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  1. Nice to hear about R56 and R104, because they are a little bit later than anounced.
  2. You have to modiefy the Emerald. There are several problems with that engine. In one of the Railbricks Magazine issues rhere is an article about the modifications.
  3. Hamster

    Train Signal Bridge

    Try this link http://www.altbricks.com/portfolio-view/bridge-kit-instructions/
  4. Hamster

    MOC: Big Boy X4023

    Wromg thread.
  5. Hamster

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    But that's not LEGO.
  6. Hamster

    Review: modular marble run

    Try Brickshelf http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=430733
  7. Hamster

    How to Elevate a LEGO City (Brick-built elevation)

    Why not use big Bricks like 4204 and Monorail supports 2680 or 2681. Those supports have higher studs and that in combinnation with the big Bricks give a stable connection.
  8. I still use 9V and I see no reason to migrate to plastic rails. I don't ignore trixbrix and ohers but as I have no use for plastic rails I don't buy their Products. The migration to plastic rails is by no means inevitable. If you want to buy them, buy them, I'm waiting for rails I can use with 9V. As you can see 9V isn't dead.
  9. Hamster

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    Do you mean complete sets or instructions?
  10. Hamster

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Why not a generic lokomotive and generic cars? It has not to be a specific model. For the customer from the street it is enough when he sees a steam lokomotive or a passanger car. The Afols then can use the parts to build their specific models.
  11. Hamster

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    This would be a good idea Creator 3in1 train sets. Why ist the theme train at Creator not existent? James Mathis desingned a wounderful modular train with Wagon. Maybe the train as one set and the Wagon as a second. But instead we get more houses, cars and planes.
  12. Hamster

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Nobody knows, but it seem so.
  13. I hope the surprise is that you offer 9V rails.
  14. I am only interested in 9V track and switches. On 9V track I also can use PF but I can't use 9V on PF track.