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Found 16 results

  1. crazymotion

    Indian Army in WW1

    My new history brickfilm is about Sikh in Indian British Army
  2. Hi Guys, This is my first post here so tell me if I am doing things wrong. After a long time of not doing anything with lego I decided to start up again, a bit older and wiser (so they say) I started to get interested in making some more difficult models that don't exist from Lego themselves. I started snooping around and eventually bumped into Sariel & Tommy Stryvoky 's MOC's, one thing led to another and I am currently designing a MK V tank. I started using the photo's from Sariel's MK V as a reference but quickly decided that I can use other parts or design it differently. The first thing I did was another color, the original one was a dark tan color but since Lego doesn't have a lot of pieces in this color, this one went to the trashbin. Finally I decided to go with the standard tan color as this resembles the real paint job better than just standard grey. THE HISTORY: The British MK V was an upgraded version of the MK IV. It was first deployed in 1918, used in action during the closing months of World War I. The tank was improved in several aspects, chiefly the new steering system and engine, but it fell short in other areas such as mechanical reliability and its insufficient ventilation.However, the Mark V was a great improvement on the MK IV due to the use of Wilson's epicyclic steering gear meant that only a single driver was needed. -wikipedia The base model: Where am I with the project: Cosmetically the tank is finished, still finetuning the design and changing parts that can be made stronger. mechanically I need to change a lot! at the moment I am driving the wrong gear and thus not functioning as it should when I turn. Tommy Styrvoky helped me a lot with the clutch drive system, this will be similar to how the tank moved in its day, thus no 0° turning circle. More pictures in this topic or on my Flickr page Please leave your thoughts, comments & ideas I am interested in hearing your opinions.
  3. Hello guys! Welcome to a real history lesson with some action scenes! Battle of Verdun... History on my channel!
  4. Hello guys! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I've made a real lego film about 1914 Christmas truce... Check it:
  5. After buying the plans from Sariel, I started on making this very nice moc to go alongside my MKV. The plans & design are property of Sariel, you can buy the plans here I changed the color due to budget reasons and then I could make a german captured version, the stickers still need to go on and maybe I'll change some parts later on. The model is full radio controlled For more photos check my Flickr Page
  6. This is my own creation of a micro-scale British Mark V Tank. You can download the instructions and view the parts list for this MOC in my Rebrickable post here:
  7. Staycalm182

    [MOC] Sopwith Camel F.1

    This is my own creation of a Sopwith Camel F.1 biplane fighter aircraft. You can download the instructions for this MOC from my Rebrickable post here:
  8. It's been a while since I've built a tank model. This time I wanted it to look accurate and perform well. You'll be the judges of looks, but I dare to assume that ability to cross 22 cm wide trenches, climb 9 cm tall vertical obstacles and ascend a 31° slope counts as decent performance. Not to mention that the hull is built partially upside-down, and includes partial interior based on that of the original tank.
  9. Here's my take at the father of the modern battle tank. Goals: make it green and aim for a reasonable balance between looks and functions. Also, I'm really happy with the upper glacis plate opening up just like in the real tank, because it required creating a complex compact hinge inclined in two planes. Photos & reading:
  10. Hi Here's the latest addition to my World War 1 War Department Light Railway collection... The Simplex 40hp armoured petrol tractor (A.K.A the "Tin Turtle".) Following the success of their 20hp petrol engined rail tractor the Motor Rail Company/Simplex began producing a larger 40hp version in 1917. Its increased power allowed it to be fitted with armour plating to protect the vulnerable engine and driver, meaning it could operate much closer to the front lines. There were 3 versions produced and this MOC represents the "Open" version (the least armoured). It had curved armour plates at each end as well as an armoured engine cover. A lightweight roof provided protection from the elements. image by g.nat, on Flickr The internal layout was similar to the 20hp version, except the driver now sat in the centre above the engine. To his left is the radiator and to his right is the brake wheel and a 20 gallon petrol tank. image by g.nat, on Flickr Controls (gear lever, clutch pedal and brake wheel) image by g.nat, on Flickr View showing the armoured engine cover and back of the driver's seat! Some photos show the exhaust pipe coming out of the engine housing and up to a roof mounted silencer but in others (and in videos of restored versions actually running) it doesn't so I've left it out!! image by g.nat, on Flickr End view - the gap at the bottom of the armour was to aid ventilation. Like the smaller 20hp version, it can run equally well in either direction. image by g.nat, on Flickr Years ago I built one of the more heavily armoured versions but it had a number of inaccuracies (mainly in the interior layout) but with better references this time I'm pretty pleased with the results - even if the driver does need his legs amputating to fit in!! I'm currently working on the other 2 more heavily armoured versions (the "Protected" and "Armoured") so watch this space!! Thanks for looking... comments are always welcome!!
  11. kreimkoek

    WW2 Battle for Carentan

    A stop motion flick I made over the past few weeks. Enjoy.
  12. Hi This my MOD of Brickmania's Renault FT tank of World War 1. The Renault FT was a French light tank introduced towards the end of WW1. Previous French tanks had followed the British idea of a large armoured box on tracks with the main gun(s) forward and machine guns protecting the flanks /rear. The problem with this idea was that the resulting tank was heavy, slow and expensive in materials and men. The solution that the French came up with was a small 2 man vehicle with driver in the forward hull, a gunner in a rotating turret (cannon and machine gun version were produced) and the engine at the rear. The idea was a success; with 5 FT's being produced for the cost of one heavy tank. On the battlefield the tanks would operate in "swarms" to overwhelm the enemy and their small size/weight allowed them to operate in woods and narrow lanes (essential once the stalemate of trench warfare had been broken). Over 3,000 were produced before the war's end and the basic design became the norm for tanks right up to the present day. This MOD is the command/communication variant, the T.S.F which stands for "Telegraphie San Fil" (wireless). Around 200 of these were built and they were used to improve communication between mobile units and for observing/reporting back on the enemy. The hull was unchanged but the turret was replaced with a fixed box-like structure containing a morse code radio and space for the operator and a commander/observer (increasing the tank's crew to 3) Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr I kept the Brinckmania hull (built using instructions from their" Great War" instruction book) and added my own superstructure. It's not perfect (the observation cupola should be half a stud wider) and the front should be sloped (I tried using cheese slopes but they looked too steep!) but overall I think it's pretty good and reasonably in scale (the tank itself is too tall but that's LEGO for you!!) I'm still trying out hatch ideas - didn't want it too bulky but I did want to be able to pose it open. I'm also planning to replace the Lego tracks with Brinckmania ones. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Here's one of the crew... had to remove his legs for the looking out the hatch pic!! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Finally a rare colour photo of a TSF passing some British troops (loosely based on a period B&W photo I found online) The "Tommies" are from United Bricks and the helmets/rifles are Brickarms. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr I'm currently building a few Brinckmania models and many of them I have plans to MOD so who knows you may be seeing more soon!! Anyway thanks for looking!! Comments always welcome...
  13. Here I'd like to show you two airplanes that were already on display at the exhibitions Bricking Bavaria in Germany and Mondesee in Austria. Both planes were also available as official sets in large scale in 2001 and 2002 – I had now tried to construct them in minifigure size. Sopwith F.1 Camel Fokker Dr.I Hope you like them - please let me know in the comments :) Best Johannes
  14. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr August 1917 and the Great War had been raging for almost 3 years. In an effort to break the stalemate, the British began an offensive that would become known the Battle of Passchendaele. Part of the plan was to use tanks to cross no-mans land. One such tank was F41, nicknamed “Fray Bentos” by its crew (After a popular brand of tinned meat) On 22nd of August 1917, F41 was one of several tanks took part in an assault on a German strongpoint centred around Gallipoli farm. By this time, heavy rain had turned the ground to mud and most of the tanks soon bogged down, leaving just Fray Bentos to reach its objective. As the tank got within a few dozen yards of the german lines, one of the drivers was hit by enemy fire penetrating a vision slit and the tank veered of course into a shell hole. Attempts to drive out failed and so one of the men (L. Cpl Ernest Braedy) volunteered to go outside and attach the unditching beam (a large reinforced wooden beam that could be chained to the tracks for traction) but before he could complete the task he was killed by enemy fire. At this point, the tank’s commander, Captain Donald Richardson, realised that although they were immobilised and their main 6-pounder guns were now useless (one was stuck in the mud, the other pointing skyward) the tanks machine guns could still hurt the enemy. This was proved correct when they were able to break up a German counter attack against the British. Of course this attracted the attention of the Germans and they launched an attack to try and capture or destroy the tank. For the next 3 days, the crew fought off attack after attack. At one point a German soldier forced open a hatch and threw in a grenade but one of the crew threw it back out. Eventually, out of food and water (having had to resort to drinking radiator water), with all but one man injured and down to their last few rounds of ammunition, the final straw was coming under fire from their own side who believed that the tank was about to fall into enemy hands. Captain Richardson gave the order to abandon the tank. One at a time the weary men slipped out under the cover of darkness and made it back to the British lines (taking the tanks machine guns with them!!) All the survivors received awards, becoming the most decorated tank crew of the war: Captain Donald Richardson 2nd Lt George Hill Sgt Robert Missen Gunner William Morrey Gunner Ernest Hayton, Gunner Frederick Arthurs, Gunner Percy Budd Gunner James Binley .Lance Corporal Ernest Braedy (shot and killed as he got out to try and access the unditching gear) I came across this amazing story when looking for references to make a microscale Mk IV tank MOC and couldn’t resist trying to recreate the scene. I wanted to try and copy a (probably exaggerated) newspaper illustration from the time of Germans crawling all over the tank - using microscale figures turned out to be very fiddly!!! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr A few more views... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr 35967104763_40272065bc_o by g.nat, on Flickr Anyway, comments are welcome (I’ll probably post pics of the tank itself later - as I'm quite pleased with how it came out! )
  15. Professor Thaum

    [O - E03] Red Baron

    LOCATION : ERTAUQ - E03 TAGS : Exploration, Airplanes, WWI, Fokker Dr I Janurali 3817, Ertauq, vertical of St Eloi Mount, somewhere above the clouds : RAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN RAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN : What's the program, professor ? : You start your sensors and you seek Hadvices beacon, this is your target for today... BC 122 : Those planes are very maneuverable, I feel good on it ! Pr Thaum : You're making progress BC 122, you're handling your state better and better. BC 122 : I like to fly professor, it's magic !! I'm the plane !! YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAa ! VRRRRRRRRRROOOOAAAAARRRRRRR : Hadvice ? You're OK ? : Yes professor, I'm in position. The beacon is started, I'm awaiting. : Roger ! We're on our way ! BC 122 : Ha ! There's a signal professor, I've locked it some miles away... Follow me ! Pr Thaum : Good, BC 122, very good ! I like your new self confidence ! I follow you in close escort. Beware of the peaks through the clouds ! BC 122 : These pitfall are quite easy to dodge professor ! BC 122 : OK, we're close... You're still here Professor ? Pr Thaum : Of course I am... Hadvice: Professor, I have two red spot right in my 12 Pr Thaum : Indeed Hadvice, here we are ! BC 122 : Here he is professor !! We've found it !! BC 122 REACH NEXT STAGE !!! WOOUUUHOOOOOOOO !!! VRRRRRRRRRROOOOAAAAARRRRRRR BC 122 : YEEEEHAAAAAAAA !!!! EASY !!! THAT WAS EASY !!!!! Pr Thaum : It is so impulsive, isn't it ! Hadvice : Sure professor, but it is making really good progress... Pr Thaum : Indeed... C&C welcome Bonuses later
  16. Professor Thaum

    [O-F03] Red Bull Air Race

    LOCATION : FORRING TAGS : Airplanes, Civilian building, WWI Somewhere above white clouds of the atmosphere of Forring VRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNN GRRRROOOOAAAAAAAOOOOOOOONNNNNN Exp BC 122 : Aaaaaah !!! AAAAAH !!! AAAAHAAAAAAA !!! Why am I on this devilish plane !!! Pr. Thaum : You only have to follow Hadvice BC 122... keep calm, and keep concentrate ! Hadvice : Good BC 122, just a straight trajectory... Follow me to the first gate. Exp BC 122 : AAAAH ! Bloody controls !! AAaaAAAAH !! Pr Thaum : You're a bonehead BC 122 !!! Keep calm and concentrate !!! You're flying a great SPAD VII with the Pere Dorme colors... You should honour them. Hadvice : ...and don't push the red button on the joystick, your SPAD carries a vickers machine gun. Exp BC 122 : The first gate !! There's the first gate !! I can do it !!! Pr Thaum : Yes, you can, easy job ! Keep Hadvice right in front of you, follow his SPAD XIII. Hadvice : Stay in formation BC 122 ! Exp BC 122 : AAAAAH ! Were am I flyiiiing !!!! AAAAH !!! AAAAH !!!! AAARRGGHH !! Hadvice : The second gate is going to be a hard task for you BC 122... yaw full right BC 122 !! Exp BC 122 : F*** ! F*** ! F*** ! HOLY SH*****T !!! AAAH AAAH !!! Pr Thaum : Where are you going my little playful experiment ! Exp BC 122 : I'm flying home !!! Don't try to follow me or I'll burn you down with my vickers machine gun !!! Pr Thaum : You're a bonehead BC 122 !!! If you want to shoot, you must follow your target and be right behind and a little below... Just like I am for you... My Fokker E-III carries a spandau machine gun do you want to try a dogfight ??? Pr Thaum : You are going to miss another gate BC 122 !! Please keep concentrate !! Exp BC 122 : I'm under the weather ! Hadvice: It is a basket case Professor... What do you think about this trial ? Pr Thaum : It doesn't explode, it doesn't shot anyone, it doesn't get lost, and it doesn't crash the plane... it's half a success Hadvice, we may leave ! Hadvice : When you will be OK to come back on the ground, just push the joystick forward BC 122... See you later ! Exp BC 122 : Wait ! Wait ! WAAIIIIT !!! Sucky controls !!! WAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT !!!! Heeeeelp !!! AAAAAH !!!! *** Hadvice : Where did you get theses gates professor ? Pr Thaum : There are GARC gates Hadvice, there were onboard a supply ship en route to Sinden's Run... I just change their destination... C&C welcome