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  1. hopeso009

    7950 revised = range x20

    Thanks all of you I did build a trebuchet check out my MOC pages
  2. hopeso009

    Battle Century

    sorry for this... it is basically because I was deleting all my files from Brickshelf (I am shifting to MOCpage) Actually I would try to track all my post and relink them to MOCpage But I need time to fix this...
  3. hopeso009

    Power Miner Prisoner Transport

    interesting~~~ very clever use of parts Great Job
  4. hopeso009

    Cave Troll & Orcs

    added instruction~~~
  5. hopeso009

    Castle Rockenstein

    Wow~~~! I am not a big fan of building castle...but this one is amazingly cool~~ Great Job~~
  6. hopeso009

    Cave Troll & Orcs

    Thanks It doesn't work perfect with the LEGO troll because the LEGO one looks very odd in pair with mine when doing motion....Only they are at similar size... The different head is the "armored" cave troll , in LOTR - 3, the city gate was breached by three of "armored" cave troll..~~.... May be I didn't do it right for the helmet... thanks instruction....wait thanks I hope so...(<--my name : hope so...^_^) Thanks yes, SCALE it is the most important thing in all my MOCs..
  7. hopeso009

    Cave Troll & Orcs

    "They have a Cave Troll~~"
  8. hopeso009


    Thanks for the correction I had been in British Museum seeing those reliefs as well, only can't remember it is Greek or Roman....not very concentrated ... Thanks for the appreciation as well.
  9. hopeso009

    [MOC] Tactical Droid

    that futuristic binocular piece is the first piece that I can think of and try for this droid at the very beginning... But soon I found it is impossible to connect it on both sides as I want .... So change to use custom made visor... After I got the version one built...looking and looking at it (unsatisfying by the ugly head cap)... Suddenly the "paldron" came in my head...that made version 2 Thanks for sharing anyway
  10. hopeso009

    [MOC] Tactical Droid

    Thanks to all of you ~~~ because it's head is custom made but I revised it take a look http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/125148 I tried that too, also didn't work but this works http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/125148 Sure~~~ how about this then? http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/125148
  11. hopeso009

    [MOC] Tactical Droid

    That is a custom made... The "head cap" is made of a piece of paper/plastic sheet and also the eyes... pretty easy...
  12. hopeso009

    [MOC] IG88

    I spent two nights work on this hope you two like it http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29768
  13. hopeso009

    [MOC] Tactical Droid

    May be not very good Hope you guys like it Wookieepedia link http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tactical_droid
  14. hopeso009

    [MOC] IG88

    Thanks again to all of you ^_^ OK I take this challenge