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    332nd Battle Pack, Inquisitor Scythe, AT-TE, Obi-Wan's Starfighter.

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  1. Yeah same here. The BP, Tantive IV, and the Rex Microfighter (which I believe is still happening in the summer). With the BP, I believe we get 3 shinies, a shock, 2 B1s, 3 B2s, and an Octuptarra. The clones get a speeder from what I heard. Tantive IV sounds like a neat set, and I gotta have Rex bc it's Rex. The CW was such a huge chunk of my childhood that I can't NOT get him
  2. +1 Target has always had their Exclusive Star Wars lego, hopefully these Walmart packs stay permanent. Could they be doing it to compete with them?
  3. Huh that's odd. So I guess it's only in NA then?
  4. I dunno, hopefully. It seems to be a Walmart Exclusive pack. As far as I know, it's only available in NA. I've only recently heard of it. My buddy picked one up and told me about it.
  5. Looking forward to that super battle pack, been a very long time since they've decided to do that. In other news, has anyone else seen that Walmart Hoth value pack for $45? Might have to pick up one or two, because that's a sweet deal for a bp AND a walker for $45.
  6. Been reading up on it, but does anyone actually think we'll get that Rex Y-Wing? It's been rumored for a while, but I honestly have no idea if LEGO would make it with all these other sets being leaked, and as stated earlier, there's some better material to put Rex in rather than a recolored starship. Dang it boys, call off the party!
  7. "Just to make sure nobody forgets this one: I will film myself eating a Deadpool minifig dressed as Deadpool and put it on Youtube for the world to see if TLG release at least one minifig-based tie-in set for that film. And by that I mean actual tie-in products, no Suicide Squad shenanigans" - BrickBob Studpants ""If Renown's hint about Revan/Kotor ends up resulting in the only Kotor/revan related lego product releasing being a Darth Malak Plushie, I will eat the darth Malak plushie on camera and upload it to youtube within one week of the plushie's release" - Mandalorianknight Noted
  8. Hopefully he comes back, I enjoyed deciphering his riddles
  9. Precisely. The fact that they have shown up in not one, but two forms of media suggest that they're rising in popularity. I just hope that Lego sees this and can capitalize in the moment. I personally feel like they would make a wonderful addition to the Imperial lineup and with that popularity, we may see some other Imp BP sets in the future You could say I am cautiously optimistic about all this.
  10. +1 I too would be. I feel like the game was a big enough hit that they could easily do a Purge Trooper BP or maybe a "fight" scene with Trilla, Cal, and a couple of PTs. At this point they got all the right ingredients, but don't want to cook it; excuse the bad phrasing. But alas, this will probably not happen for some time, if ever
  11. If they did just a model of the ship (midi scale or possibly UCS), I'd want rebels. If it included figs (playscale), then I think the Ahsoka version would be better suited for that.
  12. Chazinski

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Got the Inquisitor Scythe recently, it's a neat build. Mostly got it for the figs. Additionally, while I was on vacation, a colleague of mine opened up a Bricks and Minifigs close to where I was staying. I managed to snag Darth Vader (sw1106), Sabine Wren (sw0742), Agent Kallus (sw0625), a clone Jet Trooper (sw1093), and one non Star Wars fig for $50 as a thank you.
  13. This seems pretty likely IMO. Since the show's been pushed back (and possibly the Acolyte as well), they might have to slot in another set. I think there might be 2. I could see this being a smaller set unless there's evidence otherwise.
  14. Welcome back, a lot has happened!
  15. Thanks for the clarification! I was hopeful that they'd redo them once I saw some of the Spectres got an updated look in Lego. All I can hope is that they're not behind a huge paywall