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  1. I’ll put in another plug for Pick a Brick - I just ordered a lot of minifigs from DR Season 1 last week. It’s probably comparable to buying the magazines cost-wise and is available in the United States. Of course, it’s a bit of a pain to enter all the parts numbers and keep track of what you’re ordering. After seeing some reviews of the Dragon Shrine, I’m a bit more tempted to get it. Yes, it’s small, but it is a beauty of a set. The included minifigures do look a little odd alongside the more traditional architecture, with the exception of Wu and Euphrasia. I guess I’ll wait and see how the summer wave looks before making the call. Hopefully Euphrasia will be available from Pick a Brick regardless. The only set from the March wave that I’m definitely looking forward to is Riyu. Combined with the mech-heavy January wave, I may not be buying very many Ninjago sets from this year.
  2. Rolyat24

    2024 Space sets

    In Brickset’s review published today they say Friday the 16th. Interestingly, the space babies aren’t babies at all but have the traditional smiley face. I’m not sure if this makes them more or less desirable.
  3. I’m curious why you say this with such certainty. Why can’t leaked figure be Euphrasia?
  4. Is there any reason the student-looking minifigure couldn’t be Euphrasia? The leaked outfit isn’t exactly the same as in the show, but it also isn’t that different either. The main change is the hairstyle instead of the hood, but unless I’m mistaken we don’t know what Euphrasia’s hair looks like. Since the pictures could be preliminary, it’s possible that there will be a different hair element used, though again the hair itself doesn’t indicate that the character is not her. Similarly, it’s possible that Kai and Nya get updated suits in the final set. We have to wait and see official pictures.
  5. It’s a beautiful set, but as others have said, I can’t see where the price is coming from. Is it confirmed $120? I could justify $60-80 for this, no more. I guess we’ll see when official images drop if anything has changed, but I expect it to be very similar to this. Ninjago gets so many beautiful temples that are easily double the size of this set. It’ll be hard to justify spending so much on something so small, when the Temple of the Dragon Energy Cores is still on shelves and $30 cheaper!
  6. With a few March sets being revealed today, we can’t be very far out from seeing the rest of this wave! I kinda like the brick-built Riyu. I hope he continues to grow and we see a large version of him soon!
  7. Rolyat24

    Wizarding World 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Have both Dumbledores ever appeared in the same wave before? It’s possible he shows up in the Twiwizard Tournament Arrival set. Wasn’t he in that scene?
  8. I think you’re right that it’s the s11 armor, which is a shame. That piece has been so overused, even more so than the previously overused ZX armor. It would be nice to see more variety.
  9. Is Nya’s Samurai X mech from 2022 considered a “Titan” mech? It’s the right size but the wrong color scheme (and features Nya’s only non-ninja suit in years). I’d be content with it acting as her Titan mech, but I’d also be interested to see a more official one for her.
  10. I’m surprised we still haven’t seen the March sets, considering we’re just over a month out. Hopefully that means any day now! I’m really looking forward to seeing that Dragonstone Temple!
  11. Villain builds and minifigures are always my favorites. How many fire dragons can exist before they aren’t exciting anymore? How many green ninja suits can be designed before they all start to look the same? Yet here we are 13 years later with new villains that are different from everything else that’s come before! I do wish the set designers spent more of the budget on villain vehicles specifically, but I guess ninja cars sell better amongst the kids. Speaking of what sells, has anyone else noticed a lack of Ninjago sets on shelves recently? In my part of the US, Targets only ever carry a handful of Ninjago sets if any, and Walmart isn’t much better. The Lego Stores usually have the most recent wave. Am I reading into this too much? Are stores not moving as much Ninjago as they once were?
  12. Can’t say that I’m overly excited for any of the summer sets until we see pictures. A lot of these have a potential to be hit or miss. I’m most looking forward to seeing Cole’s mech and how it stacks up against the previous titan mechs. I wouldn’t mind if the masked wolf warriors continued into 2HY considering I’m not planning on buying many 1HY sets. But I’m guessing we’ll see a slightly different or updated faction. As for the D2C, I’m hoping for a temple that will appeal to adult collectors, something like the Temple of Airjitzu from many years ago. Now that was a perfect set!
  13. Rolyat24

    Wizarding World 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not sure how I feel about a Hogwarts reboot so soon. I just finished collecting the 2021 castle and it’ll take something really impressive to get me to start over again. As much as I’d love a subterranean level with the PS challenges, my prediction is that we’ll see a small kitchen and Hufflepuff common room instead. It would be a fun location for fans to get without distracting from the main build of the great hall. My guess is the set will come with the hall and courtyard and the staircase tower will follow next year, although I’d be pleased to be proven wrong. The other sets really don’t sound all that interesting to me. The only one I’m really excited to see is the ship and carriage, and only because I don’t have either of the previous versions. Bring on the set descriptions!
  14. The magazines aren’t available in the US unfortunately. You can order them from overseas but with shipping it’s really not a good deal. See here if you’re interested though.
  15. Yes, they reuse prints from the rest of the wave. The only exclusive parts to those minifigures seem to be the masks for Kai and Nya and the specific armor usage (even though the armor itself is nothing new). Compare this to nearly every previous gimmick set which contain exclusive prints.