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  1. Please explain what you want to connect. You'll find my descriptions of the 6 pins in the net
  2. Yes, you can always start the "Bootloader" mode on any hub an reinstall any FW, Which settings? First you load the FW into the hub, and then your application (crane), there is no smartdevice needed The browser where you do his connects via BT with the hub.
  3. You could use a sensor to calibrate the whole thing
  4. Hi all, we all remember the discussion about the 10277 and how to control smoothly with a LEGO remote control. With the current beta release Pybricks provides the opportunity to connect the remote to a hub and load the control programm permanently into the hub. Brilliant, thanks to the Pybricks team. For those who need a ready to use application program for "Motor Control": here is my first approach for the city hub (see link below) No programming needed ! Some of the features: - Connect 1 or 2 motors of any kind to Port A and/or B - In the first section you find same parameters to customize the control You can use two profiles to set minimum speed maximum speed accelerate in steps of ... wait for next acceleration step(in ms) - You can set the rotation for each of the motors, i.e. opposite - Accelarates continously when holding button (or not, configure it) - Assign buttons to functions as you like - „Switch“ between Profil_A and Profil_B (ie. to move very slow) - Watchdog stops motors when loosing remote connection, or continues driving when connection is lost, you can reconnect the remote by pressing the green button - Set Color and brightness of Hub LEDs Please note: if you use any tacho motors (like boost or technic) it uses load control, so no slowing down or even stopping in curves when speed is slow or load to high. It's really awsome! Just have a try and let me know what you think about it, thanks. progams, installation and instructions (all in german)
  5. Yes, the article is very old, and I'm not active there any more, and as the program has been enhanced (look the posts above) I don' distribute it any more. Im working on a new version, with better support for the programs "shuttle train" and "battery box".
  6. What is PU (according to TLG): It's the combination of unique connector an the LEGO Wireless Protocol 3.0.00 / BLE What is Control+: It is only one single App (among many others) It is not any "system". Why not? But they may use the same connectors and protocol. @idlemarvel This is really a remarkable work, thanks a lot!
  7. Lok24

    3rd Party Controllers and Powered Up!

    Yes, it's the architecture. I proposed years ago a "booster module", say 4x4x1 stud, connectable (via cable) to the hub and provide two more ports. With no additional intelligence or batteries. This could be done even today by a third party provider (HW + SW) (a stackable hub instead of stackable devices...) But to be honest: yes, this a common request, but from LEGOs point of there only exist very simple trains with one motor and one light, all other is "technic" with the four port hub or even two of them. Some Y cables or extension cables could help, but only for train motors an light. Is there really a reason to use the train motor? speed, perhaps?
  8. Lok24

    3rd Party Controllers and Powered Up!

    Not quite sure what you mean, but: - using the hubs with the remote other than in 0/1 mode would help - having a LEGO remote with proportional control is needed. "controller" means hub or remote? Would that help? What's the use case ?
  9. In any way you could install a watchdog routine by sending a broadcast every x seconds and stop the train, if no broadcasts received within the last x+a seconds.
  10. Lok24

    Powered Up 4.0.3 = Useless?

    All the blocks are explained here: https://www.lego.com/en-us/service/help/Power_Functions/LEGO-Powered-Up-programming-blocks-kA06N000000g04eSAA No, they don't. Just replace the motor block in the lower program with the green "Slider 0" symbol, like you use it in the upper program.
  11. Lok24

    Powered Up 4.0.3 = Useless?

    Die you allow accecs to all of the icons? Within "programming" in the menu (the "..." on the right, above the icon lane), and then the option most left (the "bricks"), you should select 3 of them to see all icons..
  12. Hi I just checked the hub-to.hub communication The idea was to use a "master"-hub and a remote to control two trains with the remote. As the master only uses one channel I submit a user-ID and hub-ID to address the "slaves" Here's the code: MASTER from pybricks.hubs import TechnicHub from pybricks.pupdevices import Motor, Remote from pybricks.parameters import Port, Button from pybricks.tools import wait hub = TechnicHub(broadcast_channel=1) my_remote = Remote() userID = "Lok24" hubID_A = "HUB1" hubID_B = "HUB2" vA = 0 vB = 0 vAold = 0 vBold = 0 while True: pressed = my_remote.buttons.pressed() vAold = vA vBold = vB if Button.LEFT_PLUS in pressed : vA = vA + 100 if Button.LEFT_MINUS in pressed : vA = vA - 100 if Button.LEFT in pressed : vA = 0 if Button.RIGHT_PLUS in pressed : vB = vB + 100 if Button.RIGHT_MINUS in pressed : vB = vB - 100 if Button.RIGHT in pressed : vB = 0 if vA != vAold: hub.ble.broadcast([userID,hubID_A,vA]) wait(100) if vB != vBold: hub.ble.broadcast([userID,hubID_B,vB]) wait(100) wait(10) SLAVES from pybricks.hubs import CityHub from pybricks.pupdevices import Motor from pybricks.parameters import Color, Port from pybricks.tools import wait hub = CityHub(observe_channels=[1]) motorA = Motor(Port.A) userID = "Lok24" hubID = "HUB2" # <<<<< must be different for each slave while True: data = hub.ble.observe(1) if data is None: hub.light.on(Color.RED) else: hub.light.on(Color.GREEN) uID,hID,v = data if uID == userID and hID == hubID: motorA.run (v) wait(100)
  13. Yes, but great improvement of functionality an quality.
  14. Yes, but you loose the load balancing, which is a major advantage with PU. Depends on what you want to archive.
  15. Yes, but on Bricklink they are always available, and much cheaper. Spike Hubs are rechargeable. For others I use rechargeable batteries, which are much easier to handle..
  16. Hi @and_ampersand_and and @BatteryPoweredBricks, Really great work, thanks for the extended version!
  17. Yes, and so they are of the same type. Is everything working now as desired?
  18. Sure, as in the right example there is no controller any more. Concerning "AB": seems that it is only working with two motors with the same ID.
  19. the right one is correct, but indeed: does not work with "AB". With "A" it does. A second block with "B"only added: both motors running. A bug?!
  20. If you tilt the smart device? Please send a pic .... (here it works fine...)
  21. They are No. 2 & 3 from the right
  22. Sure: Motor https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=bb0959c01&amp;idColor=85#T=C&amp;C=85 Hub https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=bb0961c01&amp;idColor=86#T=C&amp;C=86 each app. 20 GBP, 5 Motors + 2 Hubs = 140 GBP Add a connecting rod to each motor, thats all.
  23. It would be much easier to use the Powered up motors, no gears needed, programmable behaviour, different scenarios, adjustable speed..
  24. There is no difference, they do the same. But the difference to your picture: You start the program, then you have a motor block which is executed once(!) and then program ends. Which limitations? The one with the rounded ends runs the loop automatically, the other one only starts a motor with desired speed, the purpose ist absolutely different. BTW: the second, steering (with the rounded ends) does an automatic calibration when starting the program, which would otherwise use a lot blocks.
  25. Here is an example for a loop Link: www.werner-falkenbach.de/bricks/Drive.jpg Please let me know if it's visible..... ;-)