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  1. Ultimo

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    That's simply fantastic. Memories of looking through the early 90s catalogues are returning to my mind!
  2. I like it, I've just seen this way some MOCes that I may have missed otherwise.
  3. Ultimo

    [LDD] Saber Island/Volcano Island Combo MOC

    Really fantastic build, I'm loving all those little details. It has this new colors, techiques, while keeping the classic pirates vibe. Well done.
  4. Ultimo

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    The trail is really nice, I think it was really good as a start. I'm looking forward to see how you work out some of the island features if you get to it again.
  5. Ultimo

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    Haha the Rock Island Refuge was always my number one! If you ever finish that build, I would be really curious to see how you pull that off. And based on this Forbidden Island MOC, my expectations would be really high
  6. Ultimo

    [LEGO IDEAS] Update to my LEGO Islanders Idea

    I really like this Idea proposal, exactly the type of sets I would love the Lego company to release. Thumbs up! And if there was a tiny bit more of olive green, then it would be like the kind of builds I have in my head, hoping to build one day
  7. Ultimo

    [MOC] 21322 + 31109 = ?

    Maths has never been my speciality, but I can tell you 21322 + 31109 equals to a very nice MOC in here!
  8. So many nice details, the color scheme and the tiled pavement in front of the door. I like this creation so much, it's pleasing to see and a source of inspiration for myself as well.
  9. Ultimo

    [SR - FB] Hotel in Tortuga

    This is simply fantastic! Great idea and what a tribute
  10. I adore this set, it's a day 1 buy for me without any doubt. But this little Islanders detail is what really got me, it really feels like a tribute to the 90s Pirates in a way I couldn't have even dreamt or imagined.
  11. Ultimo


    This is fantastic news! Huge congrats to the author, and also to ourselves, this one I'm definitely buying
  12. Ultimo

    [MOC] Imperial supply depot

    I agree, it has this nice crowded feeling as you say, just like any supply depot should. It could be easily a 90s set, good job!
  13. Ultimo

    [MOC] The Tubinare, privateering catamaran...

    I adore this MOC! The colors are just fantastic, the idea of raft as well. Well done on the sails too! And of course, the small island is a lovely cherry on top of this amazing creation.
  14. Ultimo

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Oh you are absolutely right Faladrin, shame on me! In my defense, all the monkeys and most of the other animals didn't want to come to do the family photo, as they are already placed on an WIP MOC island
  15. Ultimo

    Help me decide what I want...

    It's never a bad thing to go to the south!