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  1. Ultimo

    [WIP] Giant arch

    That's so massive and majestic!! I'm looking forward to see the progress and the finished project.
  2. Ultimo

    [MOC] Pirate Tavern

    Nice build, there's something very catchy about the combination of brown, red and green.
  3. Ultimo

    My Classic Pirates collection

    Fantastic collection and I like how you arranged it for the photos. It's just like watching the catalogues over and over (as I did when I was a kid).
  4. Ultimo

    New LEGO Pirates Discord Server

    I tried to join, but it tells me the server is not available. Would it be possible to have an updated link, please?
  5. Ultimo

    [LEGO IDEAS] Lostmans Island

    What I really like about this is that it's a really nice and clean build, if only the Lego company were to release sets like this.
  6. What a large fortress! This will require several pirates to conquer it
  7. Ultimo

    [MOC] Escape from Port Royal

    Fantastic build! I love the ship, the buildings... the atmosphere and the lightnings! Simply everything, breathtaking
  8. Ultimo

    [LEGO IDEAS] Ray the Castaway

    Fantastic build, really! And congratulations on winning
  9. Fantastic build, I'm loving the tiny details and the life in the build. And as pointed out above, great job dealing with the angles and round structure. Btw I've actually been to Sremska Mitrovica one year ago, so it makes it even cooler to see a build from there
  10. Ultimo

    [MOC} Shipwreck Island 6296 - Unwrecked

    Fantastic idea! This was one of my favourite sets when I was a kid, yet I never ever thought about how the ship could have looked originaly. A big thumbs up from me
  11. Ultimo

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    That's simply fantastic. Memories of looking through the early 90s catalogues are returning to my mind!
  12. I like it, I've just seen this way some MOCes that I may have missed otherwise.
  13. Ultimo

    [LDD] Saber Island/Volcano Island Combo MOC

    Really fantastic build, I'm loving all those little details. It has this new colors, techiques, while keeping the classic pirates vibe. Well done.
  14. Ultimo

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    The trail is really nice, I think it was really good as a start. I'm looking forward to see how you work out some of the island features if you get to it again.