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  1. Jerry_LEGO

    Powered Up Hub not working at all

    Just update the information. Lego customer-supporting team had contacted me after 11 days and they will send me a new hub after discussion with them. That’s great service since I bought this set two years ago...
  2. Jerry_LEGO

    Powered Up Hub not working at all

    Yes, they should provide the support but they’re too slow. BTW, I just used an android phone to test it but nothing help. I gave up. Anyway, thank you all for giving the advise, that’s encouraging.
  3. Jerry_LEGO

    Powered Up Hub not working at all

    I wish that I could find it on my iPhone, but I couldn’t. Actually this iPhone and the same hub is connected successfully 2 years ago and the only difference now is the version of ios and PowerUp app. So I guess something wrong with the new PUp app with ios.
  4. Jerry_LEGO

    Powered Up Hub not working at all

    @Lok24 Yeah, I will try it with an android phone. Location Service is also available for iPhone, since I found BrickController2 in location service and there is a tip in the app description : “location access is required to use SBrick, BuWizz or Powered-UP device”. I installed app : BrickController2 and tried to connect the hub without UP, but my life is harder than I expected Thank you for your help anyway.
  5. Jerry_LEGO

    Powered Up Hub not working at all

    Hi @Lok24 Alright, too bad. BTW, can you find “PowerUp APP” in “ios>setting>privacy>location service”? I found another post indicated that “BT” and “Location Service” should be enabled. Ican’t find it on my iPhone, I guess that’s why my phone can’t find the hub.
  6. Jerry_LEGO

    Powered Up Hub not working at all

    @Lok24Thank you for your time. Yes, I clicked Desney train but nothing happened. Please take a look for the video just uploaded if you don’t mind. Is something wrong?
  7. Jerry_LEGO

    Powered Up Hub not working at all

    Hi @Lok24 Actually I have the same issue with my hub now(it worked fine before). I tried to follow your instruction ”...then press green button 10 sec till led is blinking pink(bootloader), hold button pressedstart App...” The hub is now blinking pink but staying in this state even if UP app is reopened. How can it go to red/green/blue? It could go to red/green/blue(firmware updating) 2 years ago but not today :( Thank you anyway, I tried to mail to Lego service team but obviously I can’t get help from them...
  8. Test test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Test6 Test7 Test8 Test9 Test100
  9. Jerry_LEGO

    PoweredUp hub connecting issue

    Haha, I had mailed to LEGO and let’s wait their reply. I don’t have another hub that I could test. In the mean time, I found a workaround. Hold the button on hub over 10 sec(when power off) it will blink purple light. Release and press again, there is a chance that hub will blink in slowly white(0.5s on, 1s off), I guess it reset the connection and in pairing mode. this status, the hub could connect to APP successfully.
  10. Jerry_LEGO

    PoweredUp hub connecting issue

    Hello Guys, Hope you are doing well. I had a bad day. Just got my Disney Train 71044 yesterday and finish the part of train. It worked fine with my iPhone and PoweredUP APP and had a great night. But I can't connect hub today with same configuration...OMG. It's seems that iPhone could not find the hub as link below: Failed to find hub I had tried followed steps, but they doesn't help: 1. Use 2 iPhone(iOS 12.4.3, then iOS 13.3.1) with lastest PowerUp APP 4.2.2. 2. New batteries for hub. 3. Hold 10 sec on hub to reset it(but I don't know either it was back to factory setting or not). 4. Sometimes it blinks in 3 colors, and showed solid red light until I press the hub again. Blinks in 3 colors 5. Pull off batteries for 1 hour. 6. Firmware of hub was updated successfully at the first time Bluetooth connected yesterday, it took several minutes. I give up...does any one know how to set it back to factory setting? Or kindly give me an advise on it? 71044 is the most experience set I had ever bought, but I'm frustrated with it now. Any comment will be very appreciated. Regards, Jerry