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  1. jhaigh22

    [MOD] Republic TX-130 Saber Tank

    Awesome job! I'm bricklinking this set and changing the colors like yours!! So cool!!
  2. jhaigh22

    [MOC] nanofigure-scaled AT-AT

    Ahh, thanks for clarifying. After I posted this I came across a sound brick on Bricklink which is the same dimensions as the light brick (obviously). It supposedly makes "space noises" whatever that means...LOL! I ordered it and look forward to finishing the AT-AT with space sounds! :-) BTW - do you have plans for the base that I saw pictured above? I'd love to build that too. Also, I would be in for an order of the round printed tiles. Thanks so much!!
  3. jhaigh22

    [MOC] nanofigure-scaled AT-AT

    I love nanofigure-scaled AT-AT! I am currently building this but have come across a part on step 21 that is not on the parts list. I've never seen this piece before. It's translucent red on top and dark grey on the bottom half. It also has a place to accept a technic arm. I am puzzled...please help!
  4. jhaigh22

    [MOC] UCS Scale TIE Phantom

    It's amazing!! Do you have instructions and a parts list for your Phantom?
  5. jhaigh22

    (MOC)(Instructions) Cavegod's Tie Defender

    Love the Tie Defender...looking forward to getting the instruction bundle so I can get started!
  6. jhaigh22

    (MOC)(Instructions) Cavegod's Tie Defender

    Hi there - I just emailed inquiring about the UCS Tie Defender instruction bundle. Will it also come with instructions for a stand? Any idea about how much it would cost to obtain all the parts?