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  1. Webcam problems and Windows 10

    Don't buy anything until you speak to a Microsoft IT support agent. What is wrong with the webcam? When did it stop working in relation to new downloads?
  2. Did Lego win the lawsuit?

    If you can't find real Lego, or don't like seeing scammers and the scum of Ebay, I would use search filters. Filter for brands that say specifically Lego, and Ebay will show those only. Or, if you're looking for an expensive set, set a price range in your search so you don't see the cheap knockoffs but rather only real ones that are still at good prices.
  3. [MOC] 31070 alternate Porsche

    Prova a parlare in qualche inglese. Con una comunità prevalentemente inglese, si dovrebbe cercare di parlare inglese come lo stato delle regole.
  4. Next UCS Set

    I would love to see a Harrower Class, but it's not likely. The Resurgent Class is possible, as Lego is going to start releasing mostly TLJ sets for a while.
  5. I was hoping for a few Star Wars mini vehicles. Specifically, I was thinking of some Sequel Trilogy ships. For example, a mini Resistance troop transport. Maybe a Kylo Ren Tie Fighter in mini scale. If people want an OT collection, then maybe a Raider Class Corvette from Battlefront 2. Or even an Interdictor Class Imperial Cruiser.
  6. Hi from Moscow! We need your support :)

    Just an FYI. Advertising is not permitted on Eurobricks. Please do not advertise anything. Look at the guidelines. EDIT: I just read the guidelines myself and found I was mistaken. Sorry about that. Ideas projects are allowed as long as they aren't obnoxious, so yours is fine. Again, sorry.
  7. [MOC] RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor

    For something built from memory with a limited selection of bricks, this is pretty impressive! I agree about the engine section, however. They could've used source material, because they look a little strange. They don't flow. Also, the nose of the fighter is not very menacing or sleek, but for standard bricks, it still looks good. Everything else looks great!
  8. Next UCS Set

    Hey Eurobricks, I was just looking at the VIP poster you get at the Lego Store for Force Friday 2 when I noticed something. If you look at the sun on the poster, you can clearly see the silhouette of the bridge from an Imperial Star Destroyer. In addition, the poster shows of the UCS Falcon, so this could be hinting at another UCS ISD. Anyone agree with me? I can't attach the photo; file too large. Just look at the poster VIPS get after spending money at the Lego Store.
  9. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    The FSD has much more interior space, but the engine area and the general exterior is too basic and unrealistic for me. The ISD has a better looking outside, but a pathetic interior. Depends if you want it only for play or only for display. If you choose the latter, then go with the ISD. If you play, then go with the FSD.
  10. Flooded Collection

    Sorry about your home...hopefully, your insurance is good enough to cover flooding and natural disasters. Glad to hear you're okay. Anyway, I would check out some Instructables on this. Also, a youtuber called "Grant Thompson: The King of Random" posts some videos involving hydrogen peroxide. If he does work with ABS plastic and hydrogen peroxide, then it will probably be an okay way to clean the bricks. However, I'm not sure about drying. Maybe a google search of "How to clean ABS plastic and dry it safely" will work. And, I hope you have better luck than I did insurance-wise when my CT basement got flooded halfway up the stairs due to runoff, torrential rain and Hurricane Irene.
  11. SW: TLJ set reviews taken down from YouTube

    Jang is choosing not to go to court because of the legal fees and time it takes. However, Disney would lose in court, as they broke the law by attempting to sue law abiding citizens. So, Jang should go to court, but won't. However, I haven't seen MandRProductions threatened, or even Just2Good. Disney is total bull, and the company is too big and powerful for its own good.
  12. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I don't think there are any until, at the earliest, October. The calendar found on the Lego website shows the VIP event on Force Friday on September 1-3, but I don't see anything else. Also, the double VIP points thing only counts for Star Wars, but I may be wrong about that.
  13. [MOC] Mini Cooper alternate build

    I love it! If it wasn't constrained to using the Mini Cooper parts I would have some suggestions on shape, but since it is, I love how you pulled it off.
  14. HELP! ! !

    In https, the site name at the top would likely be green for secure. But for me, it has https but it says not fully secure, and that that hackers can change the site security to look like it's secure.
  15. HELP! ! !

    I may know the issue, but it isn't good. If you get a security warning, then that is a red flag. But the site changing to a https is another red flag. If Eurobricks was hacked, then it's https because the hacker(s) changed it to look that way and trick people. I'm not sure about this though, maybe we did get an upgrade.