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  1. kreimkoek

    [MOC] Amityville Horror

    A recreation of the Amityville horror house. Video overview Thanks for looking!
  2. kreimkoek

    [MOC] Micro City

    A micro scale city I built for a stop motion animation. The animation: Thanks for looking!
  3. kreimkoek

    [MOC] Witch's Castle

    Built this on a classic castle baseplate. Timelapse video: Thanks for looking.
  4. kreimkoek

    [MOC] Exorcism

    Hi, With this MOC I tried to replicate the famous scene from The Exorcist. More pictures here: Thanks for looking.
  5. Hello there, Built this MOC as a set for my animation. More pictures: The animation:
  6. kreimkoek

    The Shining

    Last two weeks I have been working on a The Shining LEGO trailer. Enjoy :D
  7. kreimkoek

    Toy Story Andy's room [MOC]

    Thanks all for the comments, appreciated :) I consider the cloud pattern but couldn't get satisfying results with the bricks I have. He came out a little weird but I like it :D Thank you, this made my day!
  8. kreimkoek

    Toy Story Andy's room [MOC]

    Hi, Toy Story is one of my most beloved movies from my childhood. Recently LEGO released toy story 4 sets and I wanted to recreate Andy's room. Brick built Lenny Brick built Mr. potato head Video tour Buzz: To inifinty Woody: And beyond... :'( more pictures: Thanks for looking :)
  9. kreimkoek

    D-Day Omaha Beach

    I made a stop motion of Omaha Beach on D-Day.
  10. kreimkoek

    [MOC] Art Deco Museum

    Hi, built this in 2018 but now I decided to take some pictures because I want to break it apart. A museum of history with displays inside. Close ups of the interior can be seen in this video.
  11. kreimkoek

    Dawn of the Zombie

    Hello I made a stop motion. It is part 1 of a mini-series. This time I was inspired by Night of the Living Dead. Greetings, Kreimkoek
  12. Hi, I made a battle for Stalingrad stop motion. Thanks for watching!
  13. Hi, I made a LEGO bedroom with furniture which I used as a background for a stop motion animation. Short horror movie Bedfellows: Thanks for watching!
  14. kreimkoek

    The NUN 2

    The nun is back! Another house another victim to play with.
  15. kreimkoek

    WW2 Battle for Carentan

    A stop motion flick I made over the past few weeks. Enjoy.