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  1. Strakk

    [REVIEW] 10264 - Corner Garage

    Great review Jim! Regarding the set, I share your general opinion. It is a good set, but not something marvelous as some of its predecessors. Basically I do not find anything that stands out and makes me want to purchase the set. Granted, another big issue for me is its price. Here in Italy it costs 190 euro while the diner was 160 euro and I liked it much more too. To buy a set with that price tag, I would like to see something better.
  2. Strakk

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I do not think it adds much, but the text below in Italian says "Fire-extinguihing mission in the city", so it is definately not meant to be a fire station.
  3. Strakk

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You can find a "2018 sets discussion" in almost each subforum. For example for the trains, this is the topic. Sadly, there has not been any evidence of a new station so far. Back on topic, the downsized models look great. Regarding the idea of applying this style to the Creator "3-in-1" line, I would say that, since it is directed to kids, it really needs to maintain a high level of playability. I do not think these MoCs fulfill this requirement.
  4. Strakk

    MOC - Modular based on Corner Deli 31050

    I was not a fan of the original set either, but I really appreciate your work. In particular I like the ground level, which is very detailed, but at the same time it seems the minifigures have enough space to move around. In my opinion, mainly because of its colour scheme, I think it would look great next to the Detective's office (10246), even though it looks more modern.
  5. Strakk

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Yes, I think personal taste plays a big role. Naturally, there are things that have been improved since 2010 as you mentioned. It is the opposite for me in terms of designs. However, our impression may be different depending on how old we were when we first saw the sets. For example, when HF started I was already in my final years of high school, whereas I had most of the BIONICLE sets during elementary school and junior high school, when I probably formed my taste. The number of molds is certainly a crucial factor in the overall cost, but you have a point. In fact, Aanchir has been posting these statistics for quite a while and, even though they are correct, in my opinion they don't give the whole picture. As you said, there had been several years with almost the same Piraka/Inika build, when the decision to end BIONICLE has taken. Personally, I think the molds should be considered as a kind of investment and important, not just in terms of their number, but mainly in terms of which sections of the set are going to contain them. If you do not innovate the sets in their fundamental parts (main body) is quite natural that sets sales will decline at some point. Both children and parents will lose interest in the line after a while. As you said, most of the new characters were built almost identically varying mask and weapons. In the first BIONICLE years, risks were taken and fortunately most of them were successful, keeping the sets "fresh". In the period 2001-2006, only the Mata-Nuva and Bohrok-Bohrok Kal were very similar as waves. Starting from 2006, the designs were mostly human-like (excluding the Barraki, I would say), maybe considered to be "safer" than others in terms of sales. HOWEVER, alongside with this idea, the price (and parts) increase probably played the BIGGEST role. It did not surprise me that the first wave of HF went back to a lower price (and parts) range. I may be repetitive, but LEGO needs to create a new "Bohrok" line if they want to be again successful with the action figures. Yes, there are certainly risks, but I doubt humanoid figures can carry a long-lasting line by themselves, also because many toy companies produce them too (even cheaper).
  6. Strakk

    Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    I am skeptical about this being true too (timing mainly). In any case, story is still a secondary reason to buy a Lego set, especially for the casual customers. They should try to come up with some unique features for the sets, just as the original Bionicle team did with the Bohrok, which could attract kids. In my opinion, those are what could interest them the most. In a sense, first toys then action figures as concept. Regarding the whole TECHNIC-CCBS discussion, I do not think it was the deciding factor for the failure of Bionicle Gen2, which I think had the high price (yes, more parts, but there is a limit to what common kids can ask to their parents) as the main factor. Also the fact they released two consecutive hero waves with the same names did not help either. Some users here posting disagreed with me back when Bionicle Gen2 was still ongoing, but I believe the cost was the deciding factor. Also, apart from the interesting gear box, as I mentioned before, they lacked of an unique feature to make them look distinct and original. Yes, some CCBS pieces that look ok on robots (Hero Factory) lack of details on what are supposed to be biomechanical or even completely natural creatures. This was improved with the Uniters, introducing some new pieces and fusing a bit CCBS with custom builds. Yes, it is certainly easier and faster, but some the best HF titans (e.g. Black Phantom, Witch Doctor that I own) had to use double leg pieces to improve the stability. Personally I find it less elegant and more stiff than the Bionicle piston support used since 2006, which worked ok. As for pricing and part counts, it is actually not true. For example (even though some are missing), look on Brickset under the category "titans" (quick link) and order them by price per piece. You will see that the old Bionicle sets generally win. Naturally, of course, inflation and salaries have to be taken into account too. In this sense, a definitive comparison is hard and may vary depending on your country.
  7. Strakk

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Also, in my opinion, it was very fun to play with the Bohrok. I do not play with my sets anymore, but with that number of pieces they offered a lot in terms of playability. Back to the 2016 sets, I am not a big fan of the beasts, but I'd like to see more pictures of Umarak. I am still not sure if I like it or not.
  8. Strakk

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I wrote it in my previous post, but I repeat: toy line (only). Then in the same post I wrote Is there any toy line (born as a toy line), whose story is based on a single adventure, that has lasted more than three years repeating the same characters, without the help of a TV show? Also I added what I mean is that introducing characters that weren't mentioned before in the story isn't as interesting as developing characters that you already have in the story that were not in the spotlight. So far (apart from books or comics that only a small part of who buys Bionicle read) I don't see much information about the secondary characters or their personality. In my opinion if the Bionicle G2 story is kept to a minimum together with only a few TV episodes, games and online content, it will be hard to introduce different characters as heroes. Do another MNOG. In 2016 many more kids have access to the internet and that could be a good success and help expanding the story, telling more about the single characters. Compare it to the first Bionicle years and you will see that this opportunity could be used way more. One last thing, you say "Personally, yes, I'd generally rather play with characters I know and understand and care about, and who I've gotten to see grow and develop, than with random newcomers who show up to take their place." But how do you play with three versions of the same character at the same time unless you create new characters and give them those bodies?
  9. Strakk

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I was saying another thing: I was talking about playing with them. You are considering only the way the set looks. I have all of the regular edition "medium" Bionicle sets excluding the Toa Mata and I own four versions of Tahu and five of Lewa (Nuva,Phantoka, Mistika, Master and Uniter) but I stopped playing with my sets years ago. Now I only put them only my shelf. I don't know if you were indirectly answering to me, but it depends a lot on what type of line we are talking about. Some franchises have many collectors (nostalgia reasons or simply to collect them) that I don't think Bionicle has. Also, perhaps I don't remember, when I was a kid, me or my friends having many versions of the same characters. Anyway, my point is that with support coming from other media (TV show, more online content for example) a serie has more chances to survive while being repetitive (the power rangers that you were talking about). Unfortunately, the BIonicle TV show is going to be more like a serie of special episodes rather than a long show.
  10. Strakk

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    It is boring from two points of view as a toy line (only): - if you follow the story you always read about the same characters (because after all the story is mainly about them); - this is mainly for kids (after all the theme became simpler for them), but if you are playing with your Bionicle sets as action figures, is it really fun to play with many versions of the same character? When I was still a kid, I came up with a plot about substitute souls for the last point, but that's basically adding new characters. Of course if you (not you Lyichir, I am talking in general) don't care about the story, but only about the sets, this point is irrevelant, but so it is the discussion. That's your opinion, because I don't think there is an objective way to know that with the Nuva again the following years would have been better. The fact that heroes sell better may be true (I wrote it too some pages ago), but wasn't my point: I said that I wouldn't like to see a new wave of the same heroes if 2017 is the final year (personal opinion from a story point of view). However the first generation of Bionicle had a more developed story too and that helped introducing, as Toa, characters that in fact had already been introduced in the first years. At the moment apart from the Toa,we haven't much about the secondary characters. Also, I have never said it is going to end next year. Actually, I don't think so. However since that was the original idea and I don't think we have had any news about it so far, I added that possibility. Honestly if Hero Factory was selling as LEGO wanted, it would be still there. I am not saying it was cancelled because of the reused characters only, but it could be one of the reasons. I didn't really care about Hero Factory that much, but wasn't the basic plot very repetitive? As toy line based on a TV show, the fact of using the same characters may not be as bad at all. I guess that helps to develop more the characters and to get more attached to them. That, seeing the numer of views on youtube for example, could have helped the Hero Factory formula last longer. If Bionicle was getting a higher number of episodes, I would see a stronger possibility of surving longer with the same characters.
  11. Strakk

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    The thing is that I don't see a new group of heroes coming next year. Unless they have already decided from more years, another wave of heroes would mean getting the Toa Mata/Nuva once again in only three years. With 2017 as the final year, I'd like to have villans in winter and then only a few big sets in summer.
  12. Strakk

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Personally I don't think we are going to get more elemental beasts. Also didn't we have less than six blended masks last year too? I am afraid we going to get another wave of heroes which seems unnecessary at this point. However, If 2017 is the last year for Bionicle, I'd like to see mixed waves (like in 2008) with villains with a name.
  13. Personally I don't like the animation style. It reminds me of the Piraka animations. Still I'd like to see a whole scene before writing a final opinion.
  14. Strakk

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Yeah, thinking about it again, they are almost even. I guess the difference appears to be greater because we haven't seen many villains with an actual personality (I haven't read the books or comics though). From my point of view the only ones worthy of that title are Kulta and Umarak so far. Also, the summer wave seems to have only beasts apart from Umarak 2.0. I think we will get Makuta next year, but seeing that they are following the same spirit of 01-03, I am expecting his servants rather than actual team of good (story-wise) villains.
  15. Strakk

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I think it has been mentioned before, but aren't they producing more heroes than villains because they sell better?