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  1. El_Pirotecnico

    QAR Prototype I

    Wow, amazing build !!! Mine is next hehehe Greetings from Peru !!!
  2. El_Pirotecnico

    Imperial Barracks

    Great job !!! Great color scheme !!! Greetings from Peru !!!
  3. El_Pirotecnico

    More Ships!

    Great Job !!! The rounded bricks fit very well !!! Keep it up !!!
  4. El_Pirotecnico

    Rock Island Fortress

    Good job !!! I like the rock technique !!! Saludos !!!
  5. El_Pirotecnico

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Wow... WTF ??? What a crazy ship... :(
  6. El_Pirotecnico

    Pirates Teamwork Contest

    I'm from Lima - Perú Another southamerican without partner ??? If somebody wants to team up... just PM me !!! Check my last diorama jejejeje Saludos a todos !!!
  7. El_Pirotecnico

    Maya, Inka, Aztec diorama

    Wow !!! Great Diorama !!! But there is no Inka theme there... Im from Peru, the land of the Inkas By the way, great work !!! I love the beach !!!
  8. El_Pirotecnico

    MOC port

    How many details !!! I love the houses, you used LOTS of mini plates !!!
  9. El_Pirotecnico

    Port Callao Invasion

    Thanks Capt. Redblade !!! Notes: - There are 48 baseplates: 42 blue baseplates (32 x 32) 6 blue/green baseplates (32 x 16) - There are 8 ships (I have 2 more ships, but there was no space :/) - Minifigs: > 150 - The "medieval buildings" were built with 2x Market Village sets (10193). Those sets were modified and added a "central build" between them) More MOC's coming soon hehehe Thanks !!!
  10. El_Pirotecnico

    Port Callao Invasion

    Hi everyone !!! This is my first post My name is Raúl, I'm from Lima - Perú (South America, Machu Pichu hehehe) I'm a Lego HARDCORE fan. In Perú, Lego is VERY expensive (twice as expensive as Europe) and very limited support, but with tons of effort we can build some dioramas hehehe This is my second diorama. It's an expo in Lima (october 26th), and was a little expo but very significative. Album in flickr: Take care See you soon El Pirotecnico PD: Sorry for my bad english
  11. El_Pirotecnico

    Port Callao Invasion

    The build only took me one week (The ships were built months ago hehehehe)
  12. El_Pirotecnico

    Port Callao Invasion

    Thanks Warspite03 I have 2 more ships, but I'didnt have enough "ocean" hahahaha I don't touch the official ships because they have an incredible design (: