it is not long enough. When it is out, it is 5 studs long, while it should be at least 8 studs long. But for obvious reasons, 8 studs long is not possible.
  13. Anio

    UCS Desert Skiff

    Hi, This won't be a crazy UCS model. But well, I had fun doing it. And I think the final result is reasonnably interesting considering the original model. So I thought it was well worth to show it to you. Here : UCS Desert Skiff by Anio, sur Flickr Some close up shots. I like the rear section. It was the trickiest part of the model. It had to be a stable build and as round as possible. UCS Desert Skiff by Anio, sur Flickr Of course, the plank can retract : And as always, the UCS sticker : It has 615 parts. I also did a video to show the model : As I said, nothing fancy with that model. But I still like it when I compare it to the real Desert Skiff. Edit : FlickR gallery : Brickshelf gallery :
  14. Anio

    Review: 75230 Porg

    I was wondering how long it would take before someone notices that... The real porg has a round belly and long legs, while the lego sets has a bigger belly (which can touch the ground) and very short legs. The explanation is very simple : stability of the model. I wouldn't say it looks that bad, but it is still very inaccurate.