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  1. BrunoSilva13

    The Metroliner rebuild

    Nice presentention, it is a great set, a big classic I don't have it yet but will buy it some day, but I have 2 Club Cars and I love design and colors of it. Classics rules
  2. BrunoSilva13

    [MOC] Modular Train station

    Very nice station, would love to see it all in bricks, I think it will be great.
  3. BrunoSilva13

    The Balrog of Moria

    Great ideia, deserves a nice environement to be displayed. Congrats.
  4. BrunoSilva13

    Lord of the rings MOC

    Very nice looking, I like the colors and the emerging scenario.
  5. BrunoSilva13

    MOC: Large 12V-Era Train Station

    Yeah, it's an old style station, you have do a good job, and the illumination it's pretty cool, it's 12V construction but if you like it, you will be valorize it.
  6. BrunoSilva13

    WW Category 1: No. 317 Great West Express

    Great work, I've loved the tender and the caboose, but the headtop of caboose can be more detailed and have better look. The passenger wagons, really I don't like the brown modified bricks to wagons, I like their style but not the parts you have used, but still's a great work.
  7. BrunoSilva13

    Talking Skull Promotion - WINNERS, your address please

    Why I don't have recived any mail with clues, or something else, I only recive the confirmation mail.
  8. Hello people, this is my train Station for cargo trains, I have build it 2 months ago for my Community(0937) exposition, Arte em Pe├žas 2010. I have build a terminal for containers, 2 silos, and a litle train house with capacity for 1 locomotive, some vehicles and minifigs at work situations. My first ideia was to make it bigger and better, but I can't finish him for the expo and stay like you see, but I'm working now to this , and when I finish it I will post. I hope you like it, and please leave your feedback. Image 1 Image 2 BS All images Oversized images have been removed by moderator. Images are not to exceed 800x600. -TheBrickster
  9. BrunoSilva13

    Castle Sets 2010

    Great pics, I love the new castle and I hope the LEGO continues creating Castle set's, one of the best themes, Thanks.
  10. BrunoSilva13

    REVIEW: 3180 Tank Truck

    Great review mikey, I hope you have liked the set, because I them. The colors are fantastic distributd all long truck, adn I love the trailler, the cylindrical parts are very nice, and I see them at a train wagon, very soon I hope. When I can, I will buy this set, certanly.
  11. BrunoSilva13

    MOC: V.I.P. Vintage Car

    Hi Marcos, congratulations, you build a nice old car style, I loved it, it's one of the best old cars that I've see, and the Fabuland part that you have used, great ideia. A runner to win in community contest, good luck.
  12. BrunoSilva13

    MOC: southern pacific GP40P-2

    I like to the Locomotive and your construction, it's a good job, but I realy don't like the colors of the Locomotive, but I understand that the people not always have all the necessary parts, like me. Continues the good work.
  13. BrunoSilva13

    MOC: 2-10-4 Texas Style Monkey Motion WIP

    Great job man, I love your Locomotive, I don't have any expirience of old trains construction, but after I look at the big ben's bricks, I want to construct one to, I never heard of about this wheels, and possibly I will have to buy a litles ones for me. Continues the good work.
  14. BrunoSilva13

    Best LEGO Train Ever Made

    I love the engine to, it's beautiful, you say that I have try to made a review of this set?
  15. BrunoSilva13

    Train Tech Building Contest

    Hi there, first I want to give my congratulations for this contest, it's realy good have contest like this for the train people. I will participate if nothing goes wrong, and I want to build a load station, but I had been thinking, and possible I have to do a order for my construction, but however, the time to present is long, I will give my best. Good luck for everyone.