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  1. This thread is one of the few things that keeps bringing me back to Eurobricks. I am really excited to see how they handle the interaction of minifigs and minidolls in LEGO Movie 2. Seven years after the minidoll was first introduced, they will finally have to address it! I know a few people who have created official stop motion animations for LEGO. One of the rules for animations that used both minifigures and minidolls (like the 3 in the very first post of the thread) is that they were never allowed to be on physically on screen at the same time. (I guess it was okay for Max to watch them through a monitor though) This is similar to an old rule that stated that yellow minifigures could never be shown to co-exist with flesh minifigures. The first LEGO Movie shattered that rule and the second LEGO Movie will shatter the minidoll rule. Also, I hope we get a ton of different minidolls from LEGO Movie 2. We desperately need more variety of clothes/outfits/etc. I hope there are tons of random background minidolls of all kinds in the movie that wind up in the sets and collectible figures.
  2. fallentomato

    [MOC] Brick-built Simpsons Family

    In preparation for the Simpsons LEGO episode next week, I decided to build the main family out of bricks. Here's a side-by-side comparison with the minifigures: More photos on flickr.
  3. Yup. But that's like saying there are no LEGO Marvel characters in the movie because the dad is only a DC fan. The real reason Marvel figures wasn't included if that the film was produced by Warner Brothers (parent company of DC). Anything else is pure speculation Any adult fan with a collection like the one in the film is likely to have at least some Friends sets if only for the parts variation. The minidoll probably would have gotten chucked into the big bin of random pieces that the dad lets Finn play (i.e. Cloud Cuckoo Land).
  4. Dorayaki, thanks for commenting on my blog to bring this thread to my attention. I'm not the best at keeping up with EuroBricks, but I try to add my voice when I have something to add. I was pretty irked that minidolls were not included in The LEGO Movie. Despite my complaints about the minidolls, LEGO has clearly committed to them, and they should have included at least one in the movie. It's absurd that after years of failing to create products that resonate with girls and finally having a smash success like LEGO Friends that they wouldn't include at least one minidoll in the movie as a Master Builder or significant background character to indicate that yes, the people who buy Friends products are just as much LEGO fans as all the other LEGO fans. By not including minidolls in any way LEGO is marking them as other/abnormal in opposition to the minifigure. It's stupid and insulting. Worse than that, according to a couple sources Friends is briefly shown as one of the other themes "that we don't talk about" by Wyldstyle. On my third viewing I do think I noticed the tale-tell pastel palate of Friends flash very quickly on the scene, but I couldn't identify which set it was. One of the directors of the film makes a snippy comment about Friends at in this behind-the-scenes video. So not only did they not include the minidolls, they made fun of them. Talk about twisting the knife.From a technical standpoint I understand why they didn't include minidolls. They would have had to develop a whole different workflow to animate them. All the minifgures had animated faces that were essentially 2d images printed on a cylinder. Easy. Since minidolls have more contoured faces would the appropriate way to animate their faces be to have the face move realisticly like a human (as they do in the Friends CGI movies) but would that have looked weird alongside the 2d facial animation on the minifigures? The severely limited articulation of the minidoll would have also limited their involvement in the film. It's quite possible they snuck a minidoll in somewhere in the background, but until I have the DVD and can go through frame by frame I won't know for sure
  5. fallentomato

    Brickflick: NNN Chapter 2 - Robots!

    Absolutely! When I first released that section as " " I even made a Megaman inspired opening graphic (watch from 9 seconds to 13 seconds at that link) :)
  6. Robots have invaded Figuria! Should we flee in terror? Or just laugh at them? As always, Phil, Sherry, and the rest of the Nightly News at Nine team have the inside scoop. Will ROBOphelia defeat the Pinchbot leader Grabbor? What new nefarious plan does Malifios have to destroy New Block City? Will Zundar join the Green Militia to fight against Orange? And finally, what are we going to do with all these robots?! I made this animation over the course of 3 years. It took more than 400 hours to animate and countless more hours of writing, voice-acting, building, and editing. Rather than sell DVDs, I'm seeling this one through digital distribution for just $1. All profits support production of future episodes of the Nightly News at Nine: http://gum.co/NNNCh2 Many thanks to all my Kickstarter backers, and everyone else who has supported me over the years!
  7. fallentomato

    Red vs Blue UK Interview with A Brickfilmer

    Thanks for sharing this! It was great to see inside your studio and process!
  8. fallentomato

    Friends "Controversy"

    Yeah, it's unfortunate that she got the bit about the girl police officer wrong. To be fair, she didn't claim there wasn't a Wonder Woman minifig, just that there wasn't a Wonder Woman-centric set. Wonder Woman's presence in the Superman vs Lex Luthor set is somewhat problematic. It's great that we got a Wonder Woman figure, but she doesn't get mentioned in the set name and she's shown on the box cover in need of being saved. Go you! It's really important for all of us AFOLs who know what Friends is really like to continue to explain its merits to those who don't. There's a lot of misinformation out there and most people have formed opinions based on it. It's up to us to help people understand what LEGO Friends sets are really like so that they can make informed decisions and have opinions based in fact. I hope you find it a little less than a complete failure. I admit that there have been many posts in this thread that have gotten me worked up, and the scare quotes in the thread title make me wince everytime I see them, but of all the places I have had conversations about Friends online, I have found this thread to be the one of the most nuanced and accepting of multiple viewpoints. The comment threads on most articles about Friends tend to rehash the same tired beats over and over. In contrast, reading the opinions of Aanchir and LegoMyMamma (and you) have helped me refine my own opinion. I don't agree with either of them 100%, but I value their opinions and viewpoints because I know they are coming from a place of understanding rather than dismissal. I hope that you'll stick around. You obviously have a lot of interesting and important things to say. Like that
  9. fallentomato

    Friends "Controversy"

    Here's the NPR article I was interviewed for. It's a pretty basic story, nothing here that hasn't been covered many times before. I'm in it for approximately 10 seconds. While I tried to present a nuanced centrist argument over the course of the half-hour interview (in which I spent a lot of time defending Friends and bashing Mega Bloks Barbie), of course they only used the clip of me where I explain my criticism of the minidoll.
  10. fallentomato

    Friends "Controversy"

    Thanks for tallying these! I know how long it can take to do these tallys, so I appreciate you taking the time to pull them. Ever since I did my first tally, I've been wanting to go back and count all the years I skipped...
  11. fallentomato

    Friends "Controversy"

    Always happy to see this thread come back to life I was planning to resurrect it later this week, because an interview I did with NPR about LEGO Friends is supposed to be airing this week. Hopefully I didn't make a total fool of myself
  12. fallentomato

    NNN - The Orange-Green War Continues

    Yeah, that was an unrealistic timeframe. At least I finished it evnetually though, right? Yup, I was selling the DVD at Brickworld a couple weekends ago. I have to ship out a bunch to Kickstarter backers, but after that I'll but the leftover DVDs on my bricklink store and after that I'll put it up on CreateSpace.
  13. As the war between the colors Green and Orange intensifies, many Figurians are joining the fight against their will because of the color of their clothing. Will Zundar succumb to his Green demons? Part 7 of 7 of Chapter 2: Robots! Behind-the-scenes notes: I put in 74 hours of animating time, my assistant animators put in an additional 11 hours of time. The Eye of Eyes in particular took forever to animate, I pre-planned every frame for her in Excel.
  14. fallentomato

    Official Lego Movie

    No way! If there's a midnight release of this in Chicago, I will most definitely be at the front of the line. Maybe I can convince some of my LUG members to join me Yes, it has already been confirmed there will be tie-in sets (in a round about fashion). Part of the prize package for the animation contest they did on ReBrick mentioned them: "the full product range of the set from the Film when available, signed by LEGO designers an estimated value no more of 2,000 $ (USD)." What do you mean you hadn't heard about this? Don't we all read every word of the ReBrick blog? According to the director, it is "CG w/ real Lego elements done in a photoreal stop-motion style. & a secret bit of live-action." My guess is that TLGgave them the official 3D models for every LEGO part and that's what they mean by "CG w/ real Lego elements." Very good catch! That's almost certainly who that is. And if it wasn't already very obvious, I am very very excited for this movie!
  15. fallentomato

    Police Show Commercial

    Well robots are typically mass produced, so it shouldn't be surprising to see two similar robots. However, you should remember that within the NNNverse "Police Show" is a fictional show whereas ROBOphelia is a real-life robot. So in this case K0P-3R is a character based on ROBOphelia that is being portrayed by a robotic actor (Recite-O-Bot-Othello).