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  1. Ultimo

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Ahoy mates! Let me present you Capt. Cristóbal and his crew! Right now in total there are 58 boys and girls Captain Cristóbal and his pirate crew by Pvl, on Flickr Captain Cristóbal and his pirate crew by Pvl, on Flickr Captain Cristóbal and his pirate crew by Pvl, on Flickr Captain Cristóbal and his pirate crew by Pvl, on Flickr Captain Cristóbal by Pvl, on Flickr
  2. Ultimo

    LEGO Ideas: The Pirate Bay!!

    Indeed! It's since forever I haven't bough an enitre set, I did become a bricklink-only person. But this one I would buy the moment I would see it on shelf of my local store!
  3. Ultimo

    [MOC] Na Korowaiwai 1854 by js_customs581

    I like this MOC a lot, the colors, the action. And also photos are done in a way that suits perfectly to enjoy every possible angle of the battle.
  4. It brings back the memories of hours and hours spent looking at the early 90s catalogues!
  5. Ultimo

    Realistic.... unrealistic....

    So far nothing, I have tried using both the contact form on the website and also directly their email address, but I haven't recieved any reply.
  6. Ultimo

    [MOC] Blue Imperial Fort

    I was thinking exactly the same when I saw it, this is how I would hope a 2019 official Lego Pirates set could (and should) look like.
  7. Ultimo

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    Personally I like more the black variant, yellow is imho very strong color, the details come out so much more if used on smaller (thinner) parts of the ship.
  8. Ultimo

    [MOC] Blue Imperial Fort

    Another fantastic MOC, great job Pantelis! And as usual, I appreciate more the piratey side
  9. Ultimo

    Your First Pirate Set!

    My first ever Pirates set was this innocent, very well barrel-equipped 6261 Raft Raiders! I put emphasis on the barrels, because surely back then must have started my barrels obsession, nowadays whenever I do a bricklink order, I always check out the store if they have any and make sure to add some to my order
  10. Ultimo

    Pirate Support Ship

    I like this MOD a lot, those piratey colors suit this ship so much better than the red coats one! The photo next to the Skulls Eye is the best, you matched the colors perfectly.
  11. Ultimo

    Realistic.... unrealistic....

    I wrote them the other day, I will let you all know when they reply me. I didn't notice the possibility to send them very own parts, that could work well though!
  12. Ultimo

    Spanish Galleon Enviar

    It was already mentioned above, but the color scheme suits so well to this galleon! Great job Elephnat Knight
  13. Ultimo

    A LEGO Pirate Timeline...

    Thank you for the bump, I haven't seen this post before! And it would be a shame, I really enjoyed reading it, I like the detail and the storytelling. Great job TalonCard
  14. Ultimo

    Realistic.... unrealistic....

    Thank you Darnok for sharing the link, that looks really interesting. However I browsed their catalog and they do not have the big red flag in there. I'll try to contact them and ask if there is a chance they could print also on different bricks/flags outside of their catalogue.
  15. Ultimo

    Realistic.... unrealistic....

    Thank you DonRamon for sharing all these facts and informations! I'm really liking the red flag too, it would be so cool if Lego actually released one like that