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    <p> Star wars, medieval and pirates. </p> <p> last sets were...well i'll buy mostly spare bricks </p>

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  1. since i'll have to wait 'till 2019 for the new season of Game of thrones...i've made an Iron Xmas Tree..or a Tree of Swords, if you rather.
  2. scuotter

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    i've finished mine (changed something according to my part availability) ...and, made a small diorama for it. It has been displayed in an event in italy and i think that now there are someone else who's attempting to build one of your beautiful AT-ATs
  3. scuotter

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    i've started the build, too. i'm about at 80% of the build, made some small changes due to part soon as it's finished i'll post some pics. Really a nice model, i'm going to make a small diorama for it. thanks for sharing the instructions!!!
  4. for me the better model is the 2008, ok it's overscaled, but it's really massive!.. and it could be attached to the LAAT dropship, if you own one :) My 2008 AT-TE is currently dismantled since I've started adding PFmotor and receiver but originally it has some ENORMOUS gaps between the exterior hull and the "chassis"; they could be easily fixed and were present also on the 2014 model (just the Captain Rex AT-TE comes with already closed gaps, judging by the pictures) That said, all the AT-TEs so far have those issues: - NO copilot seat - NO detailed interior (a couple of seats and stickers aren't enough for me) - Gaps between the armour plates - Gaps under the model ...but you may see them not as issues but as starting point for better mocs :)
  5. scuotter

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    130 € the at-te??? I'm not going to buy it. It would cost less bricklink the 7675 (which is bigger) and merge some details from this one...The only cool fig is 5th brother... :(
  6. scuotter


    Loving it!!
  7. Just got an used 7576 at-te...that thing is uge!! Now I'm waiting motors and pieces to make it walking. (The dropship is already wip)
  8. scuotter

    hammock (is that how you spell it? XD)

    DROID arms and some bar?
  9. scuotter

    [WIP MOC] AT-AT ...not as big as others

    thank you all very much! now i'm going to take "ispiration" from anio's one for the hips and legs (i'll still try to use the more plates possible, instead of bricks, to kepp weight and price a bit low..) I'm also reworking on the main hull, trying to made an interior.
  10. scuotter

    [WIP MOC] AT-AT ...not as big as others

    Hello again! some months ago i've managed to get the AT-AT to the 65% (not finished hull,lacks proper legs and foots but stands by itself) and bring it to a local event. here in a small (and wip) hot diorama with some other model and a death star for size comparision :D sorry to haven't posted before... i know, it's not so beautiful, and has a too much rigid stand, but i've received the parts to make the legs the night before the event, so... :D Now it's still unfinished, in fact i've dismantled it to improve the hips zone and rework on the legs.
  11. scuotter

    REVIEW: #40158 Pirates Chess Set

    i own it, bought mostly for the figs. well' if it's not for the 800+ parts which comes with the set i'll be quite disappointed: the figs are nice but nothing special (maybe a little more variety would be better) and intended as a chess set the bishops, towers and knights were not recognisable. Said so, mine is still assembled, and sometimes i use it to play chess with my gf. (never tought of keep it assembled for more than 2 fact i've never think about assemble it, when purchased :D ) Also with it's "problems" i'm waiting for double vip points to buy another couple :D
  12. scuotter

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    I also don't like it. The two new parts (ion cannon and generator) were too small to be minifig scale (and since I own an half built At-At in that scale...) the other parts are...well....let's say non exceptional... I must say that it's not SO bad compared with the ewok village (got it and mod it after two days: the trees were too low compared to an at-st) the main problem is that is a bunch of small,already seen, sets. Said that...If nobody's going to buy it I expect I could manage to get a couple with ano high discount :P
  13. scuotter

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VI - Voting

    6 20 24 30 55 it's hard to pick just five builds...I love almost all of them! however here's my pick:
  14. scuotter

    First Ship MOC

    Thank you very much! Waiting for parts, i've reassembled the ship. here a couple of BAD quality photos just to depict the hull curve.
  15. scuotter

    Winter Village: Landscape

    well...ok: terrible backgrounds choice. after the contest's closure i'll post a photo of the complete Village, of course with red "earth" :D